Excruciating Baseball Lists

Excruciating Baseball Lists

Baseball questions that will make your head hurt, with painless answers


Rearrange the letters in the name of a big league ballplayer, and what do you get? The name of another big league ballplayer. (1871‑2010)
Batter vs Pitcher
What batters and pitchers dominated each other in their head-to-head matchups? (1950‑2010)
Beanball Wars
When was your favorite team involved in a game with 4 or more hit batsmen? You can’t beat fun at the old ball park. (1919‑2010)
Extra Inning Games
What were the longest games played by your favorite team? (1919‑2010)
Gems and Stinkers
What were the best and worst Bill James Game Scores for starting pitchers on your favorite team? (1919‑2010)
Hey! Ho! Let’s Go Home!
Who had the most game-ending RBI for your favorite team? How many times did your favorite team score a game-ending run without an RBI? (1950‑2010)
Letters in the Lineup
When did your favorite team start a game with the most players in the lineup whose names start with, contain, or end with each letter of the alphabet? A whole soup bowl full of fun. (1919‑2010)
Personal Catchers
Which catchers and pitchers tended to start together? (1919‑2010)
Playing With Fathers and Sons
How many big league ballplayers were teammates with each half of a father/son pair? (1871‑2010)
Run Streaks
When did your favorite team score, or allow, a certain number of runs in the most consecutive games? (1876‑2010)
Skipper vs Skipper
How did long-time big league skippers fare in their head-to-head matchups? (1871‑2010)
Symbiotic Savers
What pairs of pitchers each saved games started and won by the other? (1919‑2010)
Townmates on the Mound
How many times have pitchers born in the same town squared off as starters? (1871‑2010)
Triple Plays
Links to Retrosheet box scores of all games with a triple play. (1919‑2010)
Two Park Chuckers
Only a handful of big league pitchers managed to win a game at each park in these pairs. (1919‑2010)
Ushering Catchers
Which catchers were behind the plate for the most starting pitchers making their big league debut? (1919‑2010)
Viva Los Vanquished
What pitchers defeated the most different franchises? What pitchers defeated your favorite team the most times in a career, decade, fortnight, etc.? (1919‑2010)
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Excruciating Baseball Links


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Baseball essay questions, with gramatically correct painless answers.
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