Interesting Fun Baseball Facts

Baseball was, and it is still a trendy sport around the world. As one of the most important and popular sports in the world, we provide you some fun and interesting baseball facts from history until today that you did not know for sure:

  • A fun and interesting baseball, the fact is that during major league baseball every year are sold about 25,500,000 hotdogs and 5,508,900 sausages.
  • Each major baseball ball league has 108 stitches.
  • Baseball was a play of a morale booster during the civil war.
  • In the Major League of baseball, the oldest ballpark was built in 1912.
  • Another fun interesting baseball fact is that the longest baseball game in history lasted for 26 innings that are equivalent to three whole games.
  • The first World Series was played between Boston and Pittsburgh in 1903. It was a nine-game series.
  • One of the coolest and at the same time, very strange thing is that Baltimore Orioles didn’t miss a game in 16 years. He played 2,632 consecutive matches that is an amazing record in the world of baseball.
  • Barry Bonds won the National League MVP Award 7 times.
  • The funniest interesting baseball fact is that the dwarf, that was the famous Edward card who participated in Major league of baseball games, actually played in baseball.

Overview of 2019 Playoffs

The World Series season in the Major League of baseball in 2019 was the best-of-seven-playoff that was played between the national league champion Washington Nationals and the American League champion Houston Astros. The 2019 world of series were performed from 22 of October until 30 of October.

The series was won by Nationals four games to three. After the earning of two wins in the series, Stephen Strasburg was titled as the most valuable word series player (MVP). This was the first best of seven postseason series in any of the major North American sports leagues where the visiting team won all seven games.
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Best Baseball Players in History

Many baseball players have “signed” in as the best baseball players during baseball history. We provide you the best top 10 baseball players:

  • Willie Mays – center field for the Giants and Mets

Willie Mays is known for 660 home runs, 3,283 hits, 1,903 RBIs, 338 stolen bases, and 12 Golden Gloves.

  • Barry Bonds – left-field for the Pirates and Giants

Known for reaching bases 376 times, walked 232, and intentionally walked 120 times, Barry bonds left an amazing record behind to beat.

  • Ted Williams – left Field for the Red Sox

Ted Williams won six batting titles in his career. He led his league 12 times in on-base percentage and nine times in slugging percentage.

  • Hank Aaron – right-field for the Braves and Brewers

The famous Hank Aaron had a total of 2,297 RBIs in his career from 1954 until 1976.

  • Roger Clemens – right-handed pitcher for the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Yankees, and Astros

Roger Clemens had a total of 354 wins in his career before he retired in 2007 and helped his team to get to the World Series many times.

  • Ty Cobb – center field for the Tigers and Athletics

Ty Cobb stole a total of 897 bases in his whole career. He won 11 batting titles and his career finished with .366 batting average.

  • Stan Musial – first base and outfield for the Cardinals

The famous baseball player Stan Musial hit a total of 475 home runs. Musial was MVP 3 times and went to 20 different All-Star games.

  • Mickey Mantle – center field for the Yankees

Mickey Mantle was three times MVP, and his ability was running like the wind in the earlier career. He had to end his baseball career because of the knee.

  • Honus Wagner – shortstop for the Pirates

Wagner was eight times the Batting champion. He took his team to World Series many times and left a mark in the world of baseball history.

  • Babe Ruth – left-field and left-handed pitcher for the Red Sox, Yankees, and Braves

Babe Ruth is a member of the first Hall of Fame class. He stole 123 bases in his career and was the best player that ever played on Major league of baseball.