Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants5/11/1922
STL 5 (1) at WAS 3 (4)by Tom Phillips, WAS (Baby Doll Jacobson)
by Hub Pruett, STL
by Bill Bayne, STL 3
Howie Shanks, WAS
Frank Brower, WAS 2
Tom Phillips, WAS9/20/1922
BOS 4 (3) at CLE 5 (2)by Phil Bedgood, CLE 3 (Del Pratt, Dick Reichle, Pinky Pittenger)
by Bill Piercy, BOS 2 (Homer Summa, Phil Bedgood)4/20/1923
CHI 5 (2) at CLE 8 (3)by Dewey Metivier, CLE 2 (Harry Hooper, Ernie Johnson)
by Sarge Connally, CHI
by Red Faber, CHI 2
Tris Speaker, CLE
Homer Summa, CLE
Frank Brower, CLE9/3/1928
DET 5 (3) at CHI 7 (2)by Ed Walsh, CHI 3 (Charlie Gehringer, John Stone, Bob Fothergill)
by Sam Gibson, DET
by Lil Stoner, DET
Johnny Mostil, CHI
Carl Reynolds, CHI9/9/1930
NY 8 (2) at CLE 6 (3)by Jake Miller, CLE
by Pete Appleton, CLE
Harry Rice, NY
George Pipgras, NY
by Ed Wells, NY
by Lou McEvoy, NY
by George Pipgras, NY
Ed Montague, CLE
Jonah Goldman, CLE
Joe Sewell, CLE5/30/1956
CHI 6 (5) at CLE 3 (0)T1: by Art Houtteman, CLE (Minnie Minoso, CHI)
T2: by Art Houtteman, CLE (Sherm Lollar, CHI)
T8: by Ray Narleski, CLE (Sherm Lollar, CHI)
T9: by Bud Daley, CLE (Nellie Fox, CHI)
T9: by Bud Daley, CLE (Larry Doby, CHI)5/15/1960
PHI 14 (4) at CIN 3 (1)T1: by Cal McLish, CIN (Pancho Herrera, PHI)
B3: by Gene Conley, PHI (Eddie Kasko, CIN)
T8: by Raul Sanchez, CIN (Ted Lepcio, PHI)
T8: by Raul Sanchez, CIN (Cal Neeman, PHI)
T8: by Raul Sanchez, CIN (Gene Conley, PHI)7/24/1963
NY 3 (2) at SF 4 (3)T2: by Jack Sanford, SF (Joe Christopher, NY)
B4: by Al Jackson, NY (Willie McCovey, SF)
T7: by Jack Sanford, SF (Joe Christopher, NY)
B9: by Al Jackson, NY (Felipe Alou, SF)
B9: by Al Jackson, NY (Willie McCovey, SF)4/23/1964
CLE 3 (4) at LA 2 (1)T4: by Ken McBride, LA (Max Alvis, CLE)
B6: by Dick Donovan, CLE (Ed Kirkpatrick, LA)
T7: by Ken McBride, LA (John Romano, CLE)
T9: by Ken McBride, LA (John Romano, CLE)
T9: by Ken McBride, LA (Woodie Held, CLE)8/8/1965
CHI 14 (3) at NY 10 (2)T1: by Gary Kroll, NY (Ernie Banks, CHI)
B4: by Bob Humphreys, CHI (Charley Smith, NY)
T6: by Darrell Sutherland, NY (Billy Williams, CHI)
T9: by Jim Bethke, NY (Ted Abernathy, CHI)
B9: by Ted Abernathy, CHI (Chris Cannizzaro, NY)8/11/1965
KC 4 (1) at DET 5 (5)T1: by Mickey Lolich, DET (Bert Campaneris, KC)
B1: by Rollie Sheldon, KC (Norm Cash, DET)
B3: by Rollie Sheldon, KC (Don Wert, DET)
B4: by Rollie Sheldon, KC (Dick McAuliffe, DET)
B10: by Jack Aker, KC (Bill Freehan, DET)
B10: by Jack Aker, KC (Jake Wood, DET)5/30/1969
CLE 9 (3) at OAK 2 (2)T1: by Rollie Fingers, OAK (Duke Sims, CLE)
B4: by Luis Tiant, CLE (Reggie Jackson, OAK)
T6: by Jim Roland, OAK (Ken Harrelson, CLE)
T7: by Jim Roland, OAK (Vern Fuller, CLE)
B9: by Horacio Pina, CLE (Gene Tenace, OAK)7/2/1969
CIN 4 (0) at ATL 9 (5)B1: by Gerry Arrigo, CIN (Hank Aaron, ATL)
B2: by Gerry Arrigo, CIN (Felix Millan, ATL)
B2: by Pedro Ramos, CIN (Clete Boyer, ATL)
B2: by Pedro Ramos, CIN (Bob Aspromonte, ATL)
B3: by Pedro Ramos, CIN (Felix Millan, ATL)4/13/1971
MIN 3 (4) at KC 5 (3)T6: by Tom Burgmeier, KC (Rich Reese, MIN)
B6: by Stan Williams, MIN (Lou Piniella, KC)
T7: by Tom Burgmeier, KC (Leo Cardenas, MIN)
B7: by Ron Perranoski, MIN (Amos Otis, KC)
T8: by Jim York, KC (Rich Reese, MIN)
B8: by Ron Perranoski, MIN (Gail Hopkins, KC)
T9: by Ted Abernathy, KC (Steve Braun, MIN)7/29/1973
CIN 4 (3) at SD 2 (2)B2: by Roger Nelson, CIN (Nate Colbert, SD)
T4: by Mike Caldwell, SD (Ed Crosby, CIN)
T7: by Mike Caldwell, SD (Pete Rose, CIN)
T8: by Mike Corkins, SD (Cesar Geronimo, CIN)
B8: by Clay Carroll, CIN (Nate Colbert, SD)6/18/1975
OAK 7 (3) at MIN 6 (2)T1: by Vic Albury, MIN (Reggie Jackson, OAK)
B3: by Jim Perry, OAK (Dan Ford, MIN)
B5: by Jim Perry, OAK (Tony Oliva, MIN)
T7: by Vic Albury, MIN (Gene Tenace, OAK)
T7: by Tom Burgmeier, MIN (Billy Williams, OAK)7/26/1978
CAL 11 (4) at MIL 9 (1)T1: by Bill Travers, MIL (Don Baylor, CAL)
T4: by Randy Stein, MIL (Bobby Grich, CAL)
T6: by Randy Stein, MIL (Ron Jackson, CAL)
B8: by Frank Tanana, CAL (Robin Yount, MIL)
T9: by Bill Castro, MIL (Rick Miller, CAL)6/10/1985
CHI 9 (4) at SEA 4 (1)T1: by Matt Young, SEA (Carlton Fisk, CHI)
T2: by Matt Young, SEA (Jerry Hairston, CHI)
B3: by Floyd Bannister, CHI (Dave Henderson, SEA)
T7: by Matt Young, SEA (Carlton Fisk, CHI)
T8: by Bob Long, SEA (Julio Cruz, CHI)4/11/1986
SF 9 (2) at LA 8 (3)B5: by Roger Mason, SF (Bill Madlock, LA)
B7: by Mike LaCoss, SF (Mike Marshall, LA)
T8: by Ed Vande Berg, LA (Candy Maldonado, SF)
B8: by Mark Davis, SF (Enos Cabell, LA)
T9: by Ken Howell, LA (Robby Thompson, SF)7/22/1988
TOR 9 (3) at SEA 10 (2)T1: by Bill Swift, SEA (Kelly Gruber, TOR)
T3: by Gene Walter, SEA (Fred McGriff, TOR)
T4: by Gene Walter, SEA (Ernie Whitt, TOR)
B4: by Todd Stottlemyre, TOR (Darnell Coles, SEA)
B8: by Tom Henke, TOR (Dave Valle, SEA)9/3/1989
KC 13 (5) at TEX 2 (2)T1: by Kevin Brown, TEX (Kevin Seitzer, KC)
T2: by Kevin Brown, TEX (Frank White, KC)
B2: by Mark Gubicza, KC (Steve Buechele, TEX)
T4: by Drew Hall, TEX (Kurt Stillwell, KC)
T4: by Drew Hall, TEX (George Brett, KC)
B7: by Larry McWilliams, KC (Jeff Kunkel, TEX)
T8: by Craig McMurtry, TEX (Mike Macfarlane, KC)8/1/1992
OAK 4 (3) at KC 8 (2)T1: by Hipolito Pichardo, KC (Rickey Henderson, OAK)
B1: by Kelly Downs, OAK (Gregg Jefferies, KC)
T2: by Steve Shifflett, KC (Rickey Henderson, OAK)
T3: by Tom Gordon, KC (Mike Bordick, OAK)
B6: by Rick Honeycutt, OAK (Wally Joyner, KC)9/1/1992
TEX 3 (1) at KC 8 (4)B2: by Nolan Ryan, TEX (Mike Macfarlane, KC)
T4: by Hipolito Pichardo, KC (Rafael Palmeiro, TEX)
B5: by Nolan Ryan, TEX (Keith Miller, KC)
B7: by Todd Burns, TEX (Brian McRae, KC)
B8: by Ed Nunez, TEX (Mike Macfarlane, KC)7/29/1994
MON 8 (4) at FLA 4 (2)T1: by Rich Scheid, FLA (Larry Walker, MON)
B1: by Gil Heredia, MON (Gary Sheffield, FLA)
T3: by Rich Scheid, FLA (Wil Cordero, MON)
T7: by Luis Aquino, FLA (Mike Lansing, MON)
T8: by Luis Aquino, FLA (Rondell White, MON)
B9: by John Wetteland, MON (Chuck Carr, FLA)5/16/1995
PHI 9 (2) at FLA 7 (4)B2: by Mike Mimbs, PHI (Quilvio Veras, FLA)
B3: by Mike Mimbs, PHI (Andre Dawson, FLA)
B3: by Mike Mimbs, PHI (Terry Pendleton, FLA)
T4: by David Weathers, FLA (Kevin Stocker, PHI)
T8: by Terry Mathews, FLA (Mickey Morandini, PHI)
B9: by Norm Charlton, PHI (Quilvio Veras, FLA)8/8/1995
COL 4 (3) at FLA 5 (2)T2: by Mark Gardner, FLA (Walt Weiss, COL)
B5: by Bret Saberhagen, COL (Charles Johnson, FLA)
T6: by Mark Gardner, FLA (Eric Young, COL)
T9: by Robb Nen, FLA (Dante Bichette, COL)
B9: by Bret Saberhagen, COL (Greg Colbrunn, FLA)6/4/1996
COL 8 (3) at HOU 16 (2)B1: by Mark Thompson, COL (John Cangelosi, HOU)
T4: by Mike Hampton, HOU (Jeff Reed, COL)
B4: by Mark Thompson, COL (Mike Hampton, HOU)
T7: by Anthony Young, HOU (Eric Young, COL)
T7: by Anthony Young, HOU (Andres Galarraga, COL)9/4/1996
BOS 7 (4) at SEA 5 (1)T3: by Sterling Hitchcock, SEA (Mo Vaughn, BOS)
B5: by Mike Maddux, BOS (Edgar Martinez, SEA)
T7: by Greg McCarthy, SEA (Mike Greenwell, BOS)
T7: by Greg McCarthy, SEA (Darren Bragg, BOS)
T8: by Bobby Ayala, SEA (Wil Cordero, BOS)6/22/1997
PIT 9 (3) at NY 12 (2)T2: by Cory Lidle, NY (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B3: by Esteban Loaiza, PIT (Carl Everett, NY)
T4: by Cory Lidle, NY (Joe Randa, PIT)
B7: by Jason Christiansen, PIT (Alex Ochoa, NY)
T10: by Takashi Kashiwada, NY (Emil Brown, PIT)7/14/1997
MIL 1 (3) at KC 2 (2)T3: by Glendon Rusch, KC (Marc Newfield, MIL)
T3: by Glendon Rusch, KC (Mike Matheny, MIL)
T6: by Glendon Rusch, KC (Jeff Cirillo, MIL)
B10: by Joel Adamson, MIL (Jay Bell, KC)
B14: by Doug Jones, MIL (Mike Macfarlane, KC)4/10/1998
SEA 7 (1) at BOS 9 (4)B1: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Mo Vaughn, BOS)
T3: by Brian Rose, BOS (Joey Cora, SEA)
B4: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Jim Leyritz, BOS)
B7: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Nomar Garciaparra, BOS)
B9: by Mike Timlin, SEA (John Valentin, BOS)4/24/1998
ANA 10 (4) at TB 3 (1)T2: by Wilson Alvarez, TB (Gary Disarcina, ANA)
T2: by Wilson Alvarez, TB (Darin Erstad, ANA)
T3: by Dan Carlson, TB (Damon Mashore, ANA)
T3: by Dan Carlson, TB (Dave Hollins, ANA)
B3: by Allen Watson, ANA (Kevin Stocker, TB)5/24/1998
NY 14 (2) at BOS 4 (4)B1: by David Cone, NY (Troy O’Leary, BOS)
B4: by David Cone, NY (Mike Benjamin, BOS)
B4: by David Cone, NY (Jason Varitek, BOS)
T5: by Ron Mahay, BOS (Chuck Knoblauch, NY)
T8: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Tim Raines, NY)
B8: by Willie Banks, NY (Lou Merloni, BOS)6/2/1998
ANA 7 (3) at KC 5 (2)T5: by Chris Haney, KC (Phil Nevin, ANA)
T7: by Jim Pittsley, KC (Phil Nevin, ANA)
B8: by Rich DeLucia, ANA (Dean Palmer, KC)
T9: by Scott Service, KC (Darin Erstad, ANA)
B9: by Mike Holtz, ANA (Jose Offerman, KC)4/25/1999
TOR 3 (3) at NY 4 (2)T4: by David Cone, NY (Shawn Green, TOR)
T5: by David Cone, NY (Alex Gonzalez, TOR)
T7: by David Cone, NY (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
B10: by Robert Person, TOR (Chili Davis, NY)
B11: by Robert Person, TOR (Chuck Knoblauch, NY)4/30/1999
BOS 9 (1) at OAK 13 (4)B1: by Kip Gross, BOS (Jason Giambi, OAK)
B3: by Kip Gross, BOS (Ben Grieve, OAK)
T5: by Kenny Rogers, OAK (Mike Stanley, BOS)
B6: by Tim Harikkala, BOS (A.J. Hinch, OAK)
B7: by Jim Corsi, BOS (Olmedo Saenz, OAK)5/22/1999
PIT 11 (4) at FLA 4 (2)T2: by Ryan Dempster, FLA (Ed Sprague, PIT)
T4: by Ryan Dempster, FLA (Kevin Young, PIT)
T4: by Ryan Dempster, FLA (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B6: by Todd Ritchie, PIT (Dave Berg, FLA)
T7: by Brent Billingsley, FLA (Ed Sprague, PIT)
B7: by Marc Wilkins, PIT (Alex Gonzalez, FLA)6/13/1999
ARI 3 (4) at ANA 1 (1)T3: by Omar Olivares, ANA (Andy Fox, ARI)
T5: by Omar Olivares, ANA (David Dellucci, ARI)
T6: by Omar Olivares, ANA (Kelly Stinnett, ARI)
T7: by Omar Olivares, ANA (David Dellucci, ARI)
B10: by Darren Holmes, ARI (Orlando Palmeiro, ANA)4/19/2000
HOU 10 (5) at LA 3 (0)T1: by Orel Hershiser, LA (Richard Hidalgo, HOU)
T1: by Orel Hershiser, LA (Shane Reynolds, HOU)
T2: by Orel Hershiser, LA (Jeff Bagwell, HOU)
T2: by Orel Hershiser, LA (Richard Hidalgo, HOU)
T7: by Matt Herges, LA (Richard Hidalgo, HOU)4/21/2000
NY 3 (2) at TOR 8 (3)B4: by Ramiro Mendoza, NY (Brad Fullmer, TOR)
B4: by Ramiro Mendoza, NY (Marty Cordova, TOR)
T5: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Tino Martinez, NY)
B5: by Todd Erdos, NY (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T6: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Derek Jeter, NY)4/22/2000
DET 6 (3) at CHI 14 (2)B4: by Jeff Weaver, DET (Paul Konerko, CHI)
B6: by Jeff Weaver, DET (Carlos Lee, CHI)
T7: by Jim Parque, CHI (Dean Palmer, DET)
T9: by Tanyon Sturtze, CHI (Deivi Cruz, DET)
T9: by Bob Howry, CHI (Shane Halter, DET)7/18/2000
ATL 8 (3) at TB 2 (2)T2: by Bryan Rekar, TB (Walt Weiss, ATL)
T2: by Bryan Rekar, TB (Fernando Lunar, ATL)
B5: by Greg Maddux, ATL (Felix Martinez, TB)
T8: by Tanyon Sturtze, TB (Walt Weiss, ATL)
B9: by Greg Maddux, ATL (Jose Canseco, TB)9/16/2000
PIT 9 (4) at HOU 10 (2)B3: by Jose Silva, PIT (Lance Berkman, HOU)
B5: by Bronson Arroyo, PIT (Richard Hidalgo, HOU)
T8: by Jose Lima, HOU (Jason Kendall, PIT)
T9: by Octavio Dotel, HOU (Kevin Young, PIT)
T9: by Octavio Dotel, HOU (Jason Kendall, PIT)
T10: by Octavio Dotel, HOU (Keith Osik, PIT)5/18/2001
MIN 2 (2) at BAL 7 (3)B3: by Eric Milton, MIN (Mike Bordick, BAL)
B3: by Eric Milton, MIN (Chris Richard, BAL)
T5: by Jason Johnson, BAL (Torii Hunter, MIN)
B7: by Johan Santana, MIN (David Segui, BAL)
T8: by Jason Johnson, BAL (Tom Prince, MIN)6/7/2001
OAK 4 (5) at ANA 6 (2)T1: by Scott Schoeneweis, ANA (Jason Giambi, OAK)
T3: by Scott Schoeneweis, ANA (Frank Menechino, OAK)
T3: by Scott Schoeneweis, ANA (Olmedo Saenz, OAK)
B6: by Barry Zito, OAK (Tim Salmon, ANA)
T8: by Scott Schoeneweis, ANA (Frank Menechino, OAK)
T8: by Mike Holtz, ANA (Eric Chavez, OAK)
B8: by Mark Guthrie, OAK (Scott Spiezio, ANA)6/20/2001
TOR 6 (2) at BAL 5 (3)B1: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Jay Gibbons, BAL)
T6: by Willis Roberts, BAL (Homer Bush, TOR)
T7: by Ryan Kohlmeier, BAL (Homer Bush, TOR)
B7: by Bob File, TOR (Jeff Conine, BAL)
B9: by Billy Koch, TOR (Mike Kinkade, BAL)8/19/2001
TEX 8 (3) at TOR 4 (2)T1: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Frank Catalanotto, TEX)
T3: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Alex Rodriguez, TEX)
B3: by Aaron Myette, TEX (Shannon Stewart, TOR)
T6: by Chris Michalak, TOR (Rafael Palmeiro, TEX)
B6: by Aaron Myette, TEX (Homer Bush, TOR)7/16/2002
BOS 9 (3) at DET 4 (3)B1: by John Burkett, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)
B3: by John Burkett, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)
T6: by Steve Sparks, DET (Jason Varitek, BOS)
T6: by Steve Sparks, DET (Trot Nixon, BOS)
T7: by Jeff Farnsworth, DET (Jose Offerman, BOS)
B9: by Willie Banks, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)6/3/2003
TB 2 (1) at CHI 3 (4)B1: by Geremi Gonzalez, TB (Mark Grudzielanek, CHI)
B3: by Geremi Gonzalez, TB (Alex Gonzalez, CHI)
T8: by Mark Prior, CHI (Aubrey Huff, TB)
B8: by Jesus Colome, TB (Ramon Martinez, CHI)
B8: by Jesus Colome, TB (Mark Grudzielanek, CHI)5/24/2004
ANA 5 (3) at TOR 6 (2)T2: by Justin Miller, TOR (Alfredo Amezaga, ANA)
T2: by Justin Miller, TOR (Adam Kennedy, ANA)
B2: by John Lackey, ANA (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T6: by Justin Miller, TOR (Jose Guillen, ANA)
B6: by John Lackey, ANA (Simon Pond, TOR)6/1/2004
BOS 6 (1) at ANA 7 (4)T1: by Bartolo Colon, ANA (Jason Varitek, BOS)
B4: by Bronson Arroyo, BOS (Raul Mondesi, ANA)
B4: by Bronson Arroyo, BOS (Adam Kennedy, ANA)
B6: by Bronson Arroyo, BOS (Adam Kennedy, ANA)
B7: by Alan Embree, BOS (Casey Kotchman, ANA)6/11/2004
PIT 1 (3) at OAK 6 (2)T2: by Tim Hudson, OAK (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B2: by Kris Benson, PIT (Erubiel Durazo, OAK)
T6: by Tim Hudson, OAK (Randall Simon, PIT)
T6: by Tim Hudson, OAK (Ruben Mateo, PIT)
B7: by Kris Benson, PIT (Bobby Crosby, OAK)7/7/2004
KC 0 (2) at MIN 12 (3)T1: by Kyle Lohse, MIN (Desi Relaford, KC)
T1: by Kyle Lohse, MIN (Ken Harvey, KC)
B1: by Dennys Reyes, KC (Michael Cuddyer, MIN)
B2: by Dennys Reyes, KC (Corey Koskie, MIN)
B6: by Scott Sullivan, KC (Jacque Jones, MIN)6/7/2005
BOS 2 (2) at STL 9 (3)B6: by John Halama, BOS (Larry Walker, STL)
T7: by Alberto Reyes, STL (Jason Varitek, BOS)
B7: by Matt Mantei, BOS (Mark Grudzielanek, STL)
B7: by Matt Mantei, BOS (Larry Walker, STL)
T8: by Alberto Reyes, STL (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)7/20/2005
COL 3 (4) at WAS 2 (1)T1: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Aaron Miles, COL)
T2: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Luis Gonzalez, COL)
T5: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Todd Helton, COL)
T6: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Desi Relaford, COL)
B9: by Brian Fuentes, COL (Carlos Baerga, WAS)4/6/2006
WAS 5 (4) at NY 10 (1)T2: by Pedro Martinez, NY (Nick Johnson, WAS)
T3: by Pedro Martinez, NY (Jose Guillen, WAS)
T5: by Pedro Martinez, NY (Jose Guillen, WAS)
T7: by Duaner Sanchez, NY (Nick Johnson, WAS)
B8: by Felix Rodriguez, WAS (Paul Lo Duca, NY)5/1/2006
PHI 8 (3) at FLA 5 (2)T2: by Dontrelle Willis, FLA (David Bell, PHI)
T4: by Dontrelle Willis, FLA (Shane Victorino, PHI)
B4: by Ryan Madson, PHI (Miguel Olivo, FLA)
B5: by Ryan Madson, PHI (Miguel Olivo, FLA)
T7: by Dontrelle Willis, FLA (Chase Utley, PHI)7/1/2006
MIL 7 (3) at MIN 10 (2)B1: by Chris Capuano, MIL (Nick Punto, MIN)
T3: by Carlos Silva, MIN (Rickie Weeks, MIL)
T5: by Willie Eyre, MIN (Brady Clark, MIL)
T8: by Juan Rincon, MIN (Brady Clark, MIL)
B8: by Derrick Turnbow, MIL (Torii Hunter, MIN)7/3/2006
ARI 4 (1) at LA 10 (4)B1: by Juan Cruz, ARI (Nomar Garciaparra, LA)
B4: by Edgar Gonzalez, ARI (Nomar Garciaparra, LA)
B5: by Edgar Gonzalez, ARI (Russell Martin, LA)
T7: by Jonathan Broxton, LA (Conor Jackson, ARI)
B7: by Randy Choate, ARI (Nomar Garciaparra, LA)6/1/2007
NY 9 (3) at BOS 5 (2)B3: by Chien-Ming Wang, NY (Mike Lowell, BOS)
T4: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Josh Phelps, NY)
T4: by Kyle Snyder, BOS (Alex Rodriguez, NY)
T9: by Javier Lopez, BOS (Robinson Cano, NY)
B9: by Scott Proctor, NY (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)6/18/2007
PHI 1 (3) at CLE 10 (2)T5: by Cliff Lee, CLE (Wes Helms, PHI)
T5: by Cliff Lee, CLE (Jimmy Rollins, PHI)
B5: by Cole Hamels, PHI (Casey Blake, CLE)
B6: by Geoff Geary, PHI (Ryan Garko, CLE)
T8: by Aaron Fultz, CLE (Shane Victorino, PHI)7/26/2007
FLA 4 (3) at ARI 7 (2)B2: by Byung-Hyun Kim, FLA (Jeff DaVanon, ARI)
T3: by Micah Owings, ARI (Dan Uggla, FLA)
T4: by Micah Owings, ARI (Alfredo Amezaga, FLA)
B7: by Renyel Pinto, FLA (Miguel Montero, ARI)
T8: by Tony Pena, ARI (Matt Treanor, FLA)8/15/2007
NY 10 (3) at PIT 8 (3)B2: by John Maine, NY (Nate McLouth, PIT)
T3: by Matt Morris, PIT (Mike Difelice, NY)
T4: by Matt Morris, PIT (David Wright, NY)
B6: by Guillermo Mota, NY (Jack Wilson, PIT)
T9: by Damaso Marte, PIT (Shawn Green, NY)
B9: by Aaron Sele, NY (Freddy Sanchez, PIT)4/17/2008
DET 1 (2) at CLE 11 (3)B2: by Justin Verlander, DET (Ryan Garko, CLE)
B5: by Justin Verlander, DET (Jason Michaels, CLE)
T6: by Fausto Carmona, CLE (Ramon Santiago, DET)
T6: by Fausto Carmona, CLE (Gary Sheffield, DET)
B7: by Bobby Seay, DET (Grady Sizemore, CLE)5/28/2008
SF 11 (3) at ARI 3 (2)B1: by Jonathan Sanchez, SF (Conor Jackson, ARI)
T6: by Doug Slaten, ARI (Aaron Rowand, SF)
T6: by Doug Slaten, ARI (Emmanuel Burriss, SF)
T8: by Edgar Gonzalez, ARI (Emmanuel Burriss, SF)
B9: by Vinnie Chulk, SF (Jeff Salazar, ARI)6/5/2008
TB 1 (2) at BOS 7 (3)B1: by James Shields, TB (Dustin Pedroia, BOS)
B2: by James Shields, TB (Coco Crisp, BOS)
T5: by Jon Lester, BOS (Carl Crawford, TB)
T7: by Jon Lester, BOS (Akinori Iwamura, TB)
B8: by Alberto Reyes, TB (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)7/5/2008
BOS 1 (4) at NY 2 (3)T1: by Mike Mussina, NY (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
B3: by Justin Masterson, BOS (Alex Rodriguez, NY)
T4: by Mike Mussina, NY (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
B4: by Justin Masterson, BOS (Robinson Cano, NY)
B6: by Justin Masterson, BOS (Jose Molina, NY)
T9: by Mariano Rivera, NY (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
T9: by Mariano Rivera, NY (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)9/1/2008
PHI 4 (3) at WAS 7 (2)T1: by Tim Redding, WAS (Chase Utley, PHI)
B1: by Kyle Kendrick, PHI (Elijah Dukes, WAS)
T3: by Tim Redding, WAS (Shane Victorino, PHI)
B5: by J.A. Happ, PHI (Elijah Dukes, WAS)
T6: by Marco Estrada, WAS (Chris Coste, PHI)9/7/2008
PIT 6 (4) at SF 11 (1)T3: by Jonathan Sanchez, SF (Nate McLouth, PIT)
T4: by Osiris Matos, SF (Doug Mientkiewicz, PIT)
T5: by Billy Sadler, SF (Brian Bixler, PIT)
T6: by Billy Sadler, SF (Steven Pearce, PIT)
B8: by Craig Hansen, PIT (Nate Schierholtz, SF)9/9/2008
TEX 7 (4) at SEA 3 (1)T1: by Felix Hernandez, SEA (Joaquin Arias, TEX)
T4: by Felix Hernandez, SEA (Michael Young, TEX)
T5: by Felix Hernandez, SEA (Marlon Byrd, TEX)
B7: by Luis Mendoza, TEX (Ichiro Suzuki, SEA)
T8: by Mark Lowe, SEA (Josh Hamilton, TEX)5/15/2009
PHI 10 (3) at WAS 6 (2)T6: by John Lannan, WAS (Chase Utley, PHI)
T6: by John Lannan, WAS (Raul Ibanez, PHI)
B6: by Chad Durbin, PHI (Nick Johnson, WAS)
T10: by Joel Hanrahan, WAS (Chase Utley, PHI)
B12: by J.A. Happ, PHI (Austin Kearns, WAS)7/2/2009
NY 9 (2) at PIT 8 (3)T1: by Paul Maholm, PIT (Fernando Tatis, NY)
B2: by Tim Redding, NY (Andrew McCutchen, PIT)
B4: by Elmer Dessens, NY (Delwyn Young, PIT)
B8: by Sean Green, NY (Robinzon Diaz, PIT)
T10: by Matt Capps, PIT (Fernando Tatis, NY)6/4/2010
COL 6 (2) at ARI 7 (3)B1: by Aaron Cook, COL (Mark Reynolds, ARI)
T3: by Ian Kennedy, ARI (Todd Helton, COL)
B6: by Matt Daley, COL (Rusty Ryal, ARI)
T8: by Esmerling Vasquez, ARI (Miguel Olivo, COL)
B9: by Manuel Corpas, COL (Mark Reynolds, ARI)