Washington Nationals Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants8/16/1970
MON 5 (1) at HOU 3 (3)T1: by Jack Billingham, HOU (Mack Jones, MON)
B1: by Dan McGinn, MON (Doug Rader, HOU)
B5: by Dan McGinn, MON (Denis Menke, HOU)
B9: by Claude Raymond, MON (Doug Rader, HOU)5/26/1971
ATL 1 (1) at MON 11 (3)B3: by Pat Jarvis, ATL (Ron Hunt, MON)
B4: by Steve Barber, ATL (Rusty Staub, MON)
B8: by Ron Herbel, ATL (Ron Hunt, MON)
T9: by Bill Stoneman, MON (Earl Williams, ATL)4/21/1992
PIT 8 (3) at MON 7 (1)T1: by Chris Haney, MON (Steve Buechele, PIT)
T2: by Chris Haney, MON (Jay Bell, PIT)
B5: by Denny Neagle, PIT (Delino DeShields, MON)
T9: by John Wetteland, MON (Barry Bonds, PIT)5/10/1992
SF 8 (3) at MON 3 (1)B2: by Kelly Downs, SF (Tim Wallach, MON)
T7: by Dennis Martinez, MON (Chris James, SF)
T9: by John Wetteland, MON (Kirt Manwaring, SF)
T11: by Bill Landrum, MON (Will Clark, SF)7/6/1993
SF 13 (3) at MON 5 (1)T1: by Kent Bottenfield, MON (Barry Bonds, SF)
T2: by Kent Bottenfield, MON (Mike Benjamin, SF)
B6: by Bryan Hickerson, SF (Wil Cordero, MON)
T8: by Jeff Shaw, MON (Mike Benjamin, SF)7/25/1993
MON 5 (1) at SD 4 (3)B4: by Dennis Martinez, MON (Kevin Higgins, SD)
B4: by Dennis Martinez, MON (Archi Cianfrocco, SD)
B9: by John Wetteland, MON (Archi Cianfrocco, SD)
T10: by Gene Harris, SD (Darrin Fletcher, MON)9/21/1993
ATL 18 (4) at MON 5 (0)T1: by Ken Hill, MON (Fred McGriff, ATL)
T3: by Ken Hill, MON (Jeff Blauser, ATL)
T5: by Gil Heredia, MON (Greg Olson, ATL)
T6: by Jeff Shaw, MON (Rafael Belliard, ATL)7/29/1994
MON 8 (4) at FLA 4 (2)T1: by Rich Scheid, FLA (Larry Walker, MON)
B1: by Gil Heredia, MON (Gary Sheffield, FLA)
T3: by Rich Scheid, FLA (Wil Cordero, MON)
T7: by Luis Aquino, FLA (Mike Lansing, MON)
T8: by Luis Aquino, FLA (Rondell White, MON)
B9: by John Wetteland, MON (Chuck Carr, FLA)9/5/1995
MON 6 (2) at SF 9 (2)T1: by Jamie Brewington, SF (Rondell White, MON)
T4: by Jamie Brewington, SF (Mark Grudzielanek, MON)
B6: by Jose DeLeon, MON (John Patterson, SF)
B7: by Curt Schmidt, MON (John Patterson, SF)4/5/1996
COL 4 (2) at MON 6 (2)T1: by Rheal Cormier, MON (Larry Walker, COL)
B2: by Armando Reynoso, COL (Mark Grudzielanek, MON)
B6: by Mike Munoz, COL (Darrin Fletcher, MON)
T8: by Dave Veres, MON (Jorge Brito, COL)7/29/1996
COL 1 (1) at MON 4 (3)B3: by Jamey Wright, COL (Mike Lansing, MON)
B4: by Jamey Wright, COL (Rondell White, MON)
T5: by Rheal Cormier, MON (Eric Young, COL)
B7: by Lance Painter, COL (Rondell White, MON)5/7/1997
MON 19 (1) at SF 3 (3)B1: by Jeff Juden, MON (Jeff Kent, SF)
B4: by Jeff Juden, MON (Osvaldo Fernandez, SF)
B5: by Jeff Juden, MON (Jeff Kent, SF)
T6: by Julian Tavarez, SF (Vladimir Guerrero, MON)5/14/1997
SD 7 (0) at MON 9 (4)B2: by Tim Worrell, SD (Jeff Juden, MON)
B7: by Tim Scott, SD (Mark Grudzielanek, MON)
B7: by Tim Scott, SD (Mike Lansing, MON)
B8: by Joey Long, SD (F.P. Santangelo, MON)6/1/1997
MON 2 (1) at PIT 11 (3)T1: by Francisco Cordova, PIT (F.P. Santangelo, MON)
B5: by Salomon Torres, MON (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B5: by Salomon Torres, MON (Jose Guillen, PIT)
B6: by Marc Valdes, MON (Kevin Young, PIT)4/29/1998
MON 7 (3) at STL 13 (1)T1: by Kent Mercker, STL (F.P. Santangelo, MON)
T4: by Kent Mercker, STL (Vladimir Guerrero, MON)
T6: by Mike Busby, STL (F.P. Santangelo, MON)
B7: by Marc Valdes, MON (Tom Lampkin, STL)6/28/1998
BAL 4 (2) at MON 8 (2)B3: by Doug Drabek, BAL (Mark Grudzielanek, MON)
B7: by Alan Mills, BAL (Mark Grudzielanek, MON)
T9: by Miguel Batista, MON (Cal Ripken, BAL)
T9: by Miguel Batista, MON (Mike Bordick, BAL)6/16/2000
MON 8 (2) at CHI 9 (2)B1: by Tony Armas, MON (Eric Young, CHI)
T4: by Kerry Wood, CHI (Jose Vidro, MON)
B4: by Tony Armas, MON (Jeff Reed, CHI)
T6: by Todd Van Poppel, CHI (Orlando Cabrera, MON)4/25/2001
MON 2 (3) at STL 5 (1)T3: by Andy Benes, STL (Orlando Cabrera, MON)
B6: by Scott Stewart, MON (Albert Pujols, STL)
T7: by Mike James, STL (Fernando Tatis, MON)
T7: by Steve Kline, STL (Fernando Seguignol, MON)6/1/2002
MON 4 (2) at PHI 8 (2)B1: by Tony Armas, MON (Bobby Abreu, PHI)
T3: by Vicente Padilla, PHI (Brad Wilkerson, MON)
B8: by Masato Yoshii, MON (Scott Rolen, PHI)
T9: by Jose Mesa, PHI (Troy O’Leary, MON)6/4/2002
PIT 5 (4) at MON 2 (0)T4: by Carl Pavano, MON (Craig Wilson, PIT)
T4: by Carl Pavano, MON (Jack Wilson, PIT)
T6: by Carl Pavano, MON (Rob Mackowiak, PIT)
T8: by Graeme Lloyd, MON (Brian Giles, PIT)6/19/2004
CHI 14 (2) at MON 17 (2)B2: by Arnie Munoz, CHI (Brian Schneider, MON)
T5: by Sun-Woo Kim, MON (Aaron Rowand, CHI)
B6: by Michael Jackson, CHI (Jamey Carroll, MON)
T7: by Rocky Biddle, MON (Joe Crede, CHI)8/6/2004
MON 0 (0) at HOU 4 (4)B3: by Rocky Biddle, MON (Craig Biggio, HOU)
B4: by Claudio Vargas, MON (Adam Everett, HOU)
B7: by Sun-Woo Kim, MON (Lance Berkman, HOU)
B7: by Sun-Woo Kim, MON (Jeff Bagwell, HOU)4/24/2005
WAS 11 (2) at NY 4 (2)T4: by Victor Zambrano, NY (Livan Hernandez, WAS)
T6: by Victor Zambrano, NY (Nick Johnson, WAS)
B8: by Gary Majewski, WAS (Victor Diaz, NY)
B9: by Gary Majewski, WAS (Kazuo Matsui, NY)5/14/2005
CHI 3 (2) at WAS 4 (2)B4: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Nick Johnson, WAS)
B4: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Brian Schneider, WAS)
T7: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Jerry Hairston, CHI)
T9: by Chad Cordero, WAS (Mike Fontenot, CHI)6/4/2005
FLA 3 (1) at WAS 7 (3)T1: by Tomo Ohka, WAS (Juan Encarnacion, FLA)
B1: by Al Leiter, FLA (Jose Guillen, WAS)
B1: by Al Leiter, FLA (Nick Johnson, WAS)
B8: by Guillermo Mota, FLA (Carlos Baerga, WAS)7/17/2005
WAS 3 (1) at MIL 5 (3)B1: by Ryan Drese, WAS (Chris Magruder, MIL)
B3: by Ryan Drese, WAS (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)
T7: by Tomo Ohka, MIL (Jose Guillen, WAS)
B8: by Joey Eischen, WAS (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)7/20/2005
COL 3 (4) at WAS 2 (1)T1: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Aaron Miles, COL)
T2: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Luis Gonzalez, COL)
T5: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Todd Helton, COL)
T6: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Desi Relaford, COL)
B9: by Brian Fuentes, COL (Carlos Baerga, WAS)4/6/2006
WAS 5 (4) at NY 10 (1)T2: by Pedro Martinez, NY (Nick Johnson, WAS)
T3: by Pedro Martinez, NY (Jose Guillen, WAS)
T5: by Pedro Martinez, NY (Jose Guillen, WAS)
T7: by Duaner Sanchez, NY (Nick Johnson, WAS)
B8: by Felix Rodriguez, WAS (Paul Lo Duca, NY)8/10/2006
FLA 9 (2) at WAS 6 (2)B2: by Anibal Sanchez, FLA (Ryan Church, WAS)
T7: by Travis Hughes, WAS (Cody Ross, FLA)
T7: by Travis Hughes, WAS (Miguel Cabrera, FLA)
B7: by Sergio Mitre, FLA (Alfonso Soriano, WAS)8/19/2006
WAS 2 (2) at PHI 11 (2)B2: by Ramon Ortiz, WAS (Chase Utley, PHI)
B2: by Ramon Ortiz, WAS (Aaron Rowand, PHI)
T7: by Geoff Geary, PHI (Damian Jackson, WAS)
T8: by Geoff Geary, PHI (Austin Kearns, WAS)7/31/2008
PHI 8 (2) at WAS 4 (2)T1: by John Lannan, WAS (Shane Victorino, PHI)
B3: by Kyle Kendrick, PHI (Ryan Zimmerman, WAS)
B6: by Kyle Kendrick, PHI (Ronnie Belliard, WAS)
T8: by Jesus Colome, WAS (Chase Utley, PHI)9/1/2008
PHI 4 (3) at WAS 7 (2)T1: by Tim Redding, WAS (Chase Utley, PHI)
B1: by Kyle Kendrick, PHI (Elijah Dukes, WAS)
T3: by Tim Redding, WAS (Shane Victorino, PHI)
B5: by J.A. Happ, PHI (Elijah Dukes, WAS)
T6: by Marco Estrada, WAS (Chris Coste, PHI)5/15/2009
PHI 10 (3) at WAS 6 (2)T6: by John Lannan, WAS (Chase Utley, PHI)
T6: by John Lannan, WAS (Raul Ibanez, PHI)
B6: by Chad Durbin, PHI (Nick Johnson, WAS)
T10: by Joel Hanrahan, WAS (Chase Utley, PHI)
B12: by J.A. Happ, PHI (Austin Kearns, WAS)9/1/2010
WAS 10 (3) at FLA 16 (1)T2: by Chris Volstad, FLA (Wil Nieves, WAS)
T3: by Chris Volstad, FLA (Alberto Gonzalez, WAS)
T4: by Chris Volstad, FLA (Nyjer Morgan, WAS)
B7: by Doug Slaten, WAS (Gaby Sanchez, FLA)