Toronto Blue Jays Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants5/15/1984
TOR 5 (2) at MIN 2 (2)T2: by John Butcher, MIN (Cliff Johnson, TOR)
B2: by Dave Stieb, TOR (Randy Bush, MIN)
T9: by Ron Davis, MIN (Buck Martinez, TOR)
B9: by Roy Lee Jackson, TOR (Randy Bush, MIN)9/2/1986
CLE 9 (1) at TOR 5 (3)B1: by Ken Schrom, CLE (Lloyd Moseby, TOR)
B3: by Ken Schrom, CLE (Damaso Garcia, TOR)
T4: by Mickey Mahler, TOR (Brett Butler, CLE)
B5: by Ken Schrom, CLE (Rance Mulliniks, TOR)7/22/1988
TOR 9 (3) at SEA 10 (2)T1: by Bill Swift, SEA (Kelly Gruber, TOR)
T3: by Gene Walter, SEA (Fred McGriff, TOR)
T4: by Gene Walter, SEA (Ernie Whitt, TOR)
B4: by Todd Stottlemyre, TOR (Darnell Coles, SEA)
B8: by Tom Henke, TOR (Dave Valle, SEA)4/12/1992
BAL 1 (3) at TOR 3 (1)T3: by David Wells, TOR (Brady Anderson, BAL)
T4: by David Wells, TOR (Cal Ripken, BAL)
T7: by David Wells, TOR (Brady Anderson, BAL)
B7: by Storm Davis, BAL (Joe Carter, TOR)6/2/1993
TOR 7 (2) at CAL 6 (2)T3: by Julio Valera, CAL (Ed Sprague, TOR)
T6: by Julio Valera, CAL (Roberto Alomar, TOR)
B6: by Pat Hentgen, TOR (Chad Curtis, CAL)
B7: by Pat Hentgen, TOR (John Orton, CAL)7/29/1995
OAK 11 (1) at TOR 18 (3)B3: by Ariel Prieto, OAK (Ed Sprague, TOR)
B6: by John Briscoe, OAK (Devon White, TOR)
B6: by John Briscoe, OAK (Candy Maldonado, TOR)
T8: by Ricardo Jordan, TOR (Mike Aldrete, OAK)4/18/1996
TOR 6 (2) at CAL 9 (2)B2: by Jeff Ware, TOR (J.T. Snow, CAL)
B3: by Jeff Ware, TOR (Randy Velarde, CAL)
T4: by Scott Sanderson, CAL (Shawn Green, TOR)
T6: by Todd Frohwirth, CAL (John Olerud, TOR)4/30/1996
MIL 8 (2) at TOR 9 (2)B1: by Ben McDonald, MIL (Joe Carter, TOR)
B2: by Ben McDonald, MIL (Charlie O’Brien, TOR)
T3: by Pat Hentgen, TOR (Kevin Seitzer, MIL)
T9: by Tim Crabtree, TOR (Kevin Seitzer, MIL)6/25/1997
BOS 13 (1) at TOR 12 (3)B6: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Charlie O’Brien, TOR)
B6: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Alex Gonzalez, TOR)
T8: by Pat Hentgen, TOR (Nomar Garciaparra, BOS)
B8: by Chris Hammond, BOS (Charlie O’Brien, TOR)4/25/1999
TOR 3 (3) at NY 4 (2)T4: by David Cone, NY (Shawn Green, TOR)
T5: by David Cone, NY (Alex Gonzalez, TOR)
T7: by David Cone, NY (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
B10: by Robert Person, TOR (Chili Davis, NY)
B11: by Robert Person, TOR (Chuck Knoblauch, NY)7/20/1999
ATL 6 (1) at TOR 11 (3)B5: by Tom Glavine, ATL (Darrin Fletcher, TOR)
B7: by Russ Springer, ATL (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
B8: by John Hudek, ATL (Craig Grebeck, TOR)
T9: by Paul Quantrill, TOR (Chipper Jones, ATL)7/23/1999
TOR 2 (3) at CHI 1 (1)T4: by Jim Parque, CHI (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T5: by Jim Parque, CHI (Homer Bush, TOR)
T7: by Jim Parque, CHI (Shannon Stewart, TOR)
B8: by John Frascatore, TOR (Brook Fordyce, CHI)4/4/2000
KC 3 (2) at TOR 6 (2)B2: by Jay Witasick, KC (Alex Gonzalez, TOR)
T5: by Roy Halladay, TOR (Rey Sanchez, KC)
B6: by Jay Witasick, KC (Tony Batista, TOR)
T8: by John Frascatore, TOR (Carlos Febles, KC)4/12/2000
TOR 6 (1) at ANA 2 (3)B4: by Frank Castillo, TOR (Orlando Palmeiro, ANA)
B4: by Frank Castillo, TOR (Bengie Molina, ANA)
B7: by Pedro Borbon, TOR (Mo Vaughn, ANA)
T8: by Mark Petkovsek, ANA (Homer Bush, TOR)4/21/2000
NY 3 (2) at TOR 8 (3)B4: by Ramiro Mendoza, NY (Brad Fullmer, TOR)
B4: by Ramiro Mendoza, NY (Marty Cordova, TOR)
T5: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Tino Martinez, NY)
B5: by Todd Erdos, NY (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T6: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Derek Jeter, NY)7/30/2000
TOR 6 (3) at SEA 10 (1)T2: by Aaron Sele, SEA (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
B3: by Kelvim Escobar, TOR (David Bell, SEA)
T8: by Jose Mesa, SEA (Tony Batista, TOR)
T9: by Jose Paniagua, SEA (Homer Bush, TOR)8/1/2000
TOR 1 (1) at OAK 3 (3)T2: by Barry Zito, OAK (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
B3: by Esteban Loaiza, TOR (Sal Fasano, OAK)
B6: by Esteban Loaiza, TOR (Jason Giambi, OAK)
B10: by Billy Koch, TOR (Ramon Hernandez, OAK)6/6/2001
TB 6 (4) at TOR 2 (0)T1: by Chris Michalak, TOR (Randy Winn, TB)
T1: by Chris Michalak, TOR (Gerald Williams, TB)
T2: by Chris Michalak, TOR (Randy Winn, TB)
T7: by Bob File, TOR (Gerald Williams, TB)6/20/2001
TOR 6 (2) at BAL 5 (3)B1: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Jay Gibbons, BAL)
T6: by Willis Roberts, BAL (Homer Bush, TOR)
T7: by Ryan Kohlmeier, BAL (Homer Bush, TOR)
B7: by Bob File, TOR (Jeff Conine, BAL)
B9: by Billy Koch, TOR (Mike Kinkade, BAL)8/3/2001
BAL 1 (2) at TOR 10 (2)B3: by Jose Mercedes, BAL (Darrin Fletcher, TOR)
T5: by Kelvim Escobar, TOR (Melvin Mora, BAL)
T7: by Bob File, TOR (Melvin Mora, BAL)
B8: by Willis Roberts, BAL (Shannon Stewart, TOR)8/19/2001
TEX 8 (3) at TOR 4 (2)T1: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Frank Catalanotto, TEX)
T3: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Alex Rodriguez, TEX)
B3: by Aaron Myette, TEX (Shannon Stewart, TOR)
T6: by Chris Michalak, TOR (Rafael Palmeiro, TEX)
B6: by Aaron Myette, TEX (Homer Bush, TOR)10/2/2001
TOR 3 (2) at BAL 4 (2)T1: by Sean Douglass, BAL (Shannon Stewart, TOR)
B7: by Brandon Lyon, TOR (Geronimo Gil, BAL)
B7: by Scott Eyre, TOR (Chris Richard, BAL)
T9: by Willis Roberts, BAL (Homer Bush, TOR)4/1/2002
TOR 12 (4) at BOS 11 (0)T1: by Pedro Martinez, BOS (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T3: by Pedro Martinez, BOS (Shannon Stewart, TOR)
T5: by Darren Oliver, BOS (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T6: by Rolando Arrojo, BOS (Homer Bush, TOR)7/18/2002
BAL 4 (3) at TOR 5 (1)B4: by Travis Driskill, BAL (Dave Berg, TOR)
T5: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Melvin Mora, BAL)
T7: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Melvin Mora, BAL)
T9: by Kelvim Escobar, TOR (Melvin Mora, BAL)6/19/2003
TOR 6 (4) at BAL 1 (0)T1: by Rick Helling, BAL (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T3: by Rick Helling, BAL (Frank Catalanotto, TOR)
T6: by Pat Hentgen, BAL (Orlando Hudson, TOR)
T7: by Pat Hentgen, BAL (Carlos Delgado, TOR)8/25/2003
OAK 8 (3) at TOR 6 (1)T4: by Cory Lidle, TOR (Billy McMillon, OAK)
T5: by Jason Kershner, TOR (Frank Menechino, OAK)
T5: by Jason Kershner, TOR (Jose Guillen, OAK)
B9: by Keith Foulke, OAK (Reed Johnson, TOR)5/14/2004
BOS 9 (1) at TOR 3 (3)B6: by Derek Lowe, BOS (Josh Phelps, TOR)
B6: by Derek Lowe, BOS (Chris Gomez, TOR)
T8: by Kerry Ligtenberg, TOR (Jason Varitek, BOS)
B8: by Scott Williamson, BOS (Gregg Zaun, TOR)5/24/2004
ANA 5 (3) at TOR 6 (2)T2: by Justin Miller, TOR (Alfredo Amezaga, ANA)
T2: by Justin Miller, TOR (Adam Kennedy, ANA)
B2: by John Lackey, ANA (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T6: by Justin Miller, TOR (Jose Guillen, ANA)
B6: by John Lackey, ANA (Simon Pond, TOR)7/8/2004
SEA 8 (1) at TOR 10 (3)B1: by Ryan Franklin, SEA (Reed Johnson, TOR)
B2: by Ryan Franklin, SEA (Reed Johnson, TOR)
B7: by Ron Villone, SEA (Josh Phelps, TOR)
T8: by Vinnie Chulk, TOR (Justin Leone, SEA)8/11/2004
TOR 2 (0) at CLE 3 (4)B2: by Justin Miller, TOR (Ben Broussard, CLE)
B5: by Kevin Frederick, TOR (Travis Hafner, CLE)
B8: by Justin Speier, TOR (Grady Sizemore, CLE)
B8: by Justin Speier, TOR (Matt Lawton, CLE)4/16/2005
TOR 8 (3) at TEX 0 (1)B1: by Gustavo Chacin, TOR (Mark Teixeira, TEX)
T3: by Kenny Rogers, TEX (Reed Johnson, TOR)
T6: by Kenny Rogers, TEX (Reed Johnson, TOR)
T8: by Carlos Almanzar, TEX (Reed Johnson, TOR)4/23/2006
BOS 6 (2) at TOR 3 (2)T1: by Josh Towers, TOR (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
T4: by Josh Towers, TOR (Willie Harris, BOS)
B4: by Matt Clement, BOS (Alex Rios, TOR)
B5: by Matt Clement, BOS (Vernon Wells, TOR)7/10/2010
BOS 5 (4) at TOR 9 (0)T3: by Brandon Morrow, TOR (Mike Cameron, BOS)
T6: by Shawn Camp, TOR (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
T7: by Jason Frasor, TOR (Bill Hall, BOS)
T8: by Marc Rzepczynski, TOR (Marco Scutaro, BOS)