St. Louis Cardinals Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants6/16/1911
NY 4 (2) at STL 8 (2)by Bill Steele, STL 2 (Larry Doyle, Art Devlin)
by Bugs Raymond, NY 2 (Steve Evans 2)7/12/1922
PHI 8 (3) at STL 2 (1)by Lou North, STL
by Clyde Barfoot, STL 2
Art Fletcher, PHI 2
John Peters, PHI
by Lee Meadows, PHI (Specs Toporcer)5/13/1928
BOS 6 (3) at STL 5 (1)by Fred Frankhouse, STL 2
by Bill Sherdel, STL
Rogers Hornsby, BOS
Dick Burrus, BOS
Zack Taylor, BOS
by Joe Genewich, BOS (Taylor Douthit)8/27/1949
STL 11 (3) at NY 2 (1)by Sheldon Jones, NY 2
by Clint Hartung, NY
Del Rice, STL 2
Harry Brecheen, STL
by Harry Brecheen, STL (Bobby Thomson)9/3/1949
CIN 9 (3) at STL 9 (1)by Harry Brecheen, STL 2
by Al Brazle, STL
Lloyd Merriman, CIN
Walker Cooper, CIN
Virgil Stallcup, CIN
by Kent Peterson, CIN (Stan Musial)4/25/1954
MIL 6 (2) at STL 7 (2)T2: by Stu Miller, STL (Johnny Logan, MIL)
T5: by Stu Miller, STL (Del Crandall, MIL)
B6: by Warren Spahn, MIL (Sal Yvars, STL)
B12: by Chet Nichols, MIL (Alex Grammas, STL)5/13/1955
NY 4 (3) at STL 3 (1)T6: by Harvey Haddix, STL (Hank Thompson, NY)
T7: by Harvey Haddix, STL (Al Dark, NY)
B9: by Windy McCall, NY (Stan Musial, STL)
T10: by Harvey Haddix, STL (Monte Irvin, NY)8/2/1982
PIT 4 (2) at STL 2 (2)B8: by Rod Scurry, PIT (Gene Tenace, STL)
B8: by Rod Scurry, PIT (Willie McGee, STL)
T10: by Bruce Sutter, STL (Bill Madlock, PIT)
T13: by Jim Kaat, STL (Jason Thompson, PIT)8/7/1994
STL 5 (2) at PIT 6 (2)T4: by Rick White, PIT (Terry McGriff, STL)
B4: by Tom Urbani, STL (Rick White, PIT)
T8: by Mike Dyer, PIT (Ray Lankford, STL)
B9: by Bryan Eversgerd, STL (Gary Varsho, PIT)6/2/1996
HOU 0 (0) at STL 2 (4)B2: by Darryl Kile, HOU (Ray Lankford, STL)
B6: by Darryl Kile, HOU (Gary Gaetti, STL)
B8: by Darryl Kile, HOU (Danny Sheaffer, STL)
B8: by Darryl Kile, HOU (Luis Alicea, STL)4/29/1998
MON 7 (3) at STL 13 (1)T1: by Kent Mercker, STL (F.P. Santangelo, MON)
T4: by Kent Mercker, STL (Vladimir Guerrero, MON)
T6: by Mike Busby, STL (F.P. Santangelo, MON)
B7: by Marc Valdes, MON (Tom Lampkin, STL)5/23/1999
STL 8 (3) at LA 3 (1)B3: by Darren Oliver, STL (Mark Grudzielanek, LA)
T4: by Carlos Perez, LA (Fernando Tatis, STL)
T9: by Jamie Arnold, LA (Joe McEwing, STL)
T9: by Jamie Arnold, LA (Shawon Dunston, STL)4/7/2000
MIL 9 (2) at STL 1 (2)T8: by Dave Veres, STL (Charlie Hayes, MIL)
B8: by Curt Leskanic, MIL (Fernando Tatis, STL)
T9: by Dave Wainhouse, STL (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)
B9: by David Weathers, MIL (Fernando Vina, STL)4/13/2000
STL 6 (1) at COL 12 (3)B1: by Darryl Kile, STL (Todd Helton, COL)
B2: by Darryl Kile, STL (Scott Karl, COL)
B2: by Darryl Kile, STL (Jeff Cirillo, COL)
T3: by Scott Karl, COL (Jim Edmonds, STL)7/15/2000
STL 7 (2) at CHI 15 (2)T5: by Jim Parque, CHI (Fernando Tatis, STL)
B5: by Darryl Kile, STL (Magglio Ordonez, CHI)
B7: by Mike Matthews, STL (Jose Valentin, CHI)
T9: by Jesus Pena, CHI (Eduardo Perez, STL)9/26/2000
STL 7 (4) at SD 1 (0)T5: by Adam Eaton, SD (J.D. Drew, STL)
T8: by Dave Maurer, SD (Will Clark, STL)
T8: by Dave Maurer, SD (Ray Lankford, STL)
T8: by Heathcliff Slocumb, SD (Mark McGwire, STL)4/20/2001
STL 1 (1) at HOU 10 (3)B3: by Rick Ankiel, STL (Lance Berkman, HOU)
T4: by Scott Elarton, HOU (Albert Pujols, STL)
B4: by Rick Ankiel, STL (Craig Biggio, HOU)
B5: by Andy Benes, STL (Craig Biggio, HOU)4/25/2001
MON 2 (3) at STL 5 (1)T3: by Andy Benes, STL (Orlando Cabrera, MON)
B6: by Scott Stewart, MON (Albert Pujols, STL)
T7: by Mike James, STL (Fernando Tatis, MON)
T7: by Steve Kline, STL (Fernando Seguignol, MON)7/7/2002
LA 6 (2) at STL 12 (2)T1: by Luther Hackman, STL (Paul Lo Duca, LA)
B6: by Terry Mulholland, LA (Miguel Cairo, STL)
B6: by Terry Mulholland, LA (Jim Edmonds, STL)
T7: by Dave Veres, STL (Brian Jordan, LA)8/10/2002
NY 4 (1) at STL 5 (3)T1: by Luther Hackman, STL (John Valentin, NY)
B2: by Shawn Estes, NY (Fernando Vina, STL)
B2: by Shawn Estes, NY (Jim Edmonds, STL)
B6: by Steve Reed, NY (Fernando Vina, STL)5/16/2003
CHI 4 (1) at STL 7 (3)T1: by Woody Williams, STL (Mark Grudzielanek, CHI)
B1: by Matt Clement, CHI (Fernando Vina, STL)
B2: by Matt Clement, CHI (Mike Matheny, STL)
B4: by Matt Clement, CHI (Tino Martinez, STL)8/24/2004
STL 3 (2) at CIN 4 (2)B3: by Jason Marquis, STL (Ryan Freel, CIN)
T6: by Josh Hancock, CIN (Reggie Sanders, STL)
T7: by Ryan Wagner, CIN (Scott Rolen, STL)
B8: by Cal Eldred, STL (Jason LaRue, CIN)8/27/2004
STL 8 (1) at PIT 5 (3)T1: by Ryan Vogelsong, PIT (Albert Pujols, STL)
B3: by Jeff Suppan, STL (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B5: by Jeff Suppan, STL (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B9: by Jason Isringhausen, STL (Jason Kendall, PIT)6/7/2005
BOS 2 (2) at STL 9 (3)B6: by John Halama, BOS (Larry Walker, STL)
T7: by Alberto Reyes, STL (Jason Varitek, BOS)
B7: by Matt Mantei, BOS (Mark Grudzielanek, STL)
B7: by Matt Mantei, BOS (Larry Walker, STL)
T8: by Alberto Reyes, STL (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)8/2/2005
FLA 1 (1) at STL 3 (3)B1: by Dontrelle Willis, FLA (David Eckstein, STL)
B1: by Dontrelle Willis, FLA (So Taguchi, STL)
T8: by Chris Carpenter, STL (Alex Gonzalez, FLA)
B8: by Ron Villone, FLA (John Rodriguez, STL)8/16/2005
ARI 2 (2) at STL 8 (2)T5: by Jeff Suppan, STL (Kelly Stinnett, ARI)
B6: by Greg Aquino, ARI (Mark Grudzielanek, STL)
B7: by Brandon Lyon, ARI (Einar Diaz, STL)
T9: by Cal Eldred, STL (Troy Glaus, ARI)9/12/2005
PIT 3 (3) at STL 4 (1)T2: by Mark Mulder, STL (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B3: by Mark Redman, PIT (Hector Luna, STL)
T4: by Mark Mulder, STL (Nate McLouth, PIT)
T5: by Mark Mulder, STL (Craig Wilson, PIT)5/29/2006
HOU 1 (3) at STL 3 (1)T2: by Jason Marquis, STL (Brad Ausmus, HOU)
T3: by Jason Marquis, STL (Willy Taveras, HOU)
T3: by Jason Marquis, STL (Craig Biggio, HOU)
B4: by Roy Oswalt, HOU (So Taguchi, STL)8/11/2006
STL 1 (2) at PIT 7 (2)T2: by Zach Duke, PIT (Yadier Molina, STL)
B2: by Jeff Suppan, STL (Xavier Nady, PIT)
B3: by Jeff Suppan, STL (Jack Wilson, PIT)
T5: by Zach Duke, PIT (David Eckstein, STL)5/4/2009
PHI 6 (1) at STL 1 (3)B3: by Joe Blanton, PHI (Kyle Lohse, STL)
T5: by Kyle Lohse, STL (Chase Utley, PHI)
B6: by Joe Blanton, PHI (Rick Ankiel, STL)
B9: by Chad Durbin, PHI (Tyler Greene, STL)5/5/2009
PHI 10 (2) at STL 7 (2)B2: by Brett Myers, PHI (Ryan Ludwick, STL)
B6: by Brett Myers, PHI (Colby Rasmus, STL)
T7: by Dennys Reyes, STL (Raul Ibanez, PHI)
T7: by Chris Perez, STL (Jayson Werth, PHI)10/7/2009
STL 3 (2) at LA 5 (2)B3: by Chris Carpenter, STL (Andre Ethier, LA)
T4: by Randy Wolf, LA (Matt Holliday, STL)
B6: by Kyle McClellan, STL (Russell Martin, LA)
T8: by George Sherrill, LA (Skip Schumaker, STL)6/2/2010
CIN 1 (2) at STL 4 (2)T2: by Chris Carpenter, STL (Jonny Gomes, CIN)
B4: by Sam LeCure, CIN (Yadier Molina, STL)
B5: by Sam LeCure, CIN (Albert Pujols, STL)
T7: by Chris Carpenter, STL (Joey Votto, CIN)7/3/2010
MIL 12 (3) at STL 5 (1)T2: by Chris Carpenter, STL (Manny Parra, MIL)
T2: by Chris Carpenter, STL (Rickie Weeks, MIL)
B3: by Manny Parra, MIL (Tyler Greene, STL)
T8: by Mitchell Boggs, STL (Rickie Weeks, MIL)