San Francisco Giants Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants5/6/1911
NY 15 (3) at BOS 9 (1)by Patsy Flaherty, BOS
by Sam Frock, BOS
by Jiggs Parson, BOS
Red Murray, NY 2
Fred Merkle, NY
by Doc Crandall, NY (Buck Herzog)6/16/1911
NY 4 (2) at STL 8 (2)by Bill Steele, STL 2 (Larry Doyle, Art Devlin)
by Bugs Raymond, NY 2 (Steve Evans 2)4/19/1935
NY 7 (2) at PHI 18 (2)by Euel Moore, PHI
by Orville Jorgens, PHI
Jo-Jo Moore, NY
Hank Leiber, NY
by Freddie Fitzsimmons, NY (George Watkins 2)
by Al Smith, NY (George Watkins 2)9/15/1938
PIT 7 (1) at NY 2 (3)by Dick Coffman, NY (Jim Tobin)
by Jim Tobin, PIT 3 (Mel Ott 3)8/27/1949
STL 11 (3) at NY 2 (1)by Sheldon Jones, NY 2
by Clint Hartung, NY
Del Rice, STL 2
Harry Brecheen, STL
by Harry Brecheen, STL (Bobby Thomson)8/17/1950
BRO 8 (1) at NY 6 (3)B1: by Don Newcombe, BRO (Don Mueller, NY)
T3: by Sheldon Jones, NY (Jackie Robinson, BRO)
B3: by Don Newcombe, BRO (Eddie Stanky, NY)
B9: by Preacher Roe, BRO (Al Dark, NY)6/3/1952
NY 17 (3) at CHI 4 (1)T4: by Joe Hatten, CHI (Hank Thompson, NY)
T5: by Bob Schultz, CHI (Bobby Thomson, NY)
B6: by Jim Hearn, NY (Bill Serena, CHI)
T7: by Bob Schultz, CHI (Bobby Thomson, NY)5/13/1955
NY 4 (3) at STL 3 (1)T6: by Harvey Haddix, STL (Hank Thompson, NY)
T7: by Harvey Haddix, STL (Al Dark, NY)
B9: by Windy McCall, NY (Stan Musial, STL)
T10: by Harvey Haddix, STL (Monte Irvin, NY)7/24/1963
NY 3 (2) at SF 4 (3)T2: by Jack Sanford, SF (Joe Christopher, NY)
B4: by Al Jackson, NY (Willie McCovey, SF)
T7: by Jack Sanford, SF (Joe Christopher, NY)
B9: by Al Jackson, NY (Felipe Alou, SF)
B9: by Al Jackson, NY (Willie McCovey, SF)8/19/1964
CIN 7 (2) at SF 1 (2)T1: by Ron Herbel, SF (Frank Robinson, CIN)
B2: by Bob Purkey, CIN (Jim Ray Hart, SF)
T4: by John Pregenzer, SF (Bob Purkey, CIN)
B7: by Bob Purkey, CIN (Jim Ray Hart, SF)4/27/1965
PHI 13 (2) at SF 14 (2)B1: by Jim Bunning, PHI (Willie McCovey, SF)
T4: by Bob Hendley, SF (Tony Taylor, PHI)
T5: by Ron Herbel, SF (Dick Stuart, PHI)
B6: by Art Mahaffey, PHI (Harvey Kuenn, SF)4/29/1969
CIN 3 (1) at SF 4 (3)T6: by Bobby Bolin, SF (Alex Johnson, CIN)
B6: by Jack Fisher, CIN (Ron Hunt, SF)
B8: by Wayne Granger, CIN (Ron Hunt, SF)
B12: by George Culver, CIN (Ron Hunt, SF)9/11/1985
SF 9 (3) at HOU 10 (1)T1: by Jeff Heathcock, HOU (Chris Brown, SF)
B1: by Mike Jeffcoat, SF (Kevin Bass, HOU)
T8: by Frank DiPino, HOU (Brad Wellman, SF)
T8: by Frank DiPino, HOU (Joel Youngblood, SF)9/13/1985
SF 9 (1) at ATL 3 (3)B4: by Vida Blue, SF (Ken Oberkfell, ATL)
T6: by Rick Camp, ATL (Jeffrey Leonard, SF)
B7: by Frank Williams, SF (Glenn Hubbard, ATL)
B7: by Frank Williams, SF (Dale Murphy, ATL)4/11/1986
SF 9 (2) at LA 8 (3)B5: by Roger Mason, SF (Bill Madlock, LA)
B7: by Mike LaCoss, SF (Mike Marshall, LA)
T8: by Ed Vande Berg, LA (Candy Maldonado, SF)
B8: by Mark Davis, SF (Enos Cabell, LA)
T9: by Ken Howell, LA (Robby Thompson, SF)5/10/1992
SF 8 (3) at MON 3 (1)B2: by Kelly Downs, SF (Tim Wallach, MON)
T7: by Dennis Martinez, MON (Chris James, SF)
T9: by John Wetteland, MON (Kirt Manwaring, SF)
T11: by Bill Landrum, MON (Will Clark, SF)7/6/1993
SF 13 (3) at MON 5 (1)T1: by Kent Bottenfield, MON (Barry Bonds, SF)
T2: by Kent Bottenfield, MON (Mike Benjamin, SF)
B6: by Bryan Hickerson, SF (Wil Cordero, MON)
T8: by Jeff Shaw, MON (Mike Benjamin, SF)6/28/1995
COL 1 (1) at SF 2 (3)B2: by Armando Reynoso, COL (Kirt Manwaring, SF)
B5: by Juan Acevedo, COL (Mark Carreon, SF)
B9: by Roger Bailey, COL (Mark Carreon, SF)
T10: by Rod Beck, SF (Andres Galarraga, COL)9/5/1995
MON 6 (2) at SF 9 (2)T1: by Jamie Brewington, SF (Rondell White, MON)
T4: by Jamie Brewington, SF (Mark Grudzielanek, MON)
B6: by Jose DeLeon, MON (John Patterson, SF)
B7: by Curt Schmidt, MON (John Patterson, SF)9/29/1996
SF 3 (3) at COL 12 (1)T1: by Kevin Ritz, COL (Marvin Benard, SF)
T3: by Kevin Ritz, COL (Jacob Cruz, SF)
T3: by Kevin Ritz, COL (Wilson Delgado, SF)
B3: by Allen Watson, SF (Eric Young, COL)5/7/1997
MON 19 (1) at SF 3 (3)B1: by Jeff Juden, MON (Jeff Kent, SF)
B4: by Jeff Juden, MON (Osvaldo Fernandez, SF)
B5: by Jeff Juden, MON (Jeff Kent, SF)
T6: by Julian Tavarez, SF (Vladimir Guerrero, MON)7/16/1997
SF 1 (0) at HOU 8 (4)B3: by Keith Foulke, SF (Jeff Bagwell, HOU)
B4: by John Johnstone, SF (Derek Bell, HOU)
B4: by John Johnstone, SF (Sean Berry, HOU)
B8: by Jim Poole, SF (Tim Bogar, HOU)9/26/1999
ARI 7 (1) at SF 1 (3)B3: by Omar Daal, ARI (Ellis Burks, SF)
B4: by Omar Daal, ARI (J.T. Snow, SF)
B5: by Omar Daal, ARI (Marvin Benard, SF)
T9: by Jerry Spradlin, SF (Bernard Gilkey, ARI)8/1/2000
SF 13 (3) at MIL 8 (1)T2: by John Snyder, MIL (Bobby Estalella, SF)
B4: by Shawn Estes, SF (Jeromy Burnitz, MIL)
T5: by Kane Davis, MIL (Bobby Estalella, SF)
T7: by Bob Scanlan, MIL (Calvin Murray, SF)10/1/2000
SF 11 (2) at ARI 4 (2)B1: by Russ Ortiz, SF (Kelly Stinnett, ARI)
B2: by Russ Ortiz, SF (Luis Gonzalez, ARI)
T4: by Randy Johnson, ARI (Marvin Benard, SF)
T6: by Mike Morgan, ARI (Ramon Martinez, SF)6/5/2002
SF 12 (4) at SD 2 (0)T3: by Dennis Tankersley, SD (Rich Aurilia, SF)
T4: by Dennis Tankersley, SD (Yorvit Torrealba, SF)
T4: by Dennis Tankersley, SD (Ryan Jensen, SF)
T5: by Rodney Myers, SD (Reggie Sanders, SF)6/13/2004
SF 7 (1) at BAL 3 (3)B1: by Jerome Williams, SF (Javy Lopez, BAL)
B5: by Jerome Williams, SF (Jerry Hairston, BAL)
B5: by Jerome Williams, SF (Rafael Palmeiro, BAL)
T7: by Sidney Ponson, BAL (Damon Minor, SF)7/4/2004
OAK 9 (2) at SF 6 (2)B2: by Mark Mulder, OAK (Barry Bonds, SF)
B5: by Mark Mulder, OAK (Ray Durham, SF)
T6: by Tyler Walker, SF (Mark Mulder, OAK)
T8: by Felix Rodriguez, SF (Eric Byrnes, OAK)4/23/2006
SF 2 (2) at COL 3 (2)B1: by Matt Morris, SF (Matt Holliday, COL)
B1: by Matt Morris, SF (Eli Marrero, COL)
T6: by Jeff Francis, COL (Steve Finley, SF)
T8: by Ray King, COL (Omar Vizquel, SF)8/30/2006
SF 3 (1) at ATL 5 (3)T1: by Chuck James, ATL (Barry Bonds, SF)
B2: by Brad Hennessey, SF (Ryan Langerhans, ATL)
B4: by Brad Hennessey, SF (Andruw Jones, ATL)
B4: by Brad Hennessey, SF (Jeff Francoeur, ATL)9/4/2006
SF 5 (2) at CIN 4 (2)B2: by Brad Hennessey, SF (Brandon Phillips, CIN)
T4: by Aaron Harang, CIN (Eliezer Alfonzo, SF)
T8: by Aaron Harang, CIN (Randy Winn, SF)
B8: by Steve Kline, SF (Adam Dunn, CIN)9/4/2007
SF 5 (1) at COL 6 (3)B3: by Tim Lincecum, SF (Chris Iannetta, COL)
T4: by Ryan Speier, COL (Pedro Feliz, SF)
B4: by Scott Atchison, SF (Matt Holliday, COL)
B8: by Brian Wilson, SF (Yorvit Torrealba, COL)5/28/2008
SF 11 (3) at ARI 3 (2)B1: by Jonathan Sanchez, SF (Conor Jackson, ARI)
T6: by Doug Slaten, ARI (Aaron Rowand, SF)
T6: by Doug Slaten, ARI (Emmanuel Burriss, SF)
T8: by Edgar Gonzalez, ARI (Emmanuel Burriss, SF)
B9: by Vinnie Chulk, SF (Jeff Salazar, ARI)8/13/2008
SF 2 (1) at HOU 6 (3)T2: by Randy Wolf, HOU (Bengie Molina, SF)
B6: by Barry Zito, SF (Humberto Quintero, HOU)
B6: by Billy Sadler, SF (Ty Wigginton, HOU)
B6: by Billy Sadler, SF (Mark Loretta, HOU)9/7/2008
PIT 6 (4) at SF 11 (1)T3: by Jonathan Sanchez, SF (Nate McLouth, PIT)
T4: by Osiris Matos, SF (Doug Mientkiewicz, PIT)
T5: by Billy Sadler, SF (Brian Bixler, PIT)
T6: by Billy Sadler, SF (Steven Pearce, PIT)
B8: by Craig Hansen, PIT (Nate Schierholtz, SF)4/7/2009
MIL 6 (2) at SF 10 (2)T1: by Tim Lincecum, SF (Ryan Braun, MIL)
B1: by Jeff Suppan, MIL (Pablo Sandoval, SF)
B2: by Jeff Suppan, MIL (Emmanuel Burriss, SF)
T4: by Joe Martinez, SF (Rickie Weeks, MIL)6/24/2010
SF 5 (3) at HOU 7 (1)T4: by Wandy Rodriguez, HOU (Aubrey Huff, SF)
T5: by Wandy Rodriguez, HOU (Aaron Rowand, SF)
T6: by Wandy Rodriguez, HOU (Aubrey Huff, SF)
B7: by Sergio Romo, SF (Jason Michaels, HOU)8/28/2010
ARI 11 (2) at SF 3 (2)T1: by Barry Zito, SF (Daniel Hudson, ARI)
B2: by Daniel Hudson, ARI (Jose Guillen, SF)
T4: by Barry Zito, SF (Miguel Montero, ARI)
B7: by Daniel Hudson, ARI (Aaron Rowand, SF)