San Diego Padres Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants7/29/1973
CIN 4 (3) at SD 2 (2)B2: by Roger Nelson, CIN (Nate Colbert, SD)
T4: by Mike Caldwell, SD (Ed Crosby, CIN)
T7: by Mike Caldwell, SD (Pete Rose, CIN)
T8: by Mike Corkins, SD (Cesar Geronimo, CIN)
B8: by Clay Carroll, CIN (Nate Colbert, SD)7/25/1993
MON 5 (1) at SD 4 (3)B4: by Dennis Martinez, MON (Kevin Higgins, SD)
B4: by Dennis Martinez, MON (Archi Cianfrocco, SD)
B9: by John Wetteland, MON (Archi Cianfrocco, SD)
T10: by Gene Harris, SD (Darrin Fletcher, MON)7/11/1996
SD 5 (1) at COL 8 (3)T6: by Marvin Freeman, COL (Rickey Henderson, SD)
B7: by Tim Worrell, SD (Andres Galarraga, COL)
B9: by Trevor Hoffman, SD (Eric Young, COL)
B10: by Trevor Hoffman, SD (Eric Young, COL)7/12/1996
SD 12 (2) at COL 13 (2)T1: by Jamey Wright, COL (John Flaherty, SD)
T1: by Jamey Wright, COL (Jody Reed, SD)
B7: by Bryce Florie, SD (Andres Galarraga, COL)
B7: by Willie Blair, SD (Andres Galarraga, COL)5/14/1997
SD 7 (0) at MON 9 (4)B2: by Tim Worrell, SD (Jeff Juden, MON)
B7: by Tim Scott, SD (Mark Grudzielanek, MON)
B7: by Tim Scott, SD (Mike Lansing, MON)
B8: by Joey Long, SD (F.P. Santangelo, MON)8/23/1998
SD 13 (1) at MIL 11 (3)B1: by Andy Ashby, SD (Fernando Vina, MIL)
B1: by Andy Ashby, SD (Mark Loretta, MIL)
B2: by Andy Ashby, SD (Mike Matheny, MIL)
T3: by Brad Woodall, MIL (Jim Leyritz, SD)9/26/2000
STL 7 (4) at SD 1 (0)T5: by Adam Eaton, SD (J.D. Drew, STL)
T8: by Dave Maurer, SD (Will Clark, STL)
T8: by Dave Maurer, SD (Ray Lankford, STL)
T8: by Heathcliff Slocumb, SD (Mark McGwire, STL)4/24/2001
PHI 12 (2) at SD 7 (2)T3: by Woody Williams, SD (Mike Lieberthal, PHI)
B4: by Randy Wolf, PHI (Woody Williams, SD)
B6: by Randy Wolf, PHI (Donaldo Mendez, SD)
T9: by Tom Davey, SD (Doug Glanville, PHI)6/5/2002
SF 12 (4) at SD 2 (0)T3: by Dennis Tankersley, SD (Rich Aurilia, SF)
T4: by Dennis Tankersley, SD (Yorvit Torrealba, SF)
T4: by Dennis Tankersley, SD (Ryan Jensen, SF)
T5: by Rodney Myers, SD (Reggie Sanders, SF)7/7/2002
SD 7 (2) at COL 1 (2)T8: by Brian Fuentes, COL (Mark Kotsay, SD)
T8: by Brian Fuentes, COL (Ryan Klesko, SD)
B8: by Mike Holtz, SD (Larry Walker, COL)
B8: by Steve Reed, SD (Todd Zeile, COL)4/18/2004
ARI 5 (2) at SD 6 (2)B5: by Steve Sparks, ARI (Mark Loretta, SD)
T7: by Jason Szuminski, SD (Carlos Baerga, ARI)
B7: by Randy Choate, ARI (Phil Nevin, SD)
T8: by Jason Szuminski, SD (Shea Hillenbrand, ARI)5/17/2006
SD 14 (3) at ARI 10 (1)T1: by Juan Cruz, ARI (Mike Piazza, SD)
T1: by Juan Cruz, ARI (Adrian Gonzalez, SD)
B3: by Mike Thompson, SD (Orlando Hudson, ARI)
T7: by Luis Vizcaino, ARI (Mike Cameron, SD)9/26/2009
SD 5 (2) at ARI 8 (2)B3: by Wade LeBlanc, SD (Mark Reynolds, ARI)
B7: by Luke Gregerson, SD (Miguel Montero, ARI)
T9: by Juan Gutierrez, ARI (Chase Headley, SD)
T9: by Juan Gutierrez, ARI (Will Venable, SD)