Pittsburgh Pirates Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants5/10/1920
PHI 1 (3) at PIT 3 (1)by Wilbur Cooper, PIT 3 (Dave Bancroft, Dots Miller, Mack Wheat)
by Mike Cantwell, PHI (Carson Bigbee)9/1/1925
PIT 10 (2) at PHI 3 (2)by Hal Carlson, PHI 2 (Johnny Rawlings, Kiki Cuyler)
by Vic Aldridge, PIT 2 (Lew Fonseca, Jimmie Wilson)9/15/1938
PIT 7 (1) at NY 2 (3)by Dick Coffman, NY (Jim Tobin)
by Jim Tobin, PIT 3 (Mel Ott 3)6/18/1950
PIT 8 (3) at BOS 8 (1)T1: by Dick Donovan, BOS (Wally Westlake, PIT)
B1: by Cliff Chambers, PIT (Earl Torgeson, BOS)
T4: by Bob Hall, BOS (Clyde McCullough, PIT)
T8: by Bobby Hogue, BOS (Pete Castiglione, PIT)9/23/1968
CIN 9 (2) at PIT 6 (2)T2: by Al McBean, PIT (Lee May, CIN)
B5: by George Culver, CIN (Roberto Clemente, PIT)
B7: by George Culver, CIN (Gene Alley, PIT)
T9: by Tommie Sisk, PIT (Johnny Bench, CIN)7/20/1974
PIT 7 (2) at ATL 6 (2)B2: by Bruce Kison, PIT (Marty Perez, ATL)
B2: by Bruce Kison, PIT (Craig Robinson, ATL)
T7: by Lew Krausse, ATL (Frank Taveras, PIT)
T8: by Tom House, ATL (Al Oliver, PIT)5/9/1979
PIT 17 (3) at ATL 9 (1)B5: by Ed Whitson, PIT (Phil Niekro, ATL)
T6: by Craig Skok, ATL (Tim Foli, PIT)
T9: by Gene Garber, ATL (Phil Garner, PIT)
T9: by Gene Garber, ATL (Dave Parker, PIT)8/2/1982
PIT 4 (2) at STL 2 (2)B8: by Rod Scurry, PIT (Gene Tenace, STL)
B8: by Rod Scurry, PIT (Willie McGee, STL)
T10: by Bruce Sutter, STL (Bill Madlock, PIT)
T13: by Jim Kaat, STL (Jason Thompson, PIT)5/15/1988
CIN 7 (2) at PIT 6 (2)T3: by Brian Fisher, PIT (Lloyd McClendon, CIN)
B6: by Frank Williams, CIN (Junior Ortiz, PIT)
T7: by Bob Kipper, PIT (Ron Roenicke, CIN)
B8: by Jose Rijo, CIN (Bobby Bonilla, PIT)4/21/1992
PIT 8 (3) at MON 7 (1)T1: by Chris Haney, MON (Steve Buechele, PIT)
T2: by Chris Haney, MON (Jay Bell, PIT)
B5: by Denny Neagle, PIT (Delino DeShields, MON)
T9: by John Wetteland, MON (Barry Bonds, PIT)8/7/1994
STL 5 (2) at PIT 6 (2)T4: by Rick White, PIT (Terry McGriff, STL)
B4: by Tom Urbani, STL (Rick White, PIT)
T8: by Mike Dyer, PIT (Ray Lankford, STL)
B9: by Bryan Eversgerd, STL (Gary Varsho, PIT)6/1/1997
MON 2 (1) at PIT 11 (3)T1: by Francisco Cordova, PIT (F.P. Santangelo, MON)
B5: by Salomon Torres, MON (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B5: by Salomon Torres, MON (Jose Guillen, PIT)
B6: by Marc Valdes, MON (Kevin Young, PIT)6/22/1997
PIT 9 (3) at NY 12 (2)T2: by Cory Lidle, NY (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B3: by Esteban Loaiza, PIT (Carl Everett, NY)
T4: by Cory Lidle, NY (Joe Randa, PIT)
B7: by Jason Christiansen, PIT (Alex Ochoa, NY)
T10: by Takashi Kashiwada, NY (Emil Brown, PIT)9/3/1997
CLE 7 (1) at PIT 3 (3)B2: by Orel Hershiser, CLE (Turner Ward, PIT)
B6: by Orel Hershiser, CLE (Eddie Williams, PIT)
T7: by Jason Christiansen, PIT (Orel Hershiser, CLE)
B8: by Michael Jackson, CLE (Jason Kendall, PIT)5/20/1999
PIT 3 (3) at FLA 4 (1)T9: by Brian Edmondson, FLA (Brant Brown, PIT)
B11: by Brad Clontz, PIT (Alex Gonzalez, FLA)
T12: by Antonio Alfonseca, FLA (Ed Sprague, PIT)
T14: by Antonio Alfonseca, FLA (Jason Kendall, PIT)5/22/1999
PIT 11 (4) at FLA 4 (2)T2: by Ryan Dempster, FLA (Ed Sprague, PIT)
T4: by Ryan Dempster, FLA (Kevin Young, PIT)
T4: by Ryan Dempster, FLA (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B6: by Todd Ritchie, PIT (Dave Berg, FLA)
T7: by Brent Billingsley, FLA (Ed Sprague, PIT)
B7: by Marc Wilkins, PIT (Alex Gonzalez, FLA)6/7/1999
PIT 4 (2) at DET 9 (2)T1: by Jeff Weaver, DET (Ed Sprague, PIT)
T5: by Jeff Weaver, DET (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B7: by Jason Schmidt, PIT (Juan Encarnacion, DET)
B8: by Marc Wilkins, PIT (Dean Palmer, DET)9/8/2000
CIN 1 (2) at PIT 3 (2)T6: by Marc Wilkins, PIT (Chris Sexton, CIN)
B6: by Ron Villone, CIN (Pat Meares, PIT)
T8: by Matt Skrmetta, PIT (Jason LaRue, CIN)
B8: by Dennys Reyes, CIN (Emil Brown, PIT)9/16/2000
PIT 9 (4) at HOU 10 (2)B3: by Jose Silva, PIT (Lance Berkman, HOU)
B5: by Bronson Arroyo, PIT (Richard Hidalgo, HOU)
T8: by Jose Lima, HOU (Jason Kendall, PIT)
T9: by Octavio Dotel, HOU (Kevin Young, PIT)
T9: by Octavio Dotel, HOU (Jason Kendall, PIT)
T10: by Octavio Dotel, HOU (Keith Osik, PIT)4/9/2001
CIN 8 (3) at PIT 2 (1)T1: by Todd Ritchie, PIT (Dmitri Young, CIN)
T5: by Todd Ritchie, PIT (Chris Reitsma, CIN)
T8: by Scott Sauerbeck, PIT (Sean Casey, CIN)
B8: by John Riedling, CIN (Jason Kendall, PIT)6/7/2001
PIT 3 (3) at FLA 5 (1)T5: by Matt Clement, FLA (Keith Osik, PIT)
T6: by Matt Clement, FLA (Andy Barkett, PIT)
B8: by Josias Manzanillo, PIT (Alex Gonzalez, FLA)
T9: by Antonio Alfonseca, FLA (Jason Kendall, PIT)6/28/2001
MIL 0 (1) at PIT 1 (3)B3: by Jamey Wright, MIL (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B5: by Jamey Wright, MIL (Rob Mackowiak, PIT)
B6: by Jamey Wright, MIL (Aramis Ramirez, PIT)
T8: by Mike Lincoln, PIT (James Mouton, MIL)6/4/2002
PIT 5 (4) at MON 2 (0)T4: by Carl Pavano, MON (Craig Wilson, PIT)
T4: by Carl Pavano, MON (Jack Wilson, PIT)
T6: by Carl Pavano, MON (Rob Mackowiak, PIT)
T8: by Graeme Lloyd, MON (Brian Giles, PIT)8/24/2002
PIT 17 (3) at MIL 10 (1)T1: by Jose Cabrera, MIL (Rob Mackowiak, PIT)
B2: by Kip Wells, PIT (Mark Loretta, MIL)
T5: by Jose Cabrera, MIL (Armando Rios, PIT)
T6: by Matt Childers, MIL (Craig Wilson, PIT)5/29/2004
CHI 7 (0) at PIT 10 (4)B1: by Sergio Mitre, CHI (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B2: by Sergio Mitre, CHI (Bobby Hill, PIT)
B6: by Jimmy Anderson, CHI (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B6: by Jimmy Anderson, CHI (Rob Mackowiak, PIT)5/30/2004
CHI 12 (1) at PIT 1 (3)B2: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B3: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B4: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Daryle Ward, PIT)
T9: by Mike Johnston, PIT (Todd Walker, CHI)6/10/2004
PIT 7 (2) at TEX 9 (2)T3: by Joaquin Benoit, TEX (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B4: by Oliver Perez, PIT (Mark Teixeira, TEX)
B4: by Oliver Perez, PIT (Herbert Perry, TEX)
T6: by Erasmo Ramirez, TEX (Jason Kendall, PIT)6/11/2004
PIT 1 (3) at OAK 6 (2)T2: by Tim Hudson, OAK (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B2: by Kris Benson, PIT (Erubiel Durazo, OAK)
T6: by Tim Hudson, OAK (Randall Simon, PIT)
T6: by Tim Hudson, OAK (Ruben Mateo, PIT)
B7: by Kris Benson, PIT (Bobby Crosby, OAK)8/27/2004
STL 8 (1) at PIT 5 (3)T1: by Ryan Vogelsong, PIT (Albert Pujols, STL)
B3: by Jeff Suppan, STL (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B5: by Jeff Suppan, STL (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B9: by Jason Isringhausen, STL (Jason Kendall, PIT)4/6/2005
MIL 10 (2) at PIT 2 (2)T1: by Kip Wells, PIT (Damian Miller, MIL)
B3: by Doug Davis, MIL (Kip Wells, PIT)
T6: by John Grabow, PIT (Lyle Overbay, MIL)
B8: by Wes Obermueller, MIL (Jack Wilson, PIT)6/18/2005
PIT 2 (3) at BOS 0 (1)B3: by David Williams, PIT (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
T5: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Jason Bay, PIT)
T8: by Alan Embree, BOS (Ryan Doumit, PIT)
T9: by John Halama, BOS (Rob Mackowiak, PIT)9/9/2005
PIT 8 (4) at CIN 4 (0)T1: by Luke Hudson, CIN (Jack Wilson, PIT)
T2: by Luke Hudson, CIN (Daryle Ward, PIT)
T3: by Luke Hudson, CIN (Nate McLouth, PIT)
T8: by Kent Mercker, CIN (Nate McLouth, PIT)9/12/2005
PIT 3 (3) at STL 4 (1)T2: by Mark Mulder, STL (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B3: by Mark Redman, PIT (Hector Luna, STL)
T4: by Mark Mulder, STL (Nate McLouth, PIT)
T5: by Mark Mulder, STL (Craig Wilson, PIT)5/14/2006
FLA 8 (3) at PIT 2 (1)T1: by Ian Snell, PIT (Dan Uggla, FLA)
B1: by Brian Moehler, FLA (Freddy Sanchez, PIT)
T7: by John Grabow, PIT (Eric Reed, FLA)
T8: by Damaso Marte, PIT (Dan Uggla, FLA)8/11/2006
STL 1 (2) at PIT 7 (2)T2: by Zach Duke, PIT (Yadier Molina, STL)
B2: by Jeff Suppan, STL (Xavier Nady, PIT)
B3: by Jeff Suppan, STL (Jack Wilson, PIT)
T5: by Zach Duke, PIT (David Eckstein, STL)9/15/2006
NY 3 (3) at PIT 5 (1)T2: by Paul Maholm, PIT (Cliff Floyd, NY)
B3: by Pedro Martinez, NY (Jose Bautista, PIT)
T5: by Paul Maholm, PIT (Shawn Green, NY)
T5: by Paul Maholm, PIT (Lastings Milledge, NY)6/15/2007
CHI 2 (3) at PIT 4 (1)T1: by Paul Maholm, PIT (Luis Terrero, CHI)
T3: by Paul Maholm, PIT (A.J. Pierzynski, CHI)
B8: by Dewon Day, CHI (Jose Castillo, PIT)
T9: by Matt Capps, PIT (Luis Terrero, CHI)8/15/2007
NY 10 (3) at PIT 8 (3)B2: by John Maine, NY (Nate McLouth, PIT)
T3: by Matt Morris, PIT (Mike Difelice, NY)
T4: by Matt Morris, PIT (David Wright, NY)
B6: by Guillermo Mota, NY (Jack Wilson, PIT)
T9: by Damaso Marte, PIT (Shawn Green, NY)
B9: by Aaron Sele, NY (Freddy Sanchez, PIT)4/20/2008
PIT 6 (2) at CHI 13 (2)B4: by Zach Duke, PIT (Reed Johnson, CHI)
B4: by Zach Duke, PIT (Aramis Ramirez, CHI)
T5: by Ryan Dempster, CHI (Brian Bixler, PIT)
T7: by Bob Howry, CHI (Nate McLouth, PIT)9/7/2008
PIT 6 (4) at SF 11 (1)T3: by Jonathan Sanchez, SF (Nate McLouth, PIT)
T4: by Osiris Matos, SF (Doug Mientkiewicz, PIT)
T5: by Billy Sadler, SF (Brian Bixler, PIT)
T6: by Billy Sadler, SF (Steven Pearce, PIT)
B8: by Craig Hansen, PIT (Nate Schierholtz, SF)7/2/2009
NY 9 (2) at PIT 8 (3)T1: by Paul Maholm, PIT (Fernando Tatis, NY)
B2: by Tim Redding, NY (Andrew McCutchen, PIT)
B4: by Elmer Dessens, NY (Delwyn Young, PIT)
B8: by Sean Green, NY (Robinzon Diaz, PIT)
T10: by Matt Capps, PIT (Fernando Tatis, NY)