Minnesota Twins Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants9/3/1920
WAS 14 (3) at PHI 5 (1)by Bill Knowlton, PHI 3 (Bucky Harris 2, Jim Shaw)
by Jim Shaw, WAS (Jimmy Dykes)5/11/1922
STL 5 (1) at WAS 3 (4)by Tom Phillips, WAS (Baby Doll Jacobson)
by Hub Pruett, STL
by Bill Bayne, STL 3
Howie Shanks, WAS
Frank Brower, WAS 2
Tom Phillips, WAS8/26/1922
DET 8 (1) at WAS 5 (3)by Jim Brillheart, WAS (Bobby Veach)
by Hooks Dauss, DET
by Roy Moore, DET 2
Frank Brower, WAS
Goose Goslin, WAS
Jim Brillheart, WAS8/12/1924
CLE 0 (1) at WAS 4 (3)by Walter Johnson, WAS (Chick Fewster)
by Sherry Smith, CLE 3 (Earl McNeely, Ossie Bluege 2)6/26/1926
PHI 2 (2) at WAS 3 (2)by Walter Johnson, WAS 2 (Jimmy Dykes, Sammy Hale)
by Rube Walberg, PHI 2 (Joe Harris, Ossie Bluege)4/13/1928
WAS 6 (2) at BOS 4 (2)by Hal Wiltse, BOS 2 (Grant Gillis, Joe Judge)
by Tom Zachary, WAS
by Garland Braxton, WAS
Jack Rothrock, BOS
Ira Flagstead, BOS7/1/1940
NY 8 (3) at WAS 4 (1)by Ken Chase, WAS 3 (Frankie Crosetti, Joe DiMaggio, George Selkirk)
by Red Ruffing, NY (Charlie Gelbert)6/27/1950
WAS 4 (3) at NY 3 (1)T3: by Tommy Byrne, NY (Bob Kuzava, WAS)
T4: by Tommy Byrne, NY (Mickey Vernon, WAS)
B5: by Bob Kuzava, WAS (Cliff Mapes, NY)
T8: by Tommy Byrne, NY (Mickey Vernon, WAS)7/26/1953
WAS 6 (2) at CLE 7 (2)T3: by Dave Hoskins, CLE (Jim Busby, WAS)
T4: by Dave Hoskins, CLE (Eddie Yost, WAS)
B6: by Al Sima, WAS (Joe Tipton, CLE)
B6: by Al Sima, WAS (Al Smith, CLE)5/1/1955
WAS 10 (1) at KC 16 (3)T1: by Art Ditmar, KC (Eddie Yost, WAS)
B1: by Mickey McDermott, WAS (Bill Renna, KC)
B4: by Ted Abernathy, WAS (Gus Zernial, KC)
B7: by Camilo Pascual, WAS (Joe DeMaestri, KC)9/5/1955
WAS 2 (3) at BOS 7 (1)B3: by Mickey McDermott, WAS (Ted Williams, BOS)
T5: by George Susce, BOS (Clint Courtney, WAS)
T6: by George Susce, BOS (Ernie Oravetz, WAS)
T9: by George Susce, BOS (Eddie Yost, WAS)6/12/1956
KC 9 (1) at WAS 3 (3)B2: by Jose Santiago, KC (Clint Courtney, WAS)
B3: by Jose Santiago, KC (Lyle Luttrell, WAS)
B4: by Jose Santiago, KC (Lyle Luttrell, WAS)
T7: by Bunky Stewart, WAS (Rance Pless, KC)7/21/1960
WAS 5 (4) at DET 9 (0)T1: by Frank Lary, DET (Bob Allison, WAS)
T5: by Frank Lary, DET (Reno Bertoia, WAS)
T7: by Frank Lary, DET (Julio Becquer, WAS)
T7: by Frank Lary, DET (Reno Bertoia, WAS)8/14/1960
WAS 6 (2) at NY 3 (2)T6: by Eli Grba, NY (Billy Gardner, WAS)
B9: by Ray Moore, WAS (Gil McDougald, NY)
T15: by Ralph Terry, NY (Reno Bertoia, WAS)
B15: by Rudy Hernandez, WAS (Hector Lopez, NY)7/2/1961
MIN 7 (3) at KC 8 (1)B6: by Danny McDevitt, MIN (Dick Howser, KC)
T7: by Gerry Staley, KC (Hal Naragon, MIN)
T8: by Ed Rakow, KC (Jim Kaat, MIN)
T8: by Ed Rakow, KC (Zoilo Versalles, MIN)7/29/1961
MIN 5 (1) at DET 4 (3)B1: by Jim Kaat, MIN (Norm Cash, DET)
T4: by Jim Bunning, DET (Lenny Green, MIN)
B4: by Jim Kaat, MIN (Norm Cash, DET)
B8: by Ray Moore, MIN (Dick McAuliffe, DET)4/27/1962
MIN 2 (1) at CLE 7 (3)B2: by Jim Kaat, MIN (John Romano, CLE)
B3: by Jim Kaat, MIN (Dick Donovan, CLE)
B3: by Jim Kaat, MIN (Chuck Essegian, CLE)
T7: by Dick Donovan, CLE (Zoilo Versalles, MIN)9/19/1962
DET 5 (1) at MIN 12 (3)B1: by Hank Aguirre, DET (Rich Rollins, MIN)
B2: by Hank Aguirre, DET (Lenny Green, MIN)
B6: by Bill Faul, DET (Bob Allison, MIN)
T9: by Dick Stigman, MIN (Norm Cash, DET)4/20/1963
MIN 7 (2) at CHI 10 (2)B1: by Jim Kaat, MIN (Nellie Fox, CHI)
B2: by Jim Kaat, MIN (Pete Ward, CHI)
T8: by Gary Peters, CHI (Lenny Green, MIN)
T9: by Gary Peters, CHI (Bernie Allen, MIN)4/24/1964
DET 5 (3) at MIN 0 (1)T1: by Dick Stigman, MIN (Willie Horton, DET)
T3: by Dick Stigman, MIN (Al Kaline, DET)
B5: by Mickey Lolich, DET (Zoilo Versalles, MIN)
T7: by Bill Dailey, MIN (Mickey Lolich, DET)7/16/1967
CAL 1 (1) at MIN 5 (3)B1: by Bill Kelso, CAL (Tony Oliva, MIN)
T3: by Dave Boswell, MIN (Buck Rodgers, CAL)
B6: by Bill Kelso, CAL (Cesar Tovar, MIN)
B7: by Bill Kelso, CAL (Zoilo Versalles, MIN)5/30/1969
MIN 2 (2) at BOS 3 (2)B1: by Dave Boswell, MIN (Mike Andrews, BOS)
T3: by Jim Lonborg, BOS (Tony Oliva, MIN)
T6: by Jim Lonborg, BOS (Graig Nettles, MIN)
B8: by Joe Grzenda, MIN (Carl Yastrzemski, BOS)7/5/1969
OAK 1 (2) at MIN 13 (2)T1: by Jim Perry, MIN (Sal Bando, OAK)
B1: by Chuck Dobson, OAK (Ted Uhlaender, MIN)
B3: by Jim Roland, OAK (Cesar Tovar, MIN)
T8: by Jim Perry, MIN (Dick Green, OAK)7/5/1970
CHI 3 (0) at MIN 12 (4)B2: by Bob Miller, CHI (Paul Ratliff, MIN)
B5: by Barry Moore, CHI (Cesar Tovar, MIN)
B6: by Floyd Weaver, CHI (Paul Ratliff, MIN)
B7: by Floyd Weaver, CHI (Rich Reese, MIN)4/13/1971
MIN 3 (4) at KC 5 (3)T6: by Tom Burgmeier, KC (Rich Reese, MIN)
B6: by Stan Williams, MIN (Lou Piniella, KC)
T7: by Tom Burgmeier, KC (Leo Cardenas, MIN)
B7: by Ron Perranoski, MIN (Amos Otis, KC)
T8: by Jim York, KC (Rich Reese, MIN)
B8: by Ron Perranoski, MIN (Gail Hopkins, KC)
T9: by Ted Abernathy, KC (Steve Braun, MIN)6/18/1975
OAK 7 (3) at MIN 6 (2)T1: by Vic Albury, MIN (Reggie Jackson, OAK)
B3: by Jim Perry, OAK (Dan Ford, MIN)
B5: by Jim Perry, OAK (Tony Oliva, MIN)
T7: by Vic Albury, MIN (Gene Tenace, OAK)
T7: by Tom Burgmeier, MIN (Billy Williams, OAK)7/7/1977
CAL 6 (1) at MIN 8 (3)B1: by Frank Tanana, CAL (Dan Ford, MIN)
B1: by Frank Tanana, CAL (Butch Wynegar, MIN)
T2: by Ron Schueler, MIN (Dave Chalk, CAL)
B4: by Frank Tanana, CAL (Dan Ford, MIN)6/26/1979
MIL 7 (2) at MIN 8 (2)T2: by Paul Hartzell, MIN (Sixto Lezcano, MIL)
T4: by Paul Hartzell, MIN (Jim Gantner, MIL)
B6: by Bill Travers, MIL (Ron Jackson, MIN)
B8: by Bob McClure, MIL (Ken Landreaux, MIN)9/21/1981
MIN 7 (3) at KC 2 (1)B2: by Albert Williams, MIN (Willie Wilson, KC)
T4: by Rich Gale, KC (Dave Engle, MIN)
T6: by Jeff Schattinger, KC (Mickey Hatcher, MIN)
T6: by Jeff Schattinger, KC (John Castino, MIN)5/15/1984
TOR 5 (2) at MIN 2 (2)T2: by John Butcher, MIN (Cliff Johnson, TOR)
B2: by Dave Stieb, TOR (Randy Bush, MIN)
T9: by Ron Davis, MIN (Buck Martinez, TOR)
B9: by Roy Lee Jackson, TOR (Randy Bush, MIN)5/11/1986
DET 4 (3) at MIN 1 (1)B3: by Dan Petry, DET (Kirby Puckett, MIN)
T4: by Mike Smithson, MIN (Darnell Coles, DET)
T6: by Mike Smithson, MIN (Darnell Coles, DET)
T7: by Mike Smithson, MIN (Chet Lemon, DET)10/12/1987
MIN 9 (2) at DET 5 (2)T2: by Doyle Alexander, DET (Greg Gagne, MIN)
B4: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Pat Sheridan, DET)
B6: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Pat Sheridan, DET)
T7: by Eric King, DET (Gary Gaetti, MIN)4/22/1988
CLE 11 (4) at MIN 6 (0)T1: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Julio Franco, CLE)
T1: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Ron Kittle, CLE)
T5: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Brook Jacoby, CLE)
T5: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Andy Allanson, CLE)5/4/1994
MIN 8 (3) at MIL 7 (1)T4: by Jaime Navarro, MIL (Shane Mack, MIN)
B4: by Kevin Tapani, MIN (John Jaha, MIL)
T6: by Jesse Orosco, MIL (Dave McCarty, MIN)
T7: by Doug Henry, MIL (Pedro Munoz, MIN)6/7/1994
MIN 8 (2) at CAL 6 (2)B2: by Carlos Pulido, MIN (Rod Correia, CAL)
T8: by Joe Grahe, CAL (Shane Mack, MIN)
T8: by Joe Grahe, CAL (Kirby Puckett, MIN)
B8: by Brett Merriman, MIN (Rod Correia, CAL)5/7/1995
MIN 9 (4) at CLE 10 (0)T1: by Dennis Martinez, CLE (Chuck Knoblauch, MIN)
T4: by Dennis Martinez, CLE (Bernardo Brito, MIN)
T4: by Dennis Martinez, CLE (Pat Meares, MIN)
T9: by Eric Plunk, CLE (Matt Merullo, MIN)9/11/1996
OAK 2 (1) at MIN 7 (3)B1: by Willie Adams, OAK (Chuck Knoblauch, MIN)
B2: by Willie Adams, OAK (Pat Meares, MIN)
B5: by Carlos Reyes, OAK (Pat Meares, MIN)
T6: by Brad Radke, MIN (Geronimo Berroa, OAK)5/18/2001
MIN 2 (2) at BAL 7 (3)B3: by Eric Milton, MIN (Mike Bordick, BAL)
B3: by Eric Milton, MIN (Chris Richard, BAL)
T5: by Jason Johnson, BAL (Torii Hunter, MIN)
B7: by Johan Santana, MIN (David Segui, BAL)
T8: by Jason Johnson, BAL (Tom Prince, MIN)8/17/2001
TB 9 (3) at MIN 4 (1)T1: by Rick Reed, MIN (Greg Vaughn, TB)
B1: by Tanyon Sturtze, TB (Cristian Guzman, MIN)
T3: by Rick Reed, MIN (Randy Winn, TB)
T3: by Rick Reed, MIN (Chris Gomez, TB)4/11/2002
MIN 4 (1) at CLE 8 (3)B1: by Kyle Lohse, MIN (Jim Thome, CLE)
T5: by Bartolo Colon, CLE (A.J. Pierzynski, MIN)
B5: by Jack Cressend, MIN (Ricky Gutierrez, CLE)
B7: by J.C. Romero, MIN (Brady Anderson, CLE)4/25/2003
MIN 6 (2) at CHI 1 (2)T1: by Mark Buehrle, CHI (Doug Mientkiewicz, MIN)
B4: by Joe Mays, MIN (Frank Thomas, CHI)
T8: by David Sanders, CHI (Cristian Guzman, MIN)
B9: by J.C. Romero, MIN (Magglio Ordonez, CHI)4/30/2003
TB 5 (2) at MIN 8 (2)B1: by Seth McClung, TB (Bobby Kielty, MIN)
B2: by Seth McClung, TB (Tom Prince, MIN)
T6: by Brad Radke, MIN (Toby Hall, TB)
T6: by Johan Santana, MIN (Marlon Anderson, TB)5/15/2003
KC 9 (3) at MIN 5 (1)B7: by Jason Grimsley, KC (Torii Hunter, MIN)
T9: by LaTroy Hawkins, MIN (Mike Difelice, KC)
T13: by Johan Santana, MIN (Ken Harvey, KC)
T14: by Tony Fiore, MIN (Mike Difelice, KC)7/8/2003
MIN 6 (3) at TEX 8 (1)T1: by Tony Mounce, TEX (Corey Koskie, MIN)
T2: by Tony Mounce, TEX (A.J. Pierzynski, MIN)
B5: by Juan Rincon, MIN (Kevin Mench, TEX)
T7: by Brian Shouse, TEX (Corey Koskie, MIN)7/7/2004
KC 0 (2) at MIN 12 (3)T1: by Kyle Lohse, MIN (Desi Relaford, KC)
T1: by Kyle Lohse, MIN (Ken Harvey, KC)
B1: by Dennys Reyes, KC (Michael Cuddyer, MIN)
B2: by Dennys Reyes, KC (Corey Koskie, MIN)
B6: by Scott Sullivan, KC (Jacque Jones, MIN)7/27/2004
MIN 7 (3) at CHI 3 (1)T5: by Freddy Garcia, CHI (Corey Koskie, MIN)
T6: by Freddy Garcia, CHI (Corey Koskie, MIN)
B7: by Johan Santana, MIN (Carl Everett, CHI)
T8: by Damaso Marte, CHI (Corey Koskie, MIN)7/1/2006
MIL 7 (3) at MIN 10 (2)B1: by Chris Capuano, MIL (Nick Punto, MIN)
T3: by Carlos Silva, MIN (Rickie Weeks, MIL)
T5: by Willie Eyre, MIN (Brady Clark, MIL)
T8: by Juan Rincon, MIN (Brady Clark, MIL)
B8: by Derrick Turnbow, MIL (Torii Hunter, MIN)6/3/2009
CLE 10 (3) at MIN 1 (1)T6: by R.A. Dickey, MIN (Ryan Garko, CLE)
T6: by R.A. Dickey, MIN (Kelly Shoppach, CLE)
B7: by Cliff Lee, CLE (Jason Kubel, MIN)
T8: by Luis Ayala, MIN (Kelly Shoppach, CLE)