Milwaukee Brewers Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants7/26/1978
CAL 11 (4) at MIL 9 (1)T1: by Bill Travers, MIL (Don Baylor, CAL)
T4: by Randy Stein, MIL (Bobby Grich, CAL)
T6: by Randy Stein, MIL (Ron Jackson, CAL)
B8: by Frank Tanana, CAL (Robin Yount, MIL)
T9: by Bill Castro, MIL (Rick Miller, CAL)6/26/1979
MIL 7 (2) at MIN 8 (2)T2: by Paul Hartzell, MIN (Sixto Lezcano, MIL)
T4: by Paul Hartzell, MIN (Jim Gantner, MIL)
B6: by Bill Travers, MIL (Ron Jackson, MIN)
B8: by Bob McClure, MIL (Ken Landreaux, MIN)7/28/1989
MIL 15 (3) at TEX 3 (1)T1: by Mike Jeffcoat, TEX (Robin Yount, MIL)
T1: by Mike Jeffcoat, TEX (Charlie O’Brien, MIL)
B6: by Tom Filer, MIL (Rafael Palmeiro, TEX)
T7: by Kenny Rogers, TEX (B.J. Surhoff, MIL)5/4/1994
MIN 8 (3) at MIL 7 (1)T4: by Jaime Navarro, MIL (Shane Mack, MIN)
B4: by Kevin Tapani, MIN (John Jaha, MIL)
T6: by Jesse Orosco, MIL (Dave McCarty, MIN)
T7: by Doug Henry, MIL (Pedro Munoz, MIN)9/5/1995
CLE 7 (2) at MIL 3 (2)T3: by Steve Sparks, MIL (Herbert Perry, CLE)
B4: by Dennis Martinez, CLE (Joe Oliver, MIL)
T7: by Ron Rightnowar, MIL (Albert Belle, CLE)
B9: by Paul Assenmacher, CLE (Jeff Cirillo, MIL)4/2/1996
MIL 15 (4) at CAL 9 (0)T5: by Ken Edenfield, CAL (John Jaha, MIL)
T6: by Mark Eichhorn, CAL (Mike Matheny, MIL)
T7: by Mark Eichhorn, CAL (Matt Mieske, MIL)
T8: by Mark Holzemer, CAL (Greg Vaughn, MIL)4/30/1996
MIL 8 (2) at TOR 9 (2)B1: by Ben McDonald, MIL (Joe Carter, TOR)
B2: by Ben McDonald, MIL (Charlie O’Brien, TOR)
T3: by Pat Hentgen, TOR (Kevin Seitzer, MIL)
T9: by Tim Crabtree, TOR (Kevin Seitzer, MIL)6/16/1996
OAK 10 (2) at MIL 9 (2)T2: by Ben McDonald, MIL (George Williams, OAK)
T3: by Ben McDonald, MIL (George Williams, OAK)
B3: by Doug Johns, OAK (Fernando Vina, MIL)
B5: by Jim Corsi, OAK (Fernando Vina, MIL)7/14/1997
MIL 1 (3) at KC 2 (2)T3: by Glendon Rusch, KC (Marc Newfield, MIL)
T3: by Glendon Rusch, KC (Mike Matheny, MIL)
T6: by Glendon Rusch, KC (Jeff Cirillo, MIL)
B10: by Joel Adamson, MIL (Jay Bell, KC)
B14: by Doug Jones, MIL (Mike Macfarlane, KC)9/2/1997
MIL 4 (2) at HOU 2 (2)B4: by Jeff D’Amico, MIL (Jeff Bagwell, HOU)
T6: by Darryl Kile, HOU (Julio Franco, MIL)
T9: by Darryl Kile, HOU (Jeff Cirillo, MIL)
B9: by Doug Jones, MIL (Thomas Howard, HOU)8/23/1998
SD 13 (1) at MIL 11 (3)B1: by Andy Ashby, SD (Fernando Vina, MIL)
B1: by Andy Ashby, SD (Mark Loretta, MIL)
B2: by Andy Ashby, SD (Mike Matheny, MIL)
T3: by Brad Woodall, MIL (Jim Leyritz, SD)8/3/1999
NY 10 (3) at MIL 3 (1)T1: by Bill Pulsipher, MIL (John Olerud, NY)
T6: by Reggie Harris, MIL (Shawon Dunston, NY)
T6: by Reggie Harris, MIL (Roger Cedeno, NY)
B8: by Orel Hershiser, NY (Alex Ochoa, MIL)4/7/2000
MIL 9 (2) at STL 1 (2)T8: by Dave Veres, STL (Charlie Hayes, MIL)
B8: by Curt Leskanic, MIL (Fernando Tatis, STL)
T9: by Dave Wainhouse, STL (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)
B9: by David Weathers, MIL (Fernando Vina, STL)6/3/2000
COL 1 (0) at MIL 2 (4)B5: by Pedro Astacio, COL (Luis Lopez, MIL)
B7: by Pedro Astacio, COL (Jose Hernandez, MIL)
B11: by Mike Myers, COL (Jeromy Burnitz, MIL)
B12: by Stan Belinda, COL (Luis Lopez, MIL)8/1/2000
SF 13 (3) at MIL 8 (1)T2: by John Snyder, MIL (Bobby Estalella, SF)
B4: by Shawn Estes, SF (Jeromy Burnitz, MIL)
T5: by Kane Davis, MIL (Bobby Estalella, SF)
T7: by Bob Scanlan, MIL (Calvin Murray, SF)6/28/2001
MIL 0 (1) at PIT 1 (3)B3: by Jamey Wright, MIL (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B5: by Jamey Wright, MIL (Rob Mackowiak, PIT)
B6: by Jamey Wright, MIL (Aramis Ramirez, PIT)
T8: by Mike Lincoln, PIT (James Mouton, MIL)6/29/2001
HOU 1 (1) at MIL 6 (3)T1: by Ben Sheets, MIL (Craig Biggio, HOU)
B6: by Shane Reynolds, HOU (Raul Casanova, MIL)
B7: by Ron Villone, HOU (Mark Loretta, MIL)
B7: by Ron Villone, HOU (Jeromy Burnitz, MIL)7/19/2001
MIL 6 (1) at LA 8 (3)T1: by Dennis Springer, LA (Angel Echevarria, MIL)
B4: by Jamey Wright, MIL (Eric Karros, LA)
B4: by Jamey Wright, MIL (Chris Donnels, LA)
B7: by David Weathers, MIL (Mark Grudzielanek, LA)7/24/2001
LA 7 (2) at MIL 2 (2)T1: by Jamey Wright, MIL (McKay Christensen, LA)
B4: by Dennis Springer, LA (Devon White, MIL)
T8: by Chad Fox, MIL (Mark Grudzielanek, LA)
B9: by Mike Fetters, LA (Jose Hernandez, MIL)8/24/2002
PIT 17 (3) at MIL 10 (1)T1: by Jose Cabrera, MIL (Rob Mackowiak, PIT)
B2: by Kip Wells, PIT (Mark Loretta, MIL)
T5: by Jose Cabrera, MIL (Armando Rios, PIT)
T6: by Matt Childers, MIL (Craig Wilson, PIT)4/19/2003
HOU 2 (1) at MIL 3 (3)T1: by Todd Ritchie, MIL (Craig Biggio, HOU)
B5: by Wade Miller, HOU (Alex Sanchez, MIL)
B8: by Octavio Dotel, HOU (Keith Ginter, MIL)
B11: by Brad Lidge, HOU (Eric Young, MIL)6/22/2004
COL 2 (1) at MIL 6 (3)T4: by Doug Davis, MIL (Larry Walker, COL)
B7: by Javier Lopez, COL (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)
B7: by Javier Lopez, COL (Lyle Overbay, MIL)
B7: by Steve Reed, COL (Craig Counsell, MIL)4/6/2005
MIL 10 (2) at PIT 2 (2)T1: by Kip Wells, PIT (Damian Miller, MIL)
B3: by Doug Davis, MIL (Kip Wells, PIT)
T6: by John Grabow, PIT (Lyle Overbay, MIL)
B8: by Wes Obermueller, MIL (Jack Wilson, PIT)7/17/2005
WAS 3 (1) at MIL 5 (3)B1: by Ryan Drese, WAS (Chris Magruder, MIL)
B3: by Ryan Drese, WAS (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)
T7: by Tomo Ohka, MIL (Jose Guillen, WAS)
B8: by Joey Eischen, WAS (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)5/28/2006
MIL 2 (1) at PHI 6 (3)B2: by Dana Eveland, MIL (Aaron Rowand, PHI)
B2: by Dana Eveland, MIL (Sal Fasano, PHI)
B3: by Dana Eveland, MIL (Bobby Abreu, PHI)
T5: by Ryan Madson, PHI (Prince Fielder, MIL)7/1/2006
MIL 7 (3) at MIN 10 (2)B1: by Chris Capuano, MIL (Nick Punto, MIN)
T3: by Carlos Silva, MIN (Rickie Weeks, MIL)
T5: by Willie Eyre, MIN (Brady Clark, MIL)
T8: by Juan Rincon, MIN (Brady Clark, MIL)
B8: by Derrick Turnbow, MIL (Torii Hunter, MIN)8/24/2006
COL 6 (1) at MIL 12 (3)B3: by Josh Fogg, COL (Damian Miller, MIL)
B5: by Josh Fogg, COL (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)
T7: by Jose Capellan, MIL (Todd Helton, COL)
B8: by Brian Fuentes, COL (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)9/21/2008
MIL 8 (2) at CIN 1 (2)B1: by Seth McClung, MIL (Jerry Hairston, CIN)
B4: by Seth McClung, MIL (Ryan Hanigan, CIN)
T7: by Danny Herrera, CIN (Mike Cameron, MIL)
T7: by Danny Herrera, CIN (Craig Counsell, MIL)4/7/2009
MIL 6 (2) at SF 10 (2)T1: by Tim Lincecum, SF (Ryan Braun, MIL)
B1: by Jeff Suppan, MIL (Pablo Sandoval, SF)
B2: by Jeff Suppan, MIL (Emmanuel Burriss, SF)
T4: by Joe Martinez, SF (Rickie Weeks, MIL)7/3/2009
MIL 1 (2) at CHI 2 (2)T4: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Prince Fielder, MIL)
B4: by Jeff Suppan, MIL (Derrek Lee, CHI)
B5: by Jeff Suppan, MIL (Jake Fox, CHI)
T9: by Kevin Gregg, CHI (Craig Counsell, MIL)8/4/2009
MIL 4 (2) at LA 17 (2)T4: by Hiroki Kuroda, LA (Frank Catalanotto, MIL)
B7: by Chris Smith, MIL (Manny Ramirez, LA)
B8: by R.J. Swindle, MIL (Juan Pierre, LA)
T9: by Guillermo Mota, LA (Prince Fielder, MIL)8/26/2009
CIN 4 (2) at MIL 3 (2)B4: by Kip Wells, CIN (Jason Kendall, MIL)
B6: by Jared Burton, CIN (Jason Kendall, MIL)
T7: by David Weathers, MIL (Drew Sutton, CIN)
T7: by Mitch Stetter, MIL (Joey Votto, CIN)6/14/2010
MIL 12 (2) at ANA 2 (2)B1: by Randy Wolf, MIL (Maicer Izturis, ANA)
B3: by Randy Wolf, MIL (Howie Kendrick, ANA)
T7: by Trevor Bell, ANA (Casey McGehee, MIL)
T9: by Rafael Rodriguez, ANA (Craig Counsell, MIL)7/3/2010
MIL 12 (3) at STL 5 (1)T2: by Chris Carpenter, STL (Manny Parra, MIL)
T2: by Chris Carpenter, STL (Rickie Weeks, MIL)
B3: by Manny Parra, MIL (Tyler Greene, STL)
T8: by Mitchell Boggs, STL (Rickie Weeks, MIL)