Detroit Tigers Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants9/10/1920
PHI 2 (2) at DET 5 (2)by Bill Morrisette, DET 2 (Jimmy Dykes, Chick Galloway)
by Dave Keefe, PHI 2 (Harry Heilmann, Babe Pinelli)6/23/1921
STL 6 (3) at DET 4 (1)by Hooks Dauss, DET 3 (Baby Doll Jacobson, Marty McManus, Dud Lee)
by Elam Vangilder, STL (Ira Flagstead)8/26/1922
DET 8 (1) at WAS 5 (3)by Jim Brillheart, WAS (Bobby Veach)
by Hooks Dauss, DET
by Roy Moore, DET 2
Frank Brower, WAS
Goose Goslin, WAS
Jim Brillheart, WAS4/18/1923
DET 9 (2) at STL 6 (2)by Dave Danforth, STL 2 (Lu Blue, Del Pratt)
by Rip Collins, DET 2 (Gene Robertson, Jack Tobin)7/9/1923
PHI 6 (1) at DET 5 (3)by Bert Cole, DET (Heinie Scheer)
by Bob Hasty, PHI 3 (Heinie Manush, Del Pratt, Bob Fothergill)9/28/1923
CLE 3 (2) at DET 17 (2)by Herman Pillette, DET 2 (Homer Summa, Joe Sewell)
by Logan Drake, CLE (Del Pratt 2)
by George Edmondson, CLE (Del Pratt 2)4/16/1924
CLE 1 (4) at DET 5 (0)by Earl Whitehill, DET 4 (Riggs Stephenson, Joe Sewell, George Burns, Luke Sewell)8/7/1924
BOS 4 (1) at DET 2 (3)by Ed Wells, DET (Val Picinich)
by Curt Fullerton, BOS 2
by Jack Quinn, BOS
Heinie Manush, DET 2
Harry Heilmann, DET8/22/1928
DET 7 (3) at BOS 6 (1)by Danny MacFayden, BOS
by Merle Settlemire, BOS 2
Bob Fothergill, DET
Al Wingo, DET
Jackie Tavener, DET
by Ken Holloway, DET (Billy Rogell)9/3/1928
DET 5 (3) at CHI 7 (2)by Ed Walsh, CHI 3 (Charlie Gehringer, John Stone, Bob Fothergill)
by Sam Gibson, DET
by Lil Stoner, DET
Johnny Mostil, CHI
Carl Reynolds, CHI5/31/1936
STL 11 (0) at DET 10 (4)by Chief Hogsett, STL 4 (Billy Rogell, Charlie Gehringer, Jack Burns, Ray Hayworth)6/2/1951
NY 8 (4) at DET 7 (0)T5: by Bob Cain, DET (Joe DiMaggio, NY)
T6: by Bob Cain, DET (Jerry Coleman, NY)
T9: by Hal White, DET (Joe DiMaggio, NY)
T10: by Marlin Stuart, DET (Phil Rizzuto, NY)5/21/1952
PHI 1 (2) at DET 5 (2)T3: by Virgil Trucks, DET (Eddie Joost, PHI)
B3: by Bob Hooper, PHI (Don Kolloway, DET)
T8: by Virgil Trucks, DET (Gus Zernial, PHI)
B8: by Harry Byrd, PHI (Don Kolloway, DET)7/21/1960
WAS 5 (4) at DET 9 (0)T1: by Frank Lary, DET (Bob Allison, WAS)
T5: by Frank Lary, DET (Reno Bertoia, WAS)
T7: by Frank Lary, DET (Julio Becquer, WAS)
T7: by Frank Lary, DET (Reno Bertoia, WAS)7/29/1961
MIN 5 (1) at DET 4 (3)B1: by Jim Kaat, MIN (Norm Cash, DET)
T4: by Jim Bunning, DET (Lenny Green, MIN)
B4: by Jim Kaat, MIN (Norm Cash, DET)
B8: by Ray Moore, MIN (Dick McAuliffe, DET)9/19/1962
DET 5 (1) at MIN 12 (3)B1: by Hank Aguirre, DET (Rich Rollins, MIN)
B2: by Hank Aguirre, DET (Lenny Green, MIN)
B6: by Bill Faul, DET (Bob Allison, MIN)
T9: by Dick Stigman, MIN (Norm Cash, DET)4/24/1964
DET 5 (3) at MIN 0 (1)T1: by Dick Stigman, MIN (Willie Horton, DET)
T3: by Dick Stigman, MIN (Al Kaline, DET)
B5: by Mickey Lolich, DET (Zoilo Versalles, MIN)
T7: by Bill Dailey, MIN (Mickey Lolich, DET)7/31/1964
DET 3 (1) at CLE 12 (3)B2: by Ed Rakow, DET (Joe Azcue, CLE)
B8: by Jack Hamilton, DET (Chico Salmon, CLE)
B8: by Terry Fox, DET (Dick Howser, CLE)
T9: by Gary Bell, CLE (Bill Freehan, DET)8/11/1965
KC 4 (1) at DET 5 (5)T1: by Mickey Lolich, DET (Bert Campaneris, KC)
B1: by Rollie Sheldon, KC (Norm Cash, DET)
B3: by Rollie Sheldon, KC (Don Wert, DET)
B4: by Rollie Sheldon, KC (Dick McAuliffe, DET)
B10: by Jack Aker, KC (Bill Freehan, DET)
B10: by Jack Aker, KC (Jake Wood, DET)6/15/1968
DET 4 (4) at CHI 7 (0)T2: by Tommy John, CHI (Willie Horton, DET)
T2: by Tommy John, CHI (Don Wert, DET)
T6: by Tommy John, CHI (Willie Horton, DET)
T6: by Tommy John, CHI (Ray Oyler, DET)6/18/1971
DET 0 (3) at CLE 7 (1)T2: by Rich Hand, CLE (Bill Freehan, DET)
T6: by Ed Farmer, CLE (Jim Northrup, DET)
T7: by Vince Colbert, CLE (Ed Brinkman, DET)
B8: by Bill Denehy, DET (Ray Fosse, CLE)7/9/1971
DET 1 (3) at WAS 0 (1)T1: by Pete Broberg, WAS (Bill Freehan, DET)
B2: by Joe Coleman, DET (Dick Billings, WAS)
T3: by Pete Broberg, WAS (Dalton Jones, DET)
T3: by Pete Broberg, WAS (Norm Cash, DET)5/2/1978
DET 10 (2) at CAL 2 (2)T6: by Dyar Miller, CAL (Mark Wagner, DET)
B6: by Milt Wilcox, DET (Ron Jackson, CAL)
T7: by Dyar Miller, CAL (John Wockenfuss, DET)
B9: by Milt Wilcox, DET (Dave Chalk, CAL)5/11/1986
DET 4 (3) at MIN 1 (1)B3: by Dan Petry, DET (Kirby Puckett, MIN)
T4: by Mike Smithson, MIN (Darnell Coles, DET)
T6: by Mike Smithson, MIN (Darnell Coles, DET)
T7: by Mike Smithson, MIN (Chet Lemon, DET)6/12/1987
BOS 4 (1) at DET 11 (3)B2: by Roger Clemens, BOS (Chet Lemon, DET)
B6: by Roger Clemens, BOS (Matt Nokes, DET)
B8: by Wes Gardner, BOS (Bill Madlock, DET)
T9: by Frank Tanana, DET (Wade Boggs, BOS)10/12/1987
MIN 9 (2) at DET 5 (2)T2: by Doyle Alexander, DET (Greg Gagne, MIN)
B4: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Pat Sheridan, DET)
B6: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Pat Sheridan, DET)
T7: by Eric King, DET (Gary Gaetti, MIN)8/29/1989
DET 8 (2) at KC 12 (2)T1: by Luis Aquino, KC (Chet Lemon, DET)
B2: by Jack Morris, DET (Mike Macfarlane, KC)
T6: by Luis Aquino, KC (Ken Williams, DET)
B7: by Paul Gibson, DET (Bo Jackson, KC)9/13/1990
NY 7 (4) at DET 3 (0)T2: by Walt Terrell, DET (Jim Leyritz, NY)
T3: by Walt Terrell, DET (Hensley Meulens, NY)
T4: by Walt Terrell, DET (Alvaro Espinoza, NY)
T6: by Ed Nunez, DET (Hensley Meulens, NY)7/15/1994
DET 14 (4) at KC 2 (0)T3: by Tom Gordon, KC (Junior Felix, DET)
T3: by Tom Gordon, KC (Juan Samuel, DET)
T4: by Hipolito Pichardo, KC (Junior Felix, DET)
T8: by Stan Belinda, KC (Tony Phillips, DET)4/30/1995
DET 10 (4) at SEA 1 (0)T4: by Bob Wells, SEA (Kirk Gibson, DET)
T6: by Kevin King, SEA (Rudy Pemberton, DET)
T7: by Lee Guetterman, SEA (John Flaherty, DET)
T7: by Lee Guetterman, SEA (Chad Curtis, DET)7/13/1996
BOS 10 (3) at DET 5 (1)T1: by C.J. Nitkowski, DET (John Valentin, BOS)
T3: by C.J. Nitkowski, DET (John Valentin, BOS)
T9: by Jose Lima, DET (Tim Naehring, BOS)
B9: by Heathcliff Slocumb, BOS (Mark Lewis, DET)8/4/1996
SEA 9 (3) at DET 3 (1)T1: by C.J. Nitkowski, DET (Rich Amaral, SEA)
B2: by Bob Wolcott, SEA (Damion Easley, DET)
T6: by Tom Urbani, DET (Alex Diaz, SEA)
T8: by John Cummings, DET (Jay Buhner, SEA)5/31/1999
DET 7 (3) at BOS 8 (1)T1: by Mark Portugal, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)
T5: by Pat Rapp, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)
B7: by Matt Anderson, DET (Mike Stanley, BOS)
T9: by Tom Gordon, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)6/7/1999
PIT 4 (2) at DET 9 (2)T1: by Jeff Weaver, DET (Ed Sprague, PIT)
T5: by Jeff Weaver, DET (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B7: by Jason Schmidt, PIT (Juan Encarnacion, DET)
B8: by Marc Wilkins, PIT (Dean Palmer, DET)7/6/1999
NY 9 (2) at DET 8 (2)B6: by Hideki Irabu, NY (Damion Easley, DET)
T7: by Doug Brocail, DET (Chuck Knoblauch, NY)
B8: by Mariano Rivera, NY (Damion Easley, DET)
T9: by Todd Jones, DET (Chad Curtis, NY)4/22/2000
DET 6 (3) at CHI 14 (2)B4: by Jeff Weaver, DET (Paul Konerko, CHI)
B6: by Jeff Weaver, DET (Carlos Lee, CHI)
T7: by Jim Parque, CHI (Dean Palmer, DET)
T9: by Tanyon Sturtze, CHI (Deivi Cruz, DET)
T9: by Bob Howry, CHI (Shane Halter, DET)4/6/2001
DET 10 (2) at CHI 9 (2)B1: by Dave Mlicki, DET (Magglio Ordonez, CHI)
T6: by Antonio Osuna, CHI (Shane Halter, DET)
B8: by Matt Perisho, DET (Herbert Perry, CHI)
T10: by Keith Foulke, CHI (Billy McMillon, DET)5/13/2001
ANA 14 (3) at DET 2 (1)T4: by Chris Holt, DET (Orlando Palmeiro, ANA)
T7: by Heath Murray, DET (David Eckstein, ANA)
B8: by Al Levine, ANA (Dean Palmer, DET)
T9: by Matt Miller, DET (Orlando Palmeiro, ANA)6/5/2001
DET 3 (1) at BOS 4 (3)B2: by Chris Holt, DET (Lou Merloni, BOS)
B5: by Chris Holt, DET (Carl Everett, BOS)
T10: by Rolando Arrojo, BOS (Dean Palmer, DET)
B10: by C.J. Nitkowski, DET (Jose Offerman, BOS)8/26/2001
DET 6 (2) at OAK 7 (2)T1: by Cory Lidle, OAK (Deivi Cruz, DET)
B3: by Jeff Weaver, DET (F.P. Santangelo, OAK)
T4: by Cory Lidle, OAK (Jose Macias, DET)
B7: by Matt Perisho, DET (Jason Giambi, OAK)7/16/2002
BOS 9 (3) at DET 4 (3)B1: by John Burkett, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)
B3: by John Burkett, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)
T6: by Steve Sparks, DET (Jason Varitek, BOS)
T6: by Steve Sparks, DET (Trot Nixon, BOS)
T7: by Jeff Farnsworth, DET (Jose Offerman, BOS)
B9: by Willie Banks, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)8/26/2002
DET 2 (1) at CLE 8 (3)B2: by Steve Sparks, DET (Matt Lawton, CLE)
B8: by Jamie Walker, DET (Greg LaRocca, CLE)
B8: by Jamie Walker, DET (Matt Lawton, CLE)
T9: by Ricardo Rodriguez, CLE (Robert Fick, DET)8/16/2003
DET 7 (1) at ANA 11 (3)T3: by Aaron Sele, ANA (Carlos Pena, DET)
B3: by Wil Ledezma, DET (Jose Molina, ANA)
B8: by Steve Sparks, DET (Jose Molina, ANA)
B8: by Steve Sparks, DET (David Eckstein, ANA)7/17/2005
KC 5 (1) at DET 0 (3)B1: by Runelvys Hernandez, KC (Brandon Inge, DET)
B1: by Runelvys Hernandez, KC (Chris Shelton, DET)
T2: by Mike Maroth, DET (David DeJesus, KC)
B6: by Runelvys Hernandez, KC (Carlos Guillen, DET)4/17/2008
DET 1 (2) at CLE 11 (3)B2: by Justin Verlander, DET (Ryan Garko, CLE)
B5: by Justin Verlander, DET (Jason Michaels, CLE)
T6: by Fausto Carmona, CLE (Ramon Santiago, DET)
T6: by Fausto Carmona, CLE (Gary Sheffield, DET)
B7: by Bobby Seay, DET (Grady Sizemore, CLE)9/8/2008
OAK 8 (1) at DET 14 (3)B2: by Gio Gonzalez, OAK (Mike Hessman, DET)
B2: by Gio Gonzalez, OAK (Miguel Cabrera, DET)
B2: by Josh Outman, OAK (Mike Hessman, DET)
T7: by Casey Fossum, DET (Cliff Pennington, OAK)6/22/2010
DET 6 (2) at NY 14 (2)T3: by Jonathon Niese, NY (Austin Jackson, DET)
B3: by Jay Sborz, DET (Rod Barajas, NY)
B3: by Jay Sborz, DET (Jeff Francoeur, NY)
T5: by Jonathon Niese, NY (Ryan Raburn, DET)9/14/2010
DET 4 (3) at TEX 11 (1)T2: by Derek Holland, TEX (Brandon Inge, DET)
T3: by Derek Holland, TEX (Ryan Raburn, DET)
B4: by Jeremy Bonderman, DET (Vladimir Guerrero, TEX)
T5: by Dustin Nippert, TEX (Gerald Laird, DET)