Colorado Rockies Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants6/28/1995
COL 1 (1) at SF 2 (3)B2: by Armando Reynoso, COL (Kirt Manwaring, SF)
B5: by Juan Acevedo, COL (Mark Carreon, SF)
B9: by Roger Bailey, COL (Mark Carreon, SF)
T10: by Rod Beck, SF (Andres Galarraga, COL)8/8/1995
COL 4 (3) at FLA 5 (2)T2: by Mark Gardner, FLA (Walt Weiss, COL)
B5: by Bret Saberhagen, COL (Charles Johnson, FLA)
T6: by Mark Gardner, FLA (Eric Young, COL)
T9: by Robb Nen, FLA (Dante Bichette, COL)
B9: by Bret Saberhagen, COL (Greg Colbrunn, FLA)4/5/1996
COL 4 (2) at MON 6 (2)T1: by Rheal Cormier, MON (Larry Walker, COL)
B2: by Armando Reynoso, COL (Mark Grudzielanek, MON)
B6: by Mike Munoz, COL (Darrin Fletcher, MON)
T8: by Dave Veres, MON (Jorge Brito, COL)4/10/1996
CHI 9 (2) at COL 10 (2)T4: by Lance Painter, COL (Rey Sanchez, CHI)
T7: by Mark Thompson, COL (Luis Gonzalez, CHI)
B8: by Mike Perez, CHI (Walt Weiss, COL)
B8: by Mike Perez, CHI (Ellis Burks, COL)6/4/1996
COL 8 (3) at HOU 16 (2)B1: by Mark Thompson, COL (John Cangelosi, HOU)
T4: by Mike Hampton, HOU (Jeff Reed, COL)
B4: by Mark Thompson, COL (Mike Hampton, HOU)
T7: by Anthony Young, HOU (Eric Young, COL)
T7: by Anthony Young, HOU (Andres Galarraga, COL)7/11/1996
SD 5 (1) at COL 8 (3)T6: by Marvin Freeman, COL (Rickey Henderson, SD)
B7: by Tim Worrell, SD (Andres Galarraga, COL)
B9: by Trevor Hoffman, SD (Eric Young, COL)
B10: by Trevor Hoffman, SD (Eric Young, COL)7/12/1996
SD 12 (2) at COL 13 (2)T1: by Jamey Wright, COL (John Flaherty, SD)
T1: by Jamey Wright, COL (Jody Reed, SD)
B7: by Bryce Florie, SD (Andres Galarraga, COL)
B7: by Willie Blair, SD (Andres Galarraga, COL)7/29/1996
COL 1 (1) at MON 4 (3)B3: by Jamey Wright, COL (Mike Lansing, MON)
B4: by Jamey Wright, COL (Rondell White, MON)
T5: by Rheal Cormier, MON (Eric Young, COL)
B7: by Lance Painter, COL (Rondell White, MON)9/15/1996
HOU 4 (3) at COL 11 (1)T1: by Mark Thompson, COL (Craig Biggio, HOU)
T2: by Mark Thompson, COL (Orlando Miller, HOU)
T3: by Mark Thompson, COL (Sean Berry, HOU)
B6: by Todd Jones, HOU (Dante Bichette, COL)9/29/1996
SF 3 (3) at COL 12 (1)T1: by Kevin Ritz, COL (Marvin Benard, SF)
T3: by Kevin Ritz, COL (Jacob Cruz, SF)
T3: by Kevin Ritz, COL (Wilson Delgado, SF)
B3: by Allen Watson, SF (Eric Young, COL)4/13/2000
STL 6 (1) at COL 12 (3)B1: by Darryl Kile, STL (Todd Helton, COL)
B2: by Darryl Kile, STL (Scott Karl, COL)
B2: by Darryl Kile, STL (Jeff Cirillo, COL)
T3: by Scott Karl, COL (Jim Edmonds, STL)6/3/2000
COL 1 (0) at MIL 2 (4)B5: by Pedro Astacio, COL (Luis Lopez, MIL)
B7: by Pedro Astacio, COL (Jose Hernandez, MIL)
B11: by Mike Myers, COL (Jeromy Burnitz, MIL)
B12: by Stan Belinda, COL (Luis Lopez, MIL)4/22/2001
COL 2 (0) at ARI 1 (4)B6: by Pedro Astacio, COL (Craig Counsell, ARI)
B6: by Pedro Astacio, COL (Luis Gonzalez, ARI)
B8: by Pedro Astacio, COL (Greg Colbrunn, ARI)
B9: by Pedro Astacio, COL (Luis Gonzalez, ARI)7/21/2001
LA 22 (3) at COL 7 (1)T6: by Denny Neagle, COL (McKay Christensen, LA)
B6: by Eric Gagne, LA (Brent Butler, COL)
T8: by Horacio Estrada, COL (Bruce Aven, LA)
T9: by Gabe White, COL (Bruce Aven, LA)7/7/2002
SD 7 (2) at COL 1 (2)T8: by Brian Fuentes, COL (Mark Kotsay, SD)
T8: by Brian Fuentes, COL (Ryan Klesko, SD)
B8: by Mike Holtz, SD (Larry Walker, COL)
B8: by Steve Reed, SD (Todd Zeile, COL)7/23/2003
COL 8 (4) at LA 3 (0)T4: by Kazuhisa Ishii, LA (Larry Walker, COL)
T4: by Kazuhisa Ishii, LA (Mark Bellhorn, COL)
T4: by Kazuhisa Ishii, LA (Ronnie Belliard, COL)
T7: by Wilson Alvarez, LA (Juan Uribe, COL)7/31/2003
COL 4 (1) at CIN 5 (3)T2: by Jose Acevedo, CIN (Bobby Estalella, COL)
B2: by Chin-hui Tsao, COL (Jason LaRue, CIN)
B3: by Chin-hui Tsao, COL (Jason LaRue, CIN)
B5: by Chin-hui Tsao, COL (Adam Dunn, CIN)6/22/2004
COL 2 (1) at MIL 6 (3)T4: by Doug Davis, MIL (Larry Walker, COL)
B7: by Javier Lopez, COL (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)
B7: by Javier Lopez, COL (Lyle Overbay, MIL)
B7: by Steve Reed, COL (Craig Counsell, MIL)4/24/2005
LA 8 (4) at COL 6 (0)T3: by Jeff Francis, COL (Jason Repko, LA)
T5: by Jeff Francis, COL (Jason Repko, LA)
T8: by Brian Fuentes, COL (J.D. Drew, LA)
T8: by Byung-Hyun Kim, COL (Jeff Kent, LA)7/4/2005
LA 4 (1) at COL 3 (3)T1: by Byung-Hyun Kim, COL (Jeff Kent, LA)
B1: by Jeff Weaver, LA (Cory Sullivan, COL)
B6: by Jeff Weaver, LA (Desi Relaford, COL)
B7: by Kelly Wunsch, LA (Todd Helton, COL)7/20/2005
COL 3 (4) at WAS 2 (1)T1: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Aaron Miles, COL)
T2: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Luis Gonzalez, COL)
T5: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Todd Helton, COL)
T6: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Desi Relaford, COL)
B9: by Brian Fuentes, COL (Carlos Baerga, WAS)4/23/2006
SF 2 (2) at COL 3 (2)B1: by Matt Morris, SF (Matt Holliday, COL)
B1: by Matt Morris, SF (Eli Marrero, COL)
T6: by Jeff Francis, COL (Steve Finley, SF)
T8: by Ray King, COL (Omar Vizquel, SF)8/24/2006
COL 6 (1) at MIL 12 (3)B3: by Josh Fogg, COL (Damian Miller, MIL)
B5: by Josh Fogg, COL (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)
T7: by Jose Capellan, MIL (Todd Helton, COL)
B8: by Brian Fuentes, COL (Geoff Jenkins, MIL)9/4/2007
SF 5 (1) at COL 6 (3)B3: by Tim Lincecum, SF (Chris Iannetta, COL)
T4: by Ryan Speier, COL (Pedro Feliz, SF)
B4: by Scott Atchison, SF (Matt Holliday, COL)
B8: by Brian Wilson, SF (Yorvit Torrealba, COL)4/13/2008
COL 13 (4) at ARI 5 (0)T3: by Edgar Gonzalez, ARI (Yorvit Torrealba, COL)
T3: by Edgar Gonzalez, ARI (Jayson Nix, COL)
T5: by Jailen Peguero, ARI (Brad Hawpe, COL)
T6: by Brandon Medders, ARI (Matt Holliday, COL)6/4/2010
COL 6 (2) at ARI 7 (3)B1: by Aaron Cook, COL (Mark Reynolds, ARI)
T3: by Ian Kennedy, ARI (Todd Helton, COL)
B6: by Matt Daley, COL (Rusty Ryal, ARI)
T8: by Esmerling Vasquez, ARI (Miguel Olivo, COL)
B9: by Manuel Corpas, COL (Mark Reynolds, ARI)