Cleveland Indians Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants8/25/1919
PHI 0 (2) at CLE 12 (2)by George Uhle, CLE 2 (George Burns, Bob Allen)
by Walt Kinney, PHI 2 (Jack Graney, Steve O’Neill)9/20/1922
BOS 4 (3) at CLE 5 (2)by Phil Bedgood, CLE 3 (Del Pratt, Dick Reichle, Pinky Pittenger)
by Bill Piercy, BOS 2 (Homer Summa, Phil Bedgood)4/20/1923
CHI 5 (2) at CLE 8 (3)by Dewey Metivier, CLE 2 (Harry Hooper, Ernie Johnson)
by Sarge Connally, CHI
by Red Faber, CHI 2
Tris Speaker, CLE
Homer Summa, CLE
Frank Brower, CLE9/28/1923
CLE 3 (2) at DET 17 (2)by Herman Pillette, DET 2 (Homer Summa, Joe Sewell)
by Logan Drake, CLE (Del Pratt 2)
by George Edmondson, CLE (Del Pratt 2)4/16/1924
CLE 1 (4) at DET 5 (0)by Earl Whitehill, DET 4 (Riggs Stephenson, Joe Sewell, George Burns, Luke Sewell)8/12/1924
CLE 0 (1) at WAS 4 (3)by Walter Johnson, WAS (Chick Fewster)
by Sherry Smith, CLE 3 (Earl McNeely, Ossie Bluege 2)5/5/1926
STL 11 (2) at CLE 5 (2)by Garland Buckeye, CLE
by Benn Karr, CLE
Wally Gerber, STL
Wally Schang, STL
by Chet Falk, STL
by Win Ballou, STL
Joe Sewell, CLE
Homer Summa, CLE9/9/1930
NY 8 (2) at CLE 6 (3)by Jake Miller, CLE
by Pete Appleton, CLE
Harry Rice, NY
George Pipgras, NY
by Ed Wells, NY
by Lou McEvoy, NY
by George Pipgras, NY
Ed Montague, CLE
Jonah Goldman, CLE
Joe Sewell, CLE7/26/1953
WAS 6 (2) at CLE 7 (2)T3: by Dave Hoskins, CLE (Jim Busby, WAS)
T4: by Dave Hoskins, CLE (Eddie Yost, WAS)
B6: by Al Sima, WAS (Joe Tipton, CLE)
B6: by Al Sima, WAS (Al Smith, CLE)5/30/1956
CHI 6 (5) at CLE 3 (0)T1: by Art Houtteman, CLE (Minnie Minoso, CHI)
T2: by Art Houtteman, CLE (Sherm Lollar, CHI)
T8: by Ray Narleski, CLE (Sherm Lollar, CHI)
T9: by Bud Daley, CLE (Nellie Fox, CHI)
T9: by Bud Daley, CLE (Larry Doby, CHI)9/10/1961
CLE 3 (2) at NY 9 (2)B3: by Jim Perry, CLE (Johnny Blanchard, NY)
B7: by Bob Allen, CLE (Bill Skowron, NY)
T8: by Bud Daley, NY (Tito Francona, CLE)
T9: by Bud Daley, NY (Mike de la Hoz, CLE)4/27/1962
MIN 2 (1) at CLE 7 (3)B2: by Jim Kaat, MIN (John Romano, CLE)
B3: by Jim Kaat, MIN (Dick Donovan, CLE)
B3: by Jim Kaat, MIN (Chuck Essegian, CLE)
T7: by Dick Donovan, CLE (Zoilo Versalles, MIN)6/20/1962
BOS 0 (0) at CLE 3 (4)B1: by Mike Fornieles, BOS (Ty Cline, CLE)
B1: by Mike Fornieles, BOS (Tito Francona, CLE)
B2: by Mike Fornieles, BOS (Al Luplow, CLE)
B3: by Mike Fornieles, BOS (Bubba Phillips, CLE)8/21/1963
CLE 1 (1) at NY 3 (3)B3: by Barry Latman, CLE (Joe Pepitone, NY)
B7: by Gary Bell, CLE (Stan Williams, NY)
T8: by Stan Williams, NY (Fred Whitfield, CLE)
B8: by Gary Bell, CLE (Joe Pepitone, NY)4/23/1964
CLE 3 (4) at LA 2 (1)T4: by Ken McBride, LA (Max Alvis, CLE)
B6: by Dick Donovan, CLE (Ed Kirkpatrick, LA)
T7: by Ken McBride, LA (John Romano, CLE)
T9: by Ken McBride, LA (John Romano, CLE)
T9: by Ken McBride, LA (Woodie Held, CLE)7/31/1964
DET 3 (1) at CLE 12 (3)B2: by Ed Rakow, DET (Joe Azcue, CLE)
B8: by Jack Hamilton, DET (Chico Salmon, CLE)
B8: by Terry Fox, DET (Dick Howser, CLE)
T9: by Gary Bell, CLE (Bill Freehan, DET)5/1/1967
BAL 8 (2) at CLE 7 (2)T5: by Steve Bailey, CLE (John Miller, BAL)
B5: by John Miller, BAL (Leon Wagner, CLE)
B5: by John Miller, BAL (Duke Sims, CLE)
T6: by Steve Bailey, CLE (Paul Blair, BAL)4/19/1968
CLE 2 (2) at BOS 9 (2)B1: by Sonny Siebert, CLE (Reggie Smith, BOS)
T2: by Gary Waslewski, BOS (Sonny Siebert, CLE)
T6: by Gary Waslewski, BOS (Duke Sims, CLE)
B6: by Hal Kurtz, CLE (Mike Andrews, BOS)5/30/1969
CLE 9 (3) at OAK 2 (2)T1: by Rollie Fingers, OAK (Duke Sims, CLE)
B4: by Luis Tiant, CLE (Reggie Jackson, OAK)
T6: by Jim Roland, OAK (Ken Harrelson, CLE)
T7: by Jim Roland, OAK (Vern Fuller, CLE)
B9: by Horacio Pina, CLE (Gene Tenace, OAK)6/18/1971
DET 0 (3) at CLE 7 (1)T2: by Rich Hand, CLE (Bill Freehan, DET)
T6: by Ed Farmer, CLE (Jim Northrup, DET)
T7: by Vince Colbert, CLE (Ed Brinkman, DET)
B8: by Bill Denehy, DET (Ray Fosse, CLE)6/6/1980
CLE 7 (2) at CHI 8 (2)T3: by Steve Trout, CHI (Jerry Dybzinski, CLE)
T3: by Steve Trout, CHI (Toby Harrah, CLE)
B8: by Victor Cruz, CLE (Chet Lemon, CHI)
B9: by Sid Monge, CLE (Bob Molinaro, CHI)9/2/1986
CLE 9 (1) at TOR 5 (3)B1: by Ken Schrom, CLE (Lloyd Moseby, TOR)
B3: by Ken Schrom, CLE (Damaso Garcia, TOR)
T4: by Mickey Mahler, TOR (Brett Butler, CLE)
B5: by Ken Schrom, CLE (Rance Mulliniks, TOR)4/22/1988
CLE 11 (4) at MIN 6 (0)T1: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Julio Franco, CLE)
T1: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Ron Kittle, CLE)
T5: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Brook Jacoby, CLE)
T5: by Bert Blyleven, MIN (Andy Allanson, CLE)6/19/1988
NY 3 (3) at CLE 11 (1)B3: by Richard Dotson, NY (Willie Upshaw, CLE)
T5: by Tom Candiotti, CLE (Jay Buhner, NY)
T6: by Tom Candiotti, CLE (Bob Meacham, NY)
T9: by Tom Candiotti, CLE (Jay Buhner, NY)8/21/1993
CLE 10 (4) at BOS 5 (0)T1: by Roger Clemens, BOS (Wayne Kirby, CLE)
T7: by Greg Harris, BOS (Sandy Alomar, CLE)
T8: by Greg Harris, BOS (Jim Thome, CLE)
T9: by Ken Ryan, BOS (Albert Belle, CLE)5/7/1995
MIN 9 (4) at CLE 10 (0)T1: by Dennis Martinez, CLE (Chuck Knoblauch, MIN)
T4: by Dennis Martinez, CLE (Bernardo Brito, MIN)
T4: by Dennis Martinez, CLE (Pat Meares, MIN)
T9: by Eric Plunk, CLE (Matt Merullo, MIN)9/5/1995
CLE 7 (2) at MIL 3 (2)T3: by Steve Sparks, MIL (Herbert Perry, CLE)
B4: by Dennis Martinez, CLE (Joe Oliver, MIL)
T7: by Ron Rightnowar, MIL (Albert Belle, CLE)
B9: by Paul Assenmacher, CLE (Jeff Cirillo, MIL)9/3/1997
CLE 7 (1) at PIT 3 (3)B2: by Orel Hershiser, CLE (Turner Ward, PIT)
B6: by Orel Hershiser, CLE (Eddie Williams, PIT)
T7: by Jason Christiansen, PIT (Orel Hershiser, CLE)
B8: by Michael Jackson, CLE (Jason Kendall, PIT)9/1/1998
ANA 6 (2) at CLE 7 (2)B4: by Chuck Finley, ANA (Einar Diaz, CLE)
B5: by Chuck Finley, ANA (Cecil Fielder, CLE)
T6: by Jaret Wright, CLE (Gary Disarcina, ANA)
T9: by Steve Reed, CLE (Gary Disarcina, ANA)10/11/1998
NY 5 (2) at CLE 3 (2)T1: by Chad Ogea, CLE (Chuck Knoblauch, NY)
T1: by Chad Ogea, CLE (Tino Martinez, NY)
B5: by David Wells, NY (Omar Vizquel, CLE)
B8: by Jeff Nelson, NY (Travis Fryman, CLE)9/5/2001
CLE 7 (3) at BOS 10 (1)T2: by Casey Fossum, BOS (Marty Cordova, CLE)
B2: by Steve Woodard, CLE (Carl Everett, BOS)
T4: by Casey Fossum, BOS (Wil Cordero, CLE)
T7: by Derek Lowe, BOS (Ellis Burks, CLE)4/11/2002
MIN 4 (1) at CLE 8 (3)B1: by Kyle Lohse, MIN (Jim Thome, CLE)
T5: by Bartolo Colon, CLE (A.J. Pierzynski, MIN)
B5: by Jack Cressend, MIN (Ricky Gutierrez, CLE)
B7: by J.C. Romero, MIN (Brady Anderson, CLE)5/8/2002
CLE 6 (4) at BAL 2 (0)T2: by Scott Erickson, BAL (Ellis Burks, CLE)
T6: by Travis Driskill, BAL (Omar Vizquel, CLE)
T8: by Rick Bauer, BAL (Ricky Gutierrez, CLE)
T9: by B.J. Ryan, BAL (Brady Anderson, CLE)8/26/2002
DET 2 (1) at CLE 8 (3)B2: by Steve Sparks, DET (Matt Lawton, CLE)
B8: by Jamie Walker, DET (Greg LaRocca, CLE)
B8: by Jamie Walker, DET (Matt Lawton, CLE)
T9: by Ricardo Rodriguez, CLE (Robert Fick, DET)7/21/2004
CHI 14 (4) at CLE 0 (0)T5: by Cliff Lee, CLE (Carl Everett, CHI)
T5: by Jeriome Robertson, CLE (Magglio Ordonez, CHI)
T9: by Matt Miller, CLE (Juan Uribe, CHI)
T9: by Matt Miller, CLE (Jose Valentin, CHI)8/11/2004
TOR 2 (0) at CLE 3 (4)B2: by Justin Miller, TOR (Ben Broussard, CLE)
B5: by Kevin Frederick, TOR (Travis Hafner, CLE)
B8: by Justin Speier, TOR (Grady Sizemore, CLE)
B8: by Justin Speier, TOR (Matt Lawton, CLE)6/3/2005
CLE 4 (4) at CHI 6 (0)T2: by Orlando Hernandez, CHI (Ben Broussard, CLE)
T2: by Orlando Hernandez, CHI (Alex Cora, CLE)
T3: by Orlando Hernandez, CHI (Travis Hafner, CLE)
T5: by Orlando Hernandez, CHI (Travis Hafner, CLE)4/5/2006
CLE 4 (1) at CHI 3 (3)T1: by Jose Contreras, CHI (Ronnie Belliard, CLE)
B6: by Cliff Lee, CLE (Jim Thome, CHI)
B6: by Cliff Lee, CLE (A.J. Pierzynski, CHI)
B6: by Matt Miller, CLE (Pablo Ozuna, CHI)6/18/2007
PHI 1 (3) at CLE 10 (2)T5: by Cliff Lee, CLE (Wes Helms, PHI)
T5: by Cliff Lee, CLE (Jimmy Rollins, PHI)
B5: by Cole Hamels, PHI (Casey Blake, CLE)
B6: by Geoff Geary, PHI (Ryan Garko, CLE)
T8: by Aaron Fultz, CLE (Shane Victorino, PHI)4/17/2008
DET 1 (2) at CLE 11 (3)B2: by Justin Verlander, DET (Ryan Garko, CLE)
B5: by Justin Verlander, DET (Jason Michaels, CLE)
T6: by Fausto Carmona, CLE (Ramon Santiago, DET)
T6: by Fausto Carmona, CLE (Gary Sheffield, DET)
B7: by Bobby Seay, DET (Grady Sizemore, CLE)6/28/2008
CIN 5 (2) at CLE 0 (2)T2: by Paul Byrd, CLE (Jeff Keppinger, CIN)
B2: by Johnny Cueto, CIN (Franklin Gutierrez, CLE)
B6: by Johnny Cueto, CIN (Casey Blake, CLE)
T7: by Rafael Perez, CLE (Jerry Hairston, CIN)4/9/2009
CLE 8 (2) at TEX 12 (2)T3: by Brandon McCarthy, TEX (Ben Francisco, CLE)
B4: by Zach Jackson, CLE (Josh Hamilton, TEX)
B5: by Zach Jackson, CLE (Chris Davis, TEX)
T9: by Eddie Guardado, TEX (Kelly Shoppach, CLE)6/3/2009
CLE 10 (3) at MIN 1 (1)T6: by R.A. Dickey, MIN (Ryan Garko, CLE)
T6: by R.A. Dickey, MIN (Kelly Shoppach, CLE)
B7: by Cliff Lee, CLE (Jason Kubel, MIN)
T8: by Luis Ayala, MIN (Kelly Shoppach, CLE)5/14/2010
CLE 1 (2) at BAL 8 (2)T1: by Jeremy Guthrie, BAL (Travis Hafner, CLE)
B1: by Justin Masterson, CLE (Adam Jones, BAL)
B3: by Justin Masterson, CLE (Miguel Tejada, BAL)
T8: by Jeremy Guthrie, BAL (Lou Marson, CLE)7/6/2010
CLE 1 (2) at TEX 12 (2)T3: by C.J. Wilson, TEX (Jayson Nix, CLE)
B4: by Justin Masterson, CLE (Vladimir Guerrero, TEX)
B4: by Justin Masterson, CLE (Julio Borbon, TEX)
T5: by C.J. Wilson, TEX (Jason Donald, CLE)