Chicago Cubs Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants6/8/1932
CHI 7 (2) at BRO 5 (2)by Watty Clark, BRO 2 (Rogers Hornsby 2)
by Guy Bush, CHI 2 (Neal Finn, Gordon Slade)7/11/1933
BRO 2 (3) at CHI 6 (1)by Charlie Root, CHI 3 (Joe Hutcheson, Sam Leslie 2)
by Ownie Carroll, BRO (Billy Herman)6/3/1952
NY 17 (3) at CHI 4 (1)T4: by Joe Hatten, CHI (Hank Thompson, NY)
T5: by Bob Schultz, CHI (Bobby Thomson, NY)
B6: by Jim Hearn, NY (Bill Serena, CHI)
T7: by Bob Schultz, CHI (Bobby Thomson, NY)6/2/1957
CHI 4 (0) at CIN 6 (4)B2: by Moe Drabowsky, CHI (Roy McMillan, CIN)
B3: by Moe Drabowsky, CHI (Frank Robinson, CIN)
B4: by Moe Drabowsky, CHI (Art Schult, CIN)
B4: by Moe Drabowsky, CHI (Frank Robinson, CIN)5/8/1958
CIN 10 (3) at CHI 8 (1)T1: by Dick Drott, CHI (Frank Robinson, CIN)
T3: by Dick Drott, CHI (Vada Pinson, CIN)
T4: by Ed Mayer, CHI (Ed Bailey, CIN)
B5: by Willard Schmidt, CIN (Tony Taylor, CHI)5/31/1962
HOU 10 (1) at CHI 6 (3)B1: by Bob Bruce, HOU (Lou Brock, CHI)
B1: by Bob Bruce, HOU (George Altman, CHI)
B4: by Bob Bruce, HOU (George Altman, CHI)
T5: by Dick Ellsworth, CHI (Hal Smith, HOU)8/8/1965
CHI 14 (3) at NY 10 (2)T1: by Gary Kroll, NY (Ernie Banks, CHI)
B4: by Bob Humphreys, CHI (Charley Smith, NY)
T6: by Darrell Sutherland, NY (Billy Williams, CHI)
T9: by Jim Bethke, NY (Ted Abernathy, CHI)
B9: by Ted Abernathy, CHI (Chris Cannizzaro, NY)7/12/1979
CHI 10 (2) at CIN 8 (2)B4: by Ken Holtzman, CHI (Cesar Geronimo, CIN)
B8: by Donnie Moore, CHI (George Foster, CIN)
T9: by Doug Bair, CIN (Ken Henderson, CHI)
T9: by Doug Bair, CIN (Barry Foote, CHI)7/24/1992
CHI 1 (3) at HOU 0 (1)T1: by Jimmy Jones, HOU (Rey Sanchez, CHI)
B4: by Mike Morgan, CHI (Ken Caminiti, HOU)
T8: by Jimmy Jones, HOU (Rey Sanchez, CHI)
T8: by Jimmy Jones, HOU (Mark Grace, CHI)9/24/1992
CHI 2 (1) at PHI 3 (3)B8: by Paul Assenmacher, CHI (Darren Daulton, PHI)
B8: by Paul Assenmacher, CHI (Dave Hollins, PHI)
T10: by Mitch Williams, PHI (Steve Buechele, CHI)
B10: by Bob Scanlan, CHI (Dave Hollins, PHI)4/10/1996
CHI 9 (2) at COL 10 (2)T4: by Lance Painter, COL (Rey Sanchez, CHI)
T7: by Mark Thompson, COL (Luis Gonzalez, CHI)
B8: by Mike Perez, CHI (Walt Weiss, COL)
B8: by Mike Perez, CHI (Ellis Burks, COL)6/16/2000
MON 8 (2) at CHI 9 (2)B1: by Tony Armas, MON (Eric Young, CHI)
T4: by Kerry Wood, CHI (Jose Vidro, MON)
B4: by Tony Armas, MON (Jeff Reed, CHI)
T6: by Todd Van Poppel, CHI (Orlando Cabrera, MON)5/28/2001
CHI 9 (3) at CIN 6 (1)B6: by Julian Tavarez, CHI (Sean Casey, CIN)
T11: by Scott Sullivan, CIN (Augie Ojeda, CHI)
T11: by Scott Sullivan, CIN (Ricky Gutierrez, CHI)
T13: by Scott Winchester, CIN (Augie Ojeda, CHI)5/16/2003
CHI 4 (1) at STL 7 (3)T1: by Woody Williams, STL (Mark Grudzielanek, CHI)
B1: by Matt Clement, CHI (Fernando Vina, STL)
B2: by Matt Clement, CHI (Mike Matheny, STL)
B4: by Matt Clement, CHI (Tino Martinez, STL)6/3/2003
TB 2 (1) at CHI 3 (4)B1: by Geremi Gonzalez, TB (Mark Grudzielanek, CHI)
B3: by Geremi Gonzalez, TB (Alex Gonzalez, CHI)
T8: by Mark Prior, CHI (Aubrey Huff, TB)
B8: by Jesus Colome, TB (Ramon Martinez, CHI)
B8: by Jesus Colome, TB (Mark Grudzielanek, CHI)5/29/2004
CHI 7 (0) at PIT 10 (4)B1: by Sergio Mitre, CHI (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B2: by Sergio Mitre, CHI (Bobby Hill, PIT)
B6: by Jimmy Anderson, CHI (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B6: by Jimmy Anderson, CHI (Rob Mackowiak, PIT)5/30/2004
CHI 12 (1) at PIT 1 (3)B2: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Jason Kendall, PIT)
B3: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Craig Wilson, PIT)
B4: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Daryle Ward, PIT)
T9: by Mike Johnston, PIT (Todd Walker, CHI)8/22/2004
CHI 11 (1) at HOU 6 (3)B2: by Kerry Wood, CHI (Jason Lane, HOU)
T3: by Roy Oswalt, HOU (Michael Barrett, CHI)
B3: by Kerry Wood, CHI (Carlos Beltran, HOU)
B5: by Kerry Wood, CHI (Jeff Kent, HOU)8/29/2004
HOU 10 (2) at CHI 3 (2)B6: by Carlos Hernandez, HOU (Ramon Martinez, CHI)
T8: by Ryan Dempster, CHI (Carlos Beltran, HOU)
T8: by Mike Remlinger, CHI (Lance Berkman, HOU)
B9: by Dan Wheeler, HOU (Derrek Lee, CHI)5/14/2005
CHI 3 (2) at WAS 4 (2)B4: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Nick Johnson, WAS)
B4: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Brian Schneider, WAS)
T7: by Livan Hernandez, WAS (Jerry Hairston, CHI)
T9: by Chad Cordero, WAS (Mike Fontenot, CHI)8/15/2006
CHI 8 (2) at HOU 6 (2)T1: by Roger Clemens, HOU (Jacque Jones, CHI)
B5: by Juan Mateo, CHI (Roger Clemens, HOU)
T6: by Roger Clemens, HOU (Ryan Theriot, CHI)
B16: by Ryan Dempster, CHI (Chris Burke, HOU)4/20/2008
PIT 6 (2) at CHI 13 (2)B4: by Zach Duke, PIT (Reed Johnson, CHI)
B4: by Zach Duke, PIT (Aramis Ramirez, CHI)
T5: by Ryan Dempster, CHI (Brian Bixler, PIT)
T7: by Bob Howry, CHI (Nate McLouth, PIT)5/10/2008
ARI 2 (1) at CHI 7 (3)T3: by Ryan Dempster, CHI (Augie Ojeda, ARI)
B5: by Max Scherzer, ARI (Reed Johnson, CHI)
B5: by Max Scherzer, ARI (Ryan Theriot, CHI)
B8: by Doug Slaten, ARI (Reed Johnson, CHI)7/3/2009
MIL 1 (2) at CHI 2 (2)T4: by Carlos Zambrano, CHI (Prince Fielder, MIL)
B4: by Jeff Suppan, MIL (Derrek Lee, CHI)
B5: by Jeff Suppan, MIL (Jake Fox, CHI)
T9: by Kevin Gregg, CHI (Craig Counsell, MIL)8/4/2009
CHI 6 (2) at CIN 3 (2)T3: by Johnny Cueto, CIN (Ryan Theriot, CHI)
T6: by Johnny Cueto, CIN (Jake Fox, CHI)
B8: by Tom Gorzelanny, CHI (Craig Tatum, CIN)
B9: by Angel Guzman, CHI (Jonny Gomes, CIN)