Boston Red Sox Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants7/26/1919
NY 8 (0) at BOS 5 (4)by Jack Quinn, NY 2
by Bob Shawkey, NY
by Hank Thormahlen, NY
Braggo Roth, BOS
Del Gainer, BOS
Red Shannon, BOS
Sad Sam Jones, BOS9/20/1922
BOS 4 (3) at CLE 5 (2)by Phil Bedgood, CLE 3 (Del Pratt, Dick Reichle, Pinky Pittenger)
by Bill Piercy, BOS 2 (Homer Summa, Phil Bedgood)7/22/1923
BOS 2 (1) at CHI 9 (3)by Dixie Leverett, CHI (Ira Flagstead)
by Howard Ehmke, BOS 3 (Eddie Collins, Johnny Mostil, Earl Sheely)8/7/1924
BOS 4 (1) at DET 2 (3)by Ed Wells, DET (Val Picinich)
by Curt Fullerton, BOS 2
by Jack Quinn, BOS
Heinie Manush, DET 2
Harry Heilmann, DET4/13/1928
WAS 6 (2) at BOS 4 (2)by Hal Wiltse, BOS 2 (Grant Gillis, Joe Judge)
by Tom Zachary, WAS
by Garland Braxton, WAS
Jack Rothrock, BOS
Ira Flagstead, BOS8/22/1928
DET 7 (3) at BOS 6 (1)by Danny MacFayden, BOS
by Merle Settlemire, BOS 2
Bob Fothergill, DET
Al Wingo, DET
Jackie Tavener, DET
by Ken Holloway, DET (Billy Rogell)6/30/1954
NY 1 (1) at BOS 6 (3)B3: by Tom Morgan, NY (Billy Goodman, BOS)
B3: by Tom Morgan, NY (Ted Lepcio, BOS)
B3: by Tom Morgan, NY (Milt Bolling, BOS)
T4: by Willard Nixon, BOS (Phil Rizzuto, NY)9/5/1955
WAS 2 (3) at BOS 7 (1)B3: by Mickey McDermott, WAS (Ted Williams, BOS)
T5: by George Susce, BOS (Clint Courtney, WAS)
T6: by George Susce, BOS (Ernie Oravetz, WAS)
T9: by George Susce, BOS (Eddie Yost, WAS)6/20/1962
BOS 0 (0) at CLE 3 (4)B1: by Mike Fornieles, BOS (Ty Cline, CLE)
B1: by Mike Fornieles, BOS (Tito Francona, CLE)
B2: by Mike Fornieles, BOS (Al Luplow, CLE)
B3: by Mike Fornieles, BOS (Bubba Phillips, CLE)7/28/1963
LA 5 (2) at BOS 0 (2)B2: by Don Lee, LA (Gary Geiger, BOS)
B2: by Don Lee, LA (Earl Wilson, BOS)
T3: by Earl Wilson, BOS (Billy Moran, LA)
T4: by Arnold Earley, BOS (Lee Thomas, LA)7/30/1965
BOS 2 (1) at CAL 9 (3)B6: by Dave Morehead, BOS (Jose Cardenal, CAL)
T7: by Dean Chance, CAL (Dave Morehead, BOS)
B8: by Dave Morehead, BOS (Jim Fregosi, CAL)
B8: by Arnold Earley, BOS (Buck Rodgers, CAL)4/19/1968
CLE 2 (2) at BOS 9 (2)B1: by Sonny Siebert, CLE (Reggie Smith, BOS)
T2: by Gary Waslewski, BOS (Sonny Siebert, CLE)
T6: by Gary Waslewski, BOS (Duke Sims, CLE)
B6: by Hal Kurtz, CLE (Mike Andrews, BOS)5/30/1969
MIN 2 (2) at BOS 3 (2)B1: by Dave Boswell, MIN (Mike Andrews, BOS)
T3: by Jim Lonborg, BOS (Tony Oliva, MIN)
T6: by Jim Lonborg, BOS (Graig Nettles, MIN)
B8: by Joe Grzenda, MIN (Carl Yastrzemski, BOS)9/6/1970
BAL 8 (2) at BOS 9 (2)T3: by Sonny Siebert, BOS (Frank Robinson, BAL)
T4: by Sonny Siebert, BOS (Elrod Hendricks, BAL)
B6: by Dave McNally, BAL (John Kennedy, BOS)
B11: by Pete Richert, BAL (Tony Conigliaro, BOS)6/12/1987
BOS 4 (1) at DET 11 (3)B2: by Roger Clemens, BOS (Chet Lemon, DET)
B6: by Roger Clemens, BOS (Matt Nokes, DET)
B8: by Wes Gardner, BOS (Bill Madlock, DET)
T9: by Frank Tanana, DET (Wade Boggs, BOS)8/21/1993
CLE 10 (4) at BOS 5 (0)T1: by Roger Clemens, BOS (Wayne Kirby, CLE)
T7: by Greg Harris, BOS (Sandy Alomar, CLE)
T8: by Greg Harris, BOS (Jim Thome, CLE)
T9: by Ken Ryan, BOS (Albert Belle, CLE)5/23/1995
BOS 5 (1) at SEA 4 (3)B2: by Aaron Sele, BOS (Doug Strange, SEA)
B3: by Aaron Sele, BOS (Dan Wilson, SEA)
B8: by Rheal Cormier, BOS (Joey Cora, SEA)
T10: by Steve Frey, SEA (Bill Haselman, BOS)7/13/1996
BOS 10 (3) at DET 5 (1)T1: by C.J. Nitkowski, DET (John Valentin, BOS)
T3: by C.J. Nitkowski, DET (John Valentin, BOS)
T9: by Jose Lima, DET (Tim Naehring, BOS)
B9: by Heathcliff Slocumb, BOS (Mark Lewis, DET)9/4/1996
BOS 7 (4) at SEA 5 (1)T3: by Sterling Hitchcock, SEA (Mo Vaughn, BOS)
B5: by Mike Maddux, BOS (Edgar Martinez, SEA)
T7: by Greg McCarthy, SEA (Mike Greenwell, BOS)
T7: by Greg McCarthy, SEA (Darren Bragg, BOS)
T8: by Bobby Ayala, SEA (Wil Cordero, BOS)6/25/1997
BOS 13 (1) at TOR 12 (3)B6: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Charlie O’Brien, TOR)
B6: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Alex Gonzalez, TOR)
T8: by Pat Hentgen, TOR (Nomar Garciaparra, BOS)
B8: by Chris Hammond, BOS (Charlie O’Brien, TOR)8/22/1997
BOS 5 (2) at ANA 8 (2)B1: by Bret Saberhagen, BOS (Tim Salmon, ANA)
T4: by Allen Watson, ANA (Reggie Jefferson, BOS)
T6: by Allen Watson, ANA (Darren Bragg, BOS)
B8: by Joe Hudson, BOS (Tony Phillips, ANA)4/10/1998
SEA 7 (1) at BOS 9 (4)B1: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Mo Vaughn, BOS)
T3: by Brian Rose, BOS (Joey Cora, SEA)
B4: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Jim Leyritz, BOS)
B7: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Nomar Garciaparra, BOS)
B9: by Mike Timlin, SEA (John Valentin, BOS)5/24/1998
NY 14 (2) at BOS 4 (4)B1: by David Cone, NY (Troy O’Leary, BOS)
B4: by David Cone, NY (Mike Benjamin, BOS)
B4: by David Cone, NY (Jason Varitek, BOS)
T5: by Ron Mahay, BOS (Chuck Knoblauch, NY)
T8: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Tim Raines, NY)
B8: by Willie Banks, NY (Lou Merloni, BOS)4/30/1999
BOS 9 (1) at OAK 13 (4)B1: by Kip Gross, BOS (Jason Giambi, OAK)
B3: by Kip Gross, BOS (Ben Grieve, OAK)
T5: by Kenny Rogers, OAK (Mike Stanley, BOS)
B6: by Tim Harikkala, BOS (A.J. Hinch, OAK)
B7: by Jim Corsi, BOS (Olmedo Saenz, OAK)5/31/1999
DET 7 (3) at BOS 8 (1)T1: by Mark Portugal, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)
T5: by Pat Rapp, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)
B7: by Matt Anderson, DET (Mike Stanley, BOS)
T9: by Tom Gordon, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)9/7/1999
BOS 5 (3) at OAK 3 (1)T1: by Gil Heredia, OAK (Mike Stanley, BOS)
B4: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (John Jaha, OAK)
T8: by Tim Worrell, OAK (Trot Nixon, BOS)
T9: by Greg McMichael, OAK (Troy O’Leary, BOS)8/29/2000
BOS 8 (3) at TB 0 (1)B1: by Pedro Martinez, BOS (Gerald Williams, TB)
T3: by Dave Eiland, TB (Brian Daubach, BOS)
T3: by Dave Eiland, TB (Nomar Garciaparra, BOS)
T7: by Tony Fiore, TB (Brian Daubach, BOS)6/5/2001
DET 3 (1) at BOS 4 (3)B2: by Chris Holt, DET (Lou Merloni, BOS)
B5: by Chris Holt, DET (Carl Everett, BOS)
T10: by Rolando Arrojo, BOS (Dean Palmer, DET)
B10: by C.J. Nitkowski, DET (Jose Offerman, BOS)8/4/2001
TEX 4 (3) at BOS 10 (1)T1: by David Cone, BOS (Rafael Palmeiro, TEX)
B4: by Kevin Foster, TEX (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
T5: by David Cone, BOS (Ivan Rodriguez, TEX)
T6: by David Cone, BOS (Frank Catalanotto, TEX)8/25/2001
BOS 7 (1) at TEX 8 (3)B8: by Todd Erdos, BOS (Ricky Ledee, TEX)
B8: by Todd Erdos, BOS (Gabe Kapler, TEX)
B10: by Sun-Woo Kim, BOS (Ricky Ledee, TEX)
T16: by Chris Michalak, TEX (Dante Bichette, BOS)9/5/2001
CLE 7 (3) at BOS 10 (1)T2: by Casey Fossum, BOS (Marty Cordova, CLE)
B2: by Steve Woodard, CLE (Carl Everett, BOS)
T4: by Casey Fossum, BOS (Wil Cordero, CLE)
T7: by Derek Lowe, BOS (Ellis Burks, CLE)10/2/2001
BOS 3 (1) at TB 10 (3)B1: by Casey Fossum, BOS (Toby Hall, TB)
B2: by Casey Fossum, BOS (Ben Grieve, TB)
B2: by Casey Fossum, BOS (Toby Hall, TB)
T7: by Paul Wilson, TB (Darren Lewis, BOS)4/1/2002
TOR 12 (4) at BOS 11 (0)T1: by Pedro Martinez, BOS (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T3: by Pedro Martinez, BOS (Shannon Stewart, TOR)
T5: by Darren Oliver, BOS (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T6: by Rolando Arrojo, BOS (Homer Bush, TOR)7/16/2002
BOS 9 (3) at DET 4 (3)B1: by John Burkett, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)
B3: by John Burkett, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)
T6: by Steve Sparks, DET (Jason Varitek, BOS)
T6: by Steve Sparks, DET (Trot Nixon, BOS)
T7: by Jeff Farnsworth, DET (Jose Offerman, BOS)
B9: by Willie Banks, BOS (Damion Easley, DET)7/18/2002
BOS 4 (2) at TB 3 (2)T2: by Tanyon Sturtze, TB (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
B3: by Frank Castillo, BOS (Brent Abernathy, TB)
B7: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Brent Abernathy, TB)
T9: by Esteban Yan, TB (Manny Ramirez, BOS)8/6/2002
OAK 9 (2) at BOS 1 (2)B2: by Mark Mulder, OAK (Trot Nixon, BOS)
B4: by Mark Mulder, OAK (Trot Nixon, BOS)
T5: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Jermaine Dye, OAK)
T7: by Frank Castillo, BOS (Olmedo Saenz, OAK)4/12/2003
BAL 13 (1) at BOS 6 (3)T6: by Steve Woodard, BOS (Jeff Conine, BAL)
B6: by Jason Johnson, BAL (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
B7: by Jason Johnson, BAL (Jason Varitek, BOS)
B9: by Rick Bauer, BAL (Jason Varitek, BOS)4/30/2003
KC 4 (1) at BOS 5 (3)T3: by Derek Lowe, BOS (Angel Berroa, KC)
B9: by Mike MacDougal, KC (Nomar Garciaparra, BOS)
B9: by Mike MacDougal, KC (Shea Hillenbrand, BOS)
B9: by D.J. Carrasco, KC (Johnny Damon, BOS)9/2/2003
BOS 2 (0) at CHI 1 (4)B1: by John Burkett, BOS (Frank Thomas, CHI)
B2: by John Burkett, BOS (Jose Valentin, CHI)
B6: by John Burkett, BOS (Carl Everett, CHI)
B7: by Brandon Lyon, BOS (Roberto Alomar, CHI)4/24/2004
BOS 3 (3) at NY 2 (1)T2: by Kevin Brown, NY (Gabe Kapler, BOS)
T11: by Mariano Rivera, NY (Ellis Burks, BOS)
B11: by Keith Foulke, BOS (Gary Sheffield, NY)
T12: by Paul Quantrill, NY (Kevin Millar, BOS)5/14/2004
BOS 9 (1) at TOR 3 (3)B6: by Derek Lowe, BOS (Josh Phelps, TOR)
B6: by Derek Lowe, BOS (Chris Gomez, TOR)
T8: by Kerry Ligtenberg, TOR (Jason Varitek, BOS)
B8: by Scott Williamson, BOS (Gregg Zaun, TOR)6/1/2004
BOS 6 (1) at ANA 7 (4)T1: by Bartolo Colon, ANA (Jason Varitek, BOS)
B4: by Bronson Arroyo, BOS (Raul Mondesi, ANA)
B4: by Bronson Arroyo, BOS (Adam Kennedy, ANA)
B6: by Bronson Arroyo, BOS (Adam Kennedy, ANA)
B7: by Alan Embree, BOS (Casey Kotchman, ANA)7/1/2004
BOS 4 (1) at NY 5 (3)B1: by Pedro Martinez, BOS (Gary Sheffield, NY)
T7: by Felix Heredia, NY (Johnny Damon, BOS)
B10: by Mike Timlin, BOS (Derek Jeter, NY)
B12: by Curt Leskanic, BOS (Gary Sheffield, NY)9/25/2004
NY 5 (1) at BOS 12 (3)B2: by Javier Vazquez, NY (Doug Mirabelli, BOS)
T5: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Miguel Cairo, NY)
B5: by Tanyon Sturtze, NY (Doug Mirabelli, BOS)
B8: by C.J. Nitkowski, NY (Trot Nixon, BOS)9/27/2004
BOS 7 (2) at TB 3 (2)B3: by Bronson Arroyo, BOS (Aubrey Huff, TB)
B3: by Bronson Arroyo, BOS (Tino Martinez, TB)
T4: by Scott Kazmir, TB (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
T4: by Scott Kazmir, TB (Kevin Millar, BOS)6/7/2005
BOS 2 (2) at STL 9 (3)B6: by John Halama, BOS (Larry Walker, STL)
T7: by Alberto Reyes, STL (Jason Varitek, BOS)
B7: by Matt Mantei, BOS (Mark Grudzielanek, STL)
B7: by Matt Mantei, BOS (Larry Walker, STL)
T8: by Alberto Reyes, STL (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)6/18/2005
PIT 2 (3) at BOS 0 (1)B3: by David Williams, PIT (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
T5: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Jason Bay, PIT)
T8: by Alan Embree, BOS (Ryan Doumit, PIT)
T9: by John Halama, BOS (Rob Mackowiak, PIT)8/24/2005
BOS 3 (1) at KC 4 (3)T1: by D.J. Carrasco, KC (Johnny Damon, BOS)
B2: by Matt Clement, BOS (Angel Berroa, KC)
B5: by Matt Clement, BOS (John Buck, KC)
B6: by Matt Clement, BOS (Angel Berroa, KC)4/23/2006
BOS 6 (2) at TOR 3 (2)T1: by Josh Towers, TOR (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
T4: by Josh Towers, TOR (Willie Harris, BOS)
B4: by Matt Clement, BOS (Alex Rios, TOR)
B5: by Matt Clement, BOS (Vernon Wells, TOR)6/1/2007
NY 9 (3) at BOS 5 (2)B3: by Chien-Ming Wang, NY (Mike Lowell, BOS)
T4: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Josh Phelps, NY)
T4: by Kyle Snyder, BOS (Alex Rodriguez, NY)
T9: by Javier Lopez, BOS (Robinson Cano, NY)
B9: by Scott Proctor, NY (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)8/31/2007
BAL 9 (1) at BOS 8 (3)B3: by Radhames Liz, BAL (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
B5: by Kurt Birkins, BAL (David Ortiz, BOS)
B8: by Chad Bradford, BAL (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
T9: by Jonathan Papelbon, BOS (Ramon Hernandez, BAL)6/5/2008
TB 1 (2) at BOS 7 (3)B1: by James Shields, TB (Dustin Pedroia, BOS)
B2: by James Shields, TB (Coco Crisp, BOS)
T5: by Jon Lester, BOS (Carl Crawford, TB)
T7: by Jon Lester, BOS (Akinori Iwamura, TB)
B8: by Alberto Reyes, TB (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)7/5/2008
BOS 1 (4) at NY 2 (3)T1: by Mike Mussina, NY (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
B3: by Justin Masterson, BOS (Alex Rodriguez, NY)
T4: by Mike Mussina, NY (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
B4: by Justin Masterson, BOS (Robinson Cano, NY)
B6: by Justin Masterson, BOS (Jose Molina, NY)
T9: by Mariano Rivera, NY (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
T9: by Mariano Rivera, NY (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)8/28/2008
BOS 2 (2) at NY 3 (2)B2: by Jon Lester, BOS (Cody Ransom, NY)
T5: by Mike Mussina, NY (Alex Cora, BOS)
T6: by Mike Mussina, NY (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
B6: by Jon Lester, BOS (Johnny Damon, NY)6/12/2009
BOS 5 (1) at PHI 2 (3)B8: by Hideki Okajima, BOS (Eric Bruntlett, PHI)
T10: by Ryan Madson, PHI (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
B10: by Justin Masterson, BOS (Eric Bruntlett, PHI)
B13: by Daniel Bard, BOS (Raul Ibanez, PHI)9/26/2009
BOS 0 (2) at NY 3 (2)B3: by Daisuke Matsuzaka, BOS (Derek Jeter, NY)
T7: by CC Sabathia, NY (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
B8: by Billy Wagner, BOS (Melky Cabrera, NY)
T9: by Mariano Rivera, NY (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)7/10/2010
BOS 5 (4) at TOR 9 (0)T3: by Brandon Morrow, TOR (Mike Cameron, BOS)
T6: by Shawn Camp, TOR (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
T7: by Jason Frasor, TOR (Bill Hall, BOS)
T8: by Marc Rzepczynski, TOR (Marco Scutaro, BOS)7/20/2010
BOS 4 (2) at OAK 5 (2)B2: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Mark Ellis, OAK)
B3: by Tim Wakefield, BOS (Kurt Suzuki, OAK)
T5: by Dallas Braden, OAK (J.D. Drew, BOS)
T6: by Ross Wolf, OAK (Kevin Cash, BOS)10/2/2010
NY 6 (2) at BOS 7 (2)T1: by Daisuke Matsuzaka, BOS (Mark Teixeira, NY)
T1: by Daisuke Matsuzaka, BOS (Robinson Cano, NY)
B1: by A.J. Burnett, NY (Daniel Nava, BOS)
B6: by A.J. Burnett, NY (Daniel Nava, BOS)