Atlanta Braves Beanball Wars

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Game ResultParticipants5/6/1911
NY 15 (3) at BOS 9 (1)by Patsy Flaherty, BOS
by Sam Frock, BOS
by Jiggs Parson, BOS
Red Murray, NY 2
Fred Merkle, NY
by Doc Crandall, NY (Buck Herzog)5/13/1928
BOS 6 (3) at STL 5 (1)by Fred Frankhouse, STL 2
by Bill Sherdel, STL
Rogers Hornsby, BOS
Dick Burrus, BOS
Zack Taylor, BOS
by Joe Genewich, BOS (Taylor Douthit)7/19/1938
BOS 2 (0) at CIN 7 (4)by Ira Hutchinson, BOS
by Bobby Reis, BOS 3
Ival Goodman, CIN 2
Frank McCormick, CIN
Lew Riggs, CIN6/18/1950
PIT 8 (3) at BOS 8 (1)T1: by Dick Donovan, BOS (Wally Westlake, PIT)
B1: by Cliff Chambers, PIT (Earl Torgeson, BOS)
T4: by Bob Hall, BOS (Clyde McCullough, PIT)
T8: by Bobby Hogue, BOS (Pete Castiglione, PIT)9/25/1951
BRO 2 (2) at BOS 14 (2)T1: by Jim Wilson, BOS (Jackie Robinson, BRO)
B1: by Carl Erskine, BRO (Sid Gordon, BOS)
T5: by Jim Wilson, BOS (Carl Furillo, BRO)
B7: by Johnny Schmitz, BRO (Sid Gordon, BOS)4/25/1954
MIL 6 (2) at STL 7 (2)T2: by Stu Miller, STL (Johnny Logan, MIL)
T5: by Stu Miller, STL (Del Crandall, MIL)
B6: by Warren Spahn, MIL (Sal Yvars, STL)
B12: by Chet Nichols, MIL (Alex Grammas, STL)7/2/1969
CIN 4 (0) at ATL 9 (5)B1: by Gerry Arrigo, CIN (Hank Aaron, ATL)
B2: by Gerry Arrigo, CIN (Felix Millan, ATL)
B2: by Pedro Ramos, CIN (Clete Boyer, ATL)
B2: by Pedro Ramos, CIN (Bob Aspromonte, ATL)
B3: by Pedro Ramos, CIN (Felix Millan, ATL)5/26/1971
ATL 1 (1) at MON 11 (3)B3: by Pat Jarvis, ATL (Ron Hunt, MON)
B4: by Steve Barber, ATL (Rusty Staub, MON)
B8: by Ron Herbel, ATL (Ron Hunt, MON)
T9: by Bill Stoneman, MON (Earl Williams, ATL)7/20/1974
PIT 7 (2) at ATL 6 (2)B2: by Bruce Kison, PIT (Marty Perez, ATL)
B2: by Bruce Kison, PIT (Craig Robinson, ATL)
T7: by Lew Krausse, ATL (Frank Taveras, PIT)
T8: by Tom House, ATL (Al Oliver, PIT)5/9/1979
PIT 17 (3) at ATL 9 (1)B5: by Ed Whitson, PIT (Phil Niekro, ATL)
T6: by Craig Skok, ATL (Tim Foli, PIT)
T9: by Gene Garber, ATL (Phil Garner, PIT)
T9: by Gene Garber, ATL (Dave Parker, PIT)9/13/1985
SF 9 (1) at ATL 3 (3)B4: by Vida Blue, SF (Ken Oberkfell, ATL)
T6: by Rick Camp, ATL (Jeffrey Leonard, SF)
B7: by Frank Williams, SF (Glenn Hubbard, ATL)
B7: by Frank Williams, SF (Dale Murphy, ATL)9/21/1993
ATL 18 (4) at MON 5 (0)T1: by Ken Hill, MON (Fred McGriff, ATL)
T3: by Ken Hill, MON (Jeff Blauser, ATL)
T5: by Gil Heredia, MON (Greg Olson, ATL)
T6: by Jeff Shaw, MON (Rafael Belliard, ATL)8/22/1995
ATL 6 (2) at HOU 4 (2)T5: by Doug Brocail, HOU (David Justice, ATL)
B6: by Steve Avery, ATL (Derek Bell, HOU)
B7: by Brad Clontz, ATL (Ricky Gutierrez, HOU)
T8: by Todd Jones, HOU (Charlie O’Brien, ATL)7/20/1999
ATL 6 (1) at TOR 11 (3)B5: by Tom Glavine, ATL (Darrin Fletcher, TOR)
B7: by Russ Springer, ATL (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
B8: by John Hudek, ATL (Craig Grebeck, TOR)
T9: by Paul Quantrill, TOR (Chipper Jones, ATL)7/18/2000
ATL 8 (3) at TB 2 (2)T2: by Bryan Rekar, TB (Walt Weiss, ATL)
T2: by Bryan Rekar, TB (Fernando Lunar, ATL)
B5: by Greg Maddux, ATL (Felix Martinez, TB)
T8: by Tanyon Sturtze, TB (Walt Weiss, ATL)
B9: by Greg Maddux, ATL (Jose Canseco, TB)8/14/2005
ARI 8 (1) at ATL 13 (3)B3: by Javier Vazquez, ARI (Marcus Giles, ATL)
B4: by Brian Bruney, ARI (Andruw Jones, ATL)
B4: by Brian Bruney, ARI (Jeff Francoeur, ATL)
T9: by Blaine Boyer, ATL (Troy Glaus, ARI)5/7/2006
ATL 13 (2) at NY 3 (2)B2: by John Smoltz, ATL (Cliff Floyd, NY)
T5: by Jose Lima, NY (Brian Jordan, ATL)
B6: by John Smoltz, ATL (Cliff Floyd, NY)
T7: by Bartolome Fortunato, NY (Edgar Renteria, ATL)8/30/2006
SF 3 (1) at ATL 5 (3)T1: by Chuck James, ATL (Barry Bonds, SF)
B2: by Brad Hennessey, SF (Ryan Langerhans, ATL)
B4: by Brad Hennessey, SF (Andruw Jones, ATL)
B4: by Brad Hennessey, SF (Jeff Francoeur, ATL)5/23/2007
NY 3 (2) at ATL 0 (2)B2: by Oliver Perez, NY (Andruw Jones, ATL)
B3: by Oliver Perez, NY (Jeff Francoeur, ATL)
T8: by Oscar Villarreal, ATL (Paul Lo Duca, NY)
T8: by Oscar Villarreal, ATL (Damion Easley, NY)8/2/2007
HOU 12 (2) at ATL 11 (2)T2: by Jo-Jo Reyes, ATL (Ty Wigginton, HOU)
B2: by Woody Williams, HOU (Brian McCann, ATL)
B11: by Trever Miller, HOU (Jeff Francoeur, ATL)
T14: by Oscar Villarreal, ATL (Jason Lane, HOU)9/17/2007
FLA 6 (1) at ATL 11 (3)B1: by Byung-Hyun Kim, FLA (Kelly Johnson, ATL)
B1: by Byung-Hyun Kim, FLA (Mark Teixeira, ATL)
B3: by Byung-Hyun Kim, FLA (Mark Teixeira, ATL)
T9: by Rafael Soriano, ATL (Dan Uggla, FLA)8/17/2009
ARI 4 (2) at ATL 9 (2)T2: by Tommy Hanson, ATL (Augie Ojeda, ARI)
B3: by Max Scherzer, ARI (Matt Diaz, ATL)
B3: by Max Scherzer, ARI (Yunel Escobar, ATL)
T9: by Mike Gonzalez, ATL (Rusty Ryal, ARI)