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Minor League Ballparks

Birmingham, Alabama
Two parks, one a national landmark.
Durham, North Carolina
Two parks, one a major motion picture star.
Kinston, North Carolina
The oldest park in the state, still going strong.
Little Falls, New York
A history that spanned a dozen years.
London, Ontario
Grounds used for baseball since 1877.
Memphis, Tennessee
Here lie the earthbound remains of Tim McCarver.
Montgomery, Alabama
Get cooked with the Biscuits.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
A grandstand on the Grand Strand.
New Britain, Connecticut
The most popular park in the Nutmeg State.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Two highly accessible parks in the Big Easy.
Staten Island, New York
Two parks, one under construction.
Syracuse, New York
An old soldier, fading into the shadow of his successor.
Wilmington, Delaware
A long name for a park in a small state.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
The second oldest park in the state.
Ballpark ratings: Minor league ballparks are like grandchildren. We love them all equally. Although we may visit those closer to home a little more often, and wonder how we got ice cream on our pants when we return, we love them all equally.

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