Riverwalk Stadium - Montgomery, Alabama

Located on the banks of the Alabama river.

The ballpark occupies the site of the Western Railway of Alabama Rail Shops.

By gametime, the mercury will have plummeted to the upper nineties.

During the ballpark's second season, a construction crane scurries to complete the eponymous riverwalk.

Towering over the industrial district.

Is this where they make the mockingbird-sized guillotines?

Railroad motif on the exterior, and more inside on the luxury boxes.

The Biscuits are warming up on the field.

Freight trains will rumble past behind the leftfield walkway.

For the Biscuits, it all starts with the batter.

The rightfield porch, shaped like ... oh, you already guessed.

The secret of life is keeping a neat scorecard

PlayerTeam (organization)Seen hereBig league debut
Chad OrvellaMontgomery (Devil Rays)5/25/2005 5/31/2005
Chris SeddonMontgomery (Devil Rays)5/25/2005 9/3/2007 (Marlins)

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