Baseball Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Baseball has been one of the most famous sports in history, it is a very popular game in Venezuela and the United States, in fact, the most famous baseball league in the world is that of the United States, better known as the big leagues. Despite being one of the best-known sports for all people, there are things you probably don’t know about him, for this reason, in this post we will talk about some details you certainly didn’t know about baseball.
This sport requires two teams of nine players each, who have turned to bat, or to grab the batted ball, briefly speaking. The field where the game is played is composed mostly of grass, and in the area where the bases and the line run by the batters is sand.

15 things you didn’t know about baseball

  1. The baseball player with the most Home Runs in the world is not Barry Bonds, but a Japanese named Sadaharu Oh, who logged over 800 Home Runs.
  2. During the 1870s baseball balls were made from horse skin, but due to the difficulty and high costs of acquiring it, cow leather began to be used instead.
  3. A perfect game is a feat that a pitcher gets by not getting any hit and not giving any base per ball during an entire game.
  4. The longest Home Run in the history of Major League Baseball during a common game, measured 634ft, connected by Mickey Mantle on September 10, 1960, while playing for the New York Yankees.
  5. In a professional match, each ball is used for up to 7 pitches.
  6. Baseball balls are made with a combination of wool, cork, and rubber, covered with leather and cooked with a strong thread.
  7. The longest baseball game – took place in 1981, in the minor leagues where 33 innings were played. Faced Rochester (NY) Red Wings against Pawtucket (RI) Red Sox.
  8. Pitcher Nolan Ryan threw the ball at 100.9 miles an hour on August 24, 1974.
  9. On September 25, 1965, Leroy “Satchel” Paige played for the Kansas City Athletics at the age of 59 and 80.
  10. The most Ponchon in a Season-Guess who. He was the father of Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonds. In 1970, this great player of the San Francisco Giants took 189 “coffees” in 157 games.
  11. Exactly 100 years ago, in 1902, a Colombian named Luis Castro in the shirts of the Athletic of Philadelphia was the first, and the responsible of opening the doors to over a thousand baseball players Latino and of Hispanic descent to play in the best baseball in the world of the Big Leagues.
  12. THE JONRON LONGER The “HOME RUN” measured longer in a game of the Big Leagues was 634 ft. (193 pts.) and was connected by Mickey Mantle to The New York Yankees
  13. Peloters who have played the 9 positions in a game: the first Cuban Bert Campaneris in 1965 in the Major Leagues of the United States, but he is not the only one, three more golfers have achieved the Gesta, the second was the well-remembered Venezuelan peloton César Tovar in 1968 and two other Americans have also achieved it.
  14. The feat of 2,131 games played consecutively by Cal Ripken Jr., imposed in 1995 and surpassed Lou Gehrig’s former mark.
  15. Longer career as a player of the Three Major Leagues James “Deacon” McGuire (1865-1936), receiver and Player of the painting, participated in 26 seasons, belonged to 12 different teams in the National Leagues, American Association, and National League. He also led Washington in the National League (1898), Boston (1907-1908) and Cleveland (1909-1911) in the American League.