Seattle Mariners Games with 4 or more hit batters

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Overall records

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Game ResultParticipants
CAL 4 (2) at SEA 3 (2)
T2: by Bob Galasso, SEA (Don Baylor, CAL)
T3: by Bob Galasso, SEA (Jerry Remy, CAL)
B3: by Wayne Simpson, CAL (Dave Collins, SEA)
B5: by Wayne Simpson, CAL (Ruppert Jones, SEA)
CHI 9 (4) at SEA 4 (1)
T1: by Matt Young, SEA (Carlton Fisk, CHI)
T2: by Matt Young, SEA (Jerry Hairston, CHI)
B3: by Floyd Bannister, CHI (Dave Henderson, SEA)
T7: by Matt Young, SEA (Carlton Fisk, CHI)
T8: by Bob Long, SEA (Julio Cruz, CHI)
TOR 9 (3) at SEA 10 (2)
T1: by Bill Swift, SEA (Kelly Gruber, TOR)
T3: by Gene Walter, SEA (Fred McGriff, TOR)
T4: by Gene Walter, SEA (Ernie Whitt, TOR)
B4: by Todd Stottlemyre, TOR (Darnell Coles, SEA)
B8: by Tom Henke, TOR (Dave Valle, SEA)
KC 0 (0) at SEA 3 (4)
B1: by Chris Codiroli, KC (Alvin Davis, SEA)
B2: by Chris Codiroli, KC (Jeff Schaefer, SEA)
B3: by Chris Codiroli, KC (Alvin Davis, SEA)
B7: by Steve Crawford, KC (Ken Griffey, SEA)
SEA 10 (3) at KC 7 (1)
T3: by Mark Gardner, KC (Dave Valle, SEA)
B4: by Dave Fleming, SEA (Mike Macfarlane, KC)
T5: by Mark Gardner, KC (Fernando Vina, SEA)
T9: by Jeff Montgomery, KC (Fernando Vina, SEA)
KC 3 (2) at SEA 6 (2)
T1: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Mike Macfarlane, KC)
T4: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Wally Joyner, KC)
B4: by Mark Gardner, KC (Dave Valle, SEA)
B8: by Rusty Meacham, KC (Dave Valle, SEA)
DET 10 (4) at SEA 1 (0)
T4: by Bob Wells, SEA (Kirk Gibson, DET)
T6: by Kevin King, SEA (Rudy Pemberton, DET)
T7: by Lee Guetterman, SEA (John Flaherty, DET)
T7: by Lee Guetterman, SEA (Chad Curtis, DET)
BOS 5 (1) at SEA 4 (3)
B2: by Aaron Sele, BOS (Doug Strange, SEA)
B3: by Aaron Sele, BOS (Dan Wilson, SEA)
B8: by Rheal Cormier, BOS (Joey Cora, SEA)
T10: by Steve Frey, SEA (Bill Haselman, BOS)
SEA 9 (3) at DET 3 (1)
T1: by C.J. Nitkowski, DET (Rich Amaral, SEA)
B2: by Bob Wolcott, SEA (Damion Easley, DET)
T6: by Tom Urbani, DET (Alex Diaz, SEA)
T8: by John Cummings, DET (Jay Buhner, SEA)
BOS 7 (4) at SEA 5 (1)
T3: by Sterling Hitchcock, SEA (Mo Vaughn, BOS)
B5: by Mike Maddux, BOS (Edgar Martinez, SEA)
T7: by Greg McCarthy, SEA (Mike Greenwell, BOS)
T7: by Greg McCarthy, SEA (Darren Bragg, BOS)
T8: by Bobby Ayala, SEA (Wil Cordero, BOS)
SEA 7 (1) at BOS 9 (4)
B1: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Mo Vaughn, BOS)
T3: by Brian Rose, BOS (Joey Cora, SEA)
B4: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Jim Leyritz, BOS)
B7: by Randy Johnson, SEA (Nomar Garciaparra, BOS)
B9: by Mike Timlin, SEA (John Valentin, BOS)
SEA 8 (1) at ANA 5 (3)
B1: by Brett Hinchliffe, SEA (Troy Glaus, ANA)
T3: by Steve Sparks, ANA (Ken Griffey, SEA)
B4: by Brett Hinchliffe, SEA (Todd Greene, ANA)
B5: by John Halama, SEA (Orlando Palmeiro, ANA)
SEA 0 (2) at LA 5 (2)
T1: by Ismael Valdez, LA (Alex Rodriguez, SEA)
B1: by Freddy Garcia, SEA (Mark Grudzielanek, LA)
T2: by Ismael Valdez, LA (Russ Davis, SEA)
B2: by Freddy Garcia, SEA (Adrian Beltre, LA)
TOR 6 (3) at SEA 10 (1)
T2: by Aaron Sele, SEA (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
B3: by Kelvim Escobar, TOR (David Bell, SEA)
T8: by Jose Mesa, SEA (Tony Batista, TOR)
T9: by Jose Paniagua, SEA (Homer Bush, TOR)
SEA 1 (1) at KC 7 (3)
T1: by Jose Lima, KC (Ichiro Suzuki, SEA)
B5: by Freddy Garcia, SEA (Aaron Guiel, KC)
B6: by Aaron Taylor, SEA (Carlos Febles, KC)
B8: by Rafael Soriano, SEA (Carlos Febles, KC)
SEA 8 (1) at TOR 10 (3)
B1: by Ryan Franklin, SEA (Reed Johnson, TOR)
B2: by Ryan Franklin, SEA (Reed Johnson, TOR)
B7: by Ron Villone, SEA (Josh Phelps, TOR)
T8: by Vinnie Chulk, TOR (Justin Leone, SEA)
SEA 16 (3) at KC 3 (1)
T3: by Matt Kinney, KC (Jose Lopez, SEA)
B3: by Bobby Madritsch, SEA (Ken Harvey, KC)
T5: by Matt Kinney, KC (Justin Leone, SEA)
T6: by Jorge Vasquez, KC (Miguel Olivo, SEA)
CHI 13 (0) at SEA 3 (4)
B3: by Javier Vazquez, CHI (Kenji Johjima, SEA)
B5: by Javier Vazquez, CHI (Adrian Beltre, SEA)
B7: by Boone Logan, CHI (Carl Everett, SEA)
B8: by Boone Logan, CHI (Roberto Petagine, SEA)
BAL 14 (2) at SEA 4 (2)
T4: by Joel Pineiro, SEA (Miguel Tejada, BAL)
B6: by Adam Loewen, BAL (Adrian Beltre, SEA)
B6: by Todd Williams, BAL (Willie Bloomquist, SEA)
T9: by J.J. Putz, SEA (Corey Patterson, BAL)
TEX 7 (4) at SEA 3 (1)
T1: by Felix Hernandez, SEA (Joaquin Arias, TEX)
T4: by Felix Hernandez, SEA (Michael Young, TEX)
T5: by Felix Hernandez, SEA (Marlon Byrd, TEX)
B7: by Luis Mendoza, TEX (Ichiro Suzuki, SEA)
T8: by Mark Lowe, SEA (Josh Hamilton, TEX)
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