Baltimore Orioles Games with 4 or more hit batters

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Overall records

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Game ResultParticipants
PHI 8 (1) at STL 5 (3)
by Joe DeBerry, STL (Ivy Griffin)
by Slim Harriss, PHI 2
by Scott Perry, PHI
Baby Doll Jacobson, STL
Jack Tobin, STL
Josh Billings, STL
STL 6 (3) at DET 4 (1)
by Hooks Dauss, DET 3 (Baby Doll Jacobson, Marty McManus, Dud Lee)
by Elam Vangilder, STL (Ira Flagstead)
STL 5 (1) at WAS 3 (4)
by Tom Phillips, WAS (Baby Doll Jacobson)
by Hub Pruett, STL
by Bill Bayne, STL 3
Howie Shanks, WAS
Frank Brower, WAS 2
Tom Phillips, WAS
DET 9 (2) at STL 6 (2)
by Dave Danforth, STL 2 (Lu Blue, Del Pratt)
by Rip Collins, DET 2 (Gene Robertson, Jack Tobin)
STL 11 (2) at CLE 5 (2)
by Garland Buckeye, CLE
by Benn Karr, CLE
Wally Gerber, STL
Wally Schang, STL
by Chet Falk, STL
by Win Ballou, STL
Joe Sewell, CLE
Homer Summa, CLE
STL 11 (0) at DET 10 (4)
by Chief Hogsett, STL 4 (Billy Rogell, Charlie Gehringer, Jack Burns, Ray Hayworth)
STL 2 (0) at NY 20 (4)
by Dick Starr, STL
by Karl Drews, STL 3
Tommy Henrich, NY
Yogi Berra, NY
Gus Niarhos, NY
Jerry Coleman, NY
STL 2 (0) at NY 10 (4)
B3: by Duane Pillette, STL (Yogi Berra, NY)
B5: by Duane Pillette, STL (Gene Woodling, NY)
B7: by Dave Madison, STL (Billy Martin, NY)
B8: by Dave Madison, STL (Hank Bauer, NY)
BAL 8 (2) at CLE 7 (2)
T5: by Steve Bailey, CLE (John Miller, BAL)
B5: by John Miller, BAL (Leon Wagner, CLE)
B5: by John Miller, BAL (Duke Sims, CLE)
T6: by Steve Bailey, CLE (Paul Blair, BAL)
CAL 0 (0) at BAL 3 (4)
B1: by Bill Harrelson, CAL (Don Buford, BAL)
B7: by Marty Pattin, CAL (Mark Belanger, BAL)
B7: by Marty Pattin, CAL (Frank Robinson, BAL)
B7: by Dennis Bennett, CAL (Brooks Robinson, BAL)
BAL 4 (0) at CAL 3 (4)
B4: by Dave McNally, BAL (Rick Reichardt, CAL)
B10: by Pete Richert, BAL (Winston Llenas, CAL)
B13: by Moe Drabowsky, BAL (Rick Reichardt, CAL)
B13: by John Morris, BAL (Roger Repoz, CAL)
BAL 8 (2) at BOS 9 (2)
T3: by Sonny Siebert, BOS (Frank Robinson, BAL)
T4: by Sonny Siebert, BOS (Elrod Hendricks, BAL)
B6: by Dave McNally, BAL (John Kennedy, BOS)
B11: by Pete Richert, BAL (Tony Conigliaro, BOS)
BAL 11 (3) at CHI 3 (1)
T1: by Joe Horlen, CHI (Don Buford, BAL)
T4: by Joe Horlen, CHI (Davey Johnson, BAL)
T8: by Bart Johnson, CHI (Don Buford, BAL)
B8: by Tom Dukes, BAL (Rick Reichardt, CHI)
CAL 3 (1) at BAL 4 (3)
T4: by Ross Grimsley, BAL (Leroy Stanton, CAL)
B4: by Frank Tanana, CAL (Earl Williams, BAL)
B9: by Dave Sells, CAL (Bobby Grich, BAL)
B10: by Dave Sells, CAL (Don Baylor, BAL)
TEX 5 (1) at BAL 3 (3)
T1: by Jim Palmer, BAL (Alex Johnson, TEX)
B2: by David Clyde, TEX (Andy Etchebarren, BAL)
B4: by David Clyde, TEX (Don Baylor, BAL)
B6: by Steve Hargan, TEX (Bobby Grich, BAL)
BAL 3 (3) at TEX 5 (1)
B5: by Mike Boddicker, BAL (Scott Fletcher, TEX)
T7: by Mitch Williams, TEX (Tom Dodd, BAL)
T8: by Mitch Williams, TEX (Juan Beniquez, BAL)
T8: by Mitch Williams, TEX (Fred Lynn, BAL)
BAL 1 (3) at TOR 3 (1)
T3: by David Wells, TOR (Brady Anderson, BAL)
T4: by David Wells, TOR (Cal Ripken, BAL)
T7: by David Wells, TOR (Brady Anderson, BAL)
B7: by Storm Davis, BAL (Joe Carter, TOR)
BAL 8 (2) at OAK 4 (2)
T1: by Ariel Prieto, OAK (Bobby Bonilla, BAL)
B6: by Rick Krivda, BAL (Scott Brosius, OAK)
B7: by Terry Clark, BAL (Stan Javier, OAK)
T9: by Carlos Reyes, OAK (Rafael Palmeiro, BAL)
TB 6 (2) at BAL 3 (2)
B2: by Tony Saunders, TB (Eric Davis, BAL)
T4: by Doug Drabek, BAL (Paul Sorrento, TB)
T4: by Doug Drabek, BAL (Kevin Stocker, TB)
B5: by Tony Saunders, TB (Rafael Palmeiro, BAL)
BAL 5 (2) at NY 9 (2)
B1: by Doug Johns, BAL (Tino Martinez, NY)
T3: by David Cone, NY (Rafael Palmeiro, BAL)
T7: by Darren Holmes, NY (Brady Anderson, BAL)
B8: by Armando Benitez, BAL (Tino Martinez, NY)
BAL 4 (2) at MON 8 (2)
B3: by Doug Drabek, BAL (Mark Grudzielanek, MON)
B7: by Alan Mills, BAL (Mark Grudzielanek, MON)
T9: by Miguel Batista, MON (Cal Ripken, BAL)
T9: by Miguel Batista, MON (Mike Bordick, BAL)
NY 0 (1) at BAL 5 (3)
B2: by Roger Clemens, NY (Charles Johnson, BAL)
B3: by Roger Clemens, NY (Jerry Hairston, BAL)
B6: by Roger Clemens, NY (Gene Kingsale, BAL)
T8: by Scott Kamieniecki, BAL (Derek Jeter, NY)
CHI 3 (0) at BAL 5 (4)
B3: by James Baldwin, CHI (Jerry Hairston, BAL)
B3: by James Baldwin, CHI (Melvin Mora, BAL)
B5: by James Baldwin, CHI (Jerry Hairston, BAL)
B6: by James Baldwin, CHI (Mark Lewis, BAL)
BAL 9 (4) at TB 5 (0)
T1: by Paul Wilson, TB (Delino DeShields, BAL)
T2: by Paul Wilson, TB (Melvin Mora, BAL)
T2: by Paul Wilson, TB (Fernando Lunar, BAL)
T9: by Ariel Prieto, TB (Brady Anderson, BAL)
MIN 2 (2) at BAL 7 (3)
B3: by Eric Milton, MIN (Mike Bordick, BAL)
B3: by Eric Milton, MIN (Chris Richard, BAL)
T5: by Jason Johnson, BAL (Torii Hunter, MIN)
B7: by Johan Santana, MIN (David Segui, BAL)
T8: by Jason Johnson, BAL (Tom Prince, MIN)
TOR 6 (2) at BAL 5 (3)
B1: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Jay Gibbons, BAL)
T6: by Willis Roberts, BAL (Homer Bush, TOR)
T7: by Ryan Kohlmeier, BAL (Homer Bush, TOR)
B7: by Bob File, TOR (Jeff Conine, BAL)
B9: by Billy Koch, TOR (Mike Kinkade, BAL)
BAL 1 (2) at TOR 10 (2)
B3: by Jose Mercedes, BAL (Darrin Fletcher, TOR)
T5: by Kelvim Escobar, TOR (Melvin Mora, BAL)
T7: by Bob File, TOR (Melvin Mora, BAL)
B8: by Willis Roberts, BAL (Shannon Stewart, TOR)
TOR 3 (2) at BAL 4 (2)
T1: by Sean Douglass, BAL (Shannon Stewart, TOR)
B7: by Brandon Lyon, TOR (Geronimo Gil, BAL)
B7: by Scott Eyre, TOR (Chris Richard, BAL)
T9: by Willis Roberts, BAL (Homer Bush, TOR)
CLE 6 (4) at BAL 2 (0)
T2: by Scott Erickson, BAL (Ellis Burks, CLE)
T6: by Travis Driskill, BAL (Omar Vizquel, CLE)
T8: by Rick Bauer, BAL (Ricky Gutierrez, CLE)
T9: by B.J. Ryan, BAL (Brady Anderson, CLE)
BAL 4 (3) at TOR 5 (1)
B4: by Travis Driskill, BAL (Dave Berg, TOR)
T5: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Melvin Mora, BAL)
T7: by Chris Carpenter, TOR (Melvin Mora, BAL)
T9: by Kelvim Escobar, TOR (Melvin Mora, BAL)
BAL 13 (1) at BOS 6 (3)
T6: by Steve Woodard, BOS (Jeff Conine, BAL)
B6: by Jason Johnson, BAL (Manny Ramirez, BOS)
B7: by Jason Johnson, BAL (Jason Varitek, BOS)
B9: by Rick Bauer, BAL (Jason Varitek, BOS)
TOR 6 (4) at BAL 1 (0)
T1: by Rick Helling, BAL (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
T3: by Rick Helling, BAL (Frank Catalanotto, TOR)
T6: by Pat Hentgen, BAL (Orlando Hudson, TOR)
T7: by Pat Hentgen, BAL (Carlos Delgado, TOR)
SF 7 (1) at BAL 3 (3)
B1: by Jerome Williams, SF (Javy Lopez, BAL)
B5: by Jerome Williams, SF (Jerry Hairston, BAL)
B5: by Jerome Williams, SF (Rafael Palmeiro, BAL)
T7: by Sidney Ponson, BAL (Damon Minor, SF)
OAK 9 (2) at BAL 0 (2)
T2: by Daniel Cabrera, BAL (Charles Thomas, OAK)
T2: by Daniel Cabrera, BAL (Scott Hatteberg, OAK)
B3: by Kirk Saarloos, OAK (Luis Matos, BAL)
B4: by Kirk Saarloos, OAK (Miguel Tejada, BAL)
BAL 8 (1) at NY 13 (3)
T4: by Tanyon Sturtze, NY (Miguel Tejada, BAL)
B4: by Todd Williams, BAL (Gary Sheffield, NY)
B7: by Chris Ray, BAL (Alex Rodriguez, NY)
B8: by B.J. Ryan, BAL (Jason Giambi, NY)
BAL 14 (2) at SEA 4 (2)
T4: by Joel Pineiro, SEA (Miguel Tejada, BAL)
B6: by Adam Loewen, BAL (Adrian Beltre, SEA)
B6: by Todd Williams, BAL (Willie Bloomquist, SEA)
T9: by J.J. Putz, SEA (Corey Patterson, BAL)
PHI 5 (0) at BAL 12 (4)
B1: by Scott Mathieson, PHI (Ramon Hernandez, BAL)
B4: by Aaron Fultz, PHI (Melvin Mora, BAL)
B4: by Geoff Geary, PHI (Luis Matos, BAL)
B7: by Ryan Franklin, PHI (Nick Markakis, BAL)
BAL 9 (1) at BOS 8 (3)
B3: by Radhames Liz, BAL (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
B5: by Kurt Birkins, BAL (David Ortiz, BOS)
B8: by Chad Bradford, BAL (Kevin Youkilis, BOS)
T9: by Jonathan Papelbon, BOS (Ramon Hernandez, BAL)
BAL 5 (1) at ANA 6 (3)
B2: by Dennis Sarfate, BAL (Jeff Mathis, ANA)
B4: by Dennis Sarfate, BAL (Jeff Mathis, ANA)
B4: by Randor Bierd, BAL (Torii Hunter, ANA)
T5: by Joe Saunders, ANA (Luke Scott, BAL)
BAL 9 (1) at TB 10 (3)
T3: by Andy Sonnanstine, TB (Ramon Hernandez, BAL)
B6: by Dennis Sarfate, BAL (Rocco Baldelli, TB)
B7: by Dennis Sarfate, BAL (B.J. Upton, TB)
B7: by Alberto Castillo, BAL (Rocco Baldelli, TB)
TB 11 (3) at BAL 6 (1)
T4: by Radhames Liz, BAL (Evan Longoria, TB)
T6: by Brian Burres, BAL (Jason Bartlett, TB)
T8: by Rocky Cherry, BAL (Jason Bartlett, TB)
B8: by Trever Miller, TB (Ramon Hernandez, BAL)
CLE 1 (2) at BAL 8 (2)
T1: by Jeremy Guthrie, BAL (Travis Hafner, CLE)
B1: by Justin Masterson, CLE (Adam Jones, BAL)
B3: by Justin Masterson, CLE (Miguel Tejada, BAL)
T8: by Jeremy Guthrie, BAL (Lou Marson, CLE)
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